how does shakespeare pay homage to james i in macbeth n.
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How does Shakespeare pay homage to James I in Macbeth? PowerPoint Presentation
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How does Shakespeare pay homage to James I in Macbeth?

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How does Shakespeare pay homage to James I in Macbeth? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How does Shakespeare pay homage to James I in Macbeth?. By Emily. The supernatural.

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the supernatural
The supernatural
  • King James had an interest in witchcraft and the supernatural. In 1590 it was said that a group of witches attempted to kill him. They had tried to use poison to murder him as one of the witch said whilst on trial, strangely the poison apparently contained toad venom and it had body parts tied to the outside of the which were attached to a cat which was thrown over board the Kings ship to create a storm to sink the ship. He then decided to increase his knowledge on witchcraft and even published a book on it.
banquo is james ancestor
Banquo is James’ ancestor
  • The fact that all murder were carried out by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth meant that they were responsible and seen in an evil light, This was used by Shakespeare because it pleased the King James to know that his family, Banquo being one of James’ ancestors, were good people and innocent.
kingship and loyalty
Kingship and loyalty
  • Macbeth is loyal to his king, Duncan, at the start of the play. When Malcolm bestows the gift of earldom in the play it shows that King James is giving to his subjects and to those that don’t support him, giving him a generous appearance. Shakespeare praises kingship in the play.
coups against kings
Coups against kings
  • The gunpowder plot was to blow up the houses of parliament whilst the king was inside. Though the plan failed and the culprits were arrested. EverardDigby was one of the people plotting against the King, but it was said that he was close to the King. It can be suggested that this was shown by the Thane of Cawdor who was a traitor of King Duncan.