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Boy’s Life

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Boy’s Life . By Robert McCammon. The Book.

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boy s life

Boy’s Life

By Robert McCammon

the book
The Book
  • The year is 1964. On a cold spring morning before the sun, Cory Mackenson is accompanying his father on his milk delivery route. Without warning a car appears in the road before them and plunges into a lake some say is bottomless. Cory's father makes a desperate attempt to save the driver, but instead comes face-to-face with a vision that will haunt and torment him: a dead man handcuffed to the steering wheel, naked and savagely beaten, a copper wire knotted around his neck. The lake's depths claim the car and the corpse, but the murderer's work is unfinished as, from that moment, both Cory and his father begin searching for the truth.
the book1
The Book
  • The small town of Zephyr, Alabama, has been an idyllic home for Cory and his friends. But now, the murder of an unknown man who lies in the dark lake, his tortured soul crying out for justice, causes Cory's life to explode into a kaleidoscope of clues and deepening puzzles. His quest to understand the forces of good and evil at work in his hometown leads him through a maze of dangers and fascinations: the vicious Blaycock clan, who defend their nefarious backwoods trades with the barrels of their guns; a secret assembly of men united by racial hatred; a one-hundred-six-year-old black woman named the Lady who conjures snakes and hears voices of the dead; a reptilian thing that swims in the belly of a river; and a bicycle with a golden eye.
the book2
The Book
  • As Cory searches for a killer, he learns more about the meaning of both life and death. A single green feather leads him deeper into the mystery, and soon he realizes not only his life, but the sanity of his father may hang in the balance.
the book3
The Book
  • Welcome to the imagination of Robert R. McCammon, the New York Times bestselling author who now takes us on a whirlwind voyage into the realm where innocence and evil are on a collision course. Boy's Life is a tour de force of magic and wonder, a journey that is at once joyful, unrelentingly mysterious, and hauntingly poignant.
questions to think about
Questions to think about
  • What was life in the South like in 1964?
  • Do you remember your childhood? What did you play? Who were your friends? Did you have a crush on someone? Did someone have a crush on you? What did you think of your parents? Were there bullies in your neighborhood?
terms to know
Terms to know
  • Protagonist
  • First Person Point of View
  • Analogy
  • Omniscient Point of View
  • Person vs. Self
  • Inciting Incident
  • Narrative Writing
  • Allusion
  • Exposition
look for these things in the reading
Look for these things in the reading
  • Cory Mackenson
  • Zephyr, Alabama
  • Ben Sears
  • Miss Grace
  • Tom Mackenson
  • Invaders from Mars
  • Granddaddy Jaybird
  • Rebecca Mackenson
  • Tattoo
look for these things
Look for these things
  • Green Feather
  • The Lyric
  • 1964
  • Donny Blaylock
  • Tarzan
  • Saxon’s Lake