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Web Project Competition 2006. Background What’s required How to write web pages Front Page Chime, ChemWeb Important URLs Project Rules & Deadlines ( http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/~paulmay/misc/webcomp.htm ) HTML ( http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/pt/shared/rghtml.htm ). Background.

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Web project competition 2006
Web Project Competition 2006

  • Background

  • What’s required

  • How to write web pages

    • Front Page

    • Chime, ChemWeb

  • Important URLs

    • Project Rules & Deadlines (http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/~paulmay/misc/webcomp.htm)

    • HTML(http://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/pt/shared/rghtml.htm)


  • 2-3 week ‘blank’ period

  • Need to fill this with something ‘educational’

  • But…not too heavy going, or involve too much teaching!

  • Must be fun!

  • Do it on your own time

  • Transferable skills – highly employable!

Web competition
Web Competition

  • Within School of Chemistry

    • First prize of £150

    • Second prize of £75

    • Third prize of £25

  • All web projects will appear of the Chemistry Dept web site (and stay there for years!).

What do you have to do
What do you have to do?

  • Write a set of web pages (maybe 10 or so) about a Chemical theme.

  • You choose the theme – whatever bit of Chemistry you like.

  • Chemistry is a loose term – includes Biochem, Physics, Materials, Env Science, etc.

    • MOTM.

    • Lifestory of a famous chemist.

    • Story of the discovery of the electron, etc.

  • You can do as much, or as little as you want…

Is it compulsory
Is it compulsory?

  • Yes, and no...

  • Timetabled, in yearbook – you are expected to do it...

  • ...but doesn’t count towards exams.


  • Monetary: Prizes from Dept

  • Communication skills

  • Transferable skills (looks good on CV!)

  • Makes you stand out at interview from other 1000+ UK graduating chemists.

  • Web pages are all on Bristol website & stay there for many years.

  • World visibility.

  • A chance to be creative!

  • Molecule of the Month.

  • Best web projects not necessarily from best ‘academic’ students.

  • Not a ‘chore’ – you get to choose the subject & style yourself.

  • Puts the ‘fun’ back into chemistry.


  • If you don’t do the project, ‘No project submitted’ appears on the website.

  • Final year project supervisors might see the web sites …

Style tips
Style tips

  • Interesting!

  • Novel (not Viagra! or fireworks!), check the various MOTM pages and previous years’ entries to see what’s already been done.

  • Colourful

  • Interactive (Chime structures)

  • Easy to read (6th form level)

  • Not (too) controversial!

Choose something:

Example ideas
Example Ideas

  • The chemistry of sex (testosterone, estradiol, progesterone, the Pill,…)

  • Barbiturates (phenobarbitol, Marilyn Monroe…)

  • Cholesterol

  • DDT

  • Haemoglobin, heme, porphyrins,…

  • Alkaloids, morphine, opium, heroin, codeine, pethidine, methadone,…

  • Soaps, stearic acid…


  • Title page (with your name & email address)

  • Introduction (what the molecule is, its structure, what it’s famous for…)

  • Its history (who discovered/invented it?)

  • How to make it synthetically

  • How it works

  • Side effects

  • Related molecules

  • References

  • Figures must be referenced!

Series of shortish pages (4-5 paragraphs), linked together. E.g.:

Don t

  • …use garish backgrounds (unreadable)

  • …get too technical.(1st year undergrad or 6th form level)

  • …make it dull! (Use lots of colour, lots of diagrams, break up text with pictures).

  • …make it too controversial.

  • …mix upper and lower case filenames. Use only lower case, e.g. filename.htm or image.gif not Filename.HTM, or Image.GIF


  • Projects must be submitted by Wednesday21st June.

  • Given to me either by:

    • Email to: paul.may@bris.ac.uk (beware of zipfiles)

    • On floppy disk

    • CD

    • URL

    • Memory Stick

  • Results put on noticeboard along with the exam results, on FridayJune 23rd.

Marking scheme
Marking Scheme

  • Marking will be done by myself & Dr Western.

  • Presentation(8 marks)

    • This is how visually attractive the web site is.

      • Readable?

      • appropriate to the subject matter?

      • easy to navigate, etc?

    • Each project should have the author’s contact address/email address.

  • Content (8 marks)

    • The quality of the information presented.

    • The amount of chemistry/scientific facts that are given.

    • Are the reference sources indicated properly and fully?

  • Internet awareness (4 marks)

    • Does the page make good and appropriate use of the web medium, rather than just being an electronic version of a paper document?

      • use of 3D structures for molecules (Chime or VRML).

      • interactive multiple choice questions.

      • use of video clips or animations.

      • links to external sites for more information, etc.

How to write web pages
How to Write Web Pages

  • Frontpage (recommended)

  • ChemWeb

  • Chime

  • Word (only if you’re desperate!)