the axis advance
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The Axis Advance

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The Axis Advance - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Axis Advance. World History. The Axis Attacks. On September 1, 1939 Hitler unleashed blitzkrieg on Poland Blitzkrieg is known as “lightning war” that utilized tank and air power to strike against the enemy

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the axis advance

The Axis Advance

World History

the axis attacks
The Axis Attacks
  • On September 1, 1939 Hitler unleashed blitzkrieg on Poland
    • Blitzkrieg is known as “lightning war” that utilized tank and air power to strike against the enemy
    • The German air force, known as the Luftwaffe, bombed airfields, factories, and cities
      • They were able to move so quickly that they surrounded the polish army and forced them to surrender
    • Stalin used the Russian army to invade from the east and Poland was wiped off of the Map
maginot line
Maginot Line
  • After a long winter, French and British troops waited for German invasion into France
    • These soldiers hunkered down behind the Maginot line, a giant cement fortification between designed to stop the German Invasion
  • Prior to the French invasion, Germany took Norway and Denmark
    • The German troops then bypassed the Maginot line by attacking France by way of Belgium
  • As German troops flooded into France, Hitler made a surprise move by attacking through the Ardennes Forrest, a dense forest and mountain range
    • The German army was able to surprise British and French troops and trapped them between the English Channel and the German front line
  • Thousands of naval vessels, merchant ships, and fishing boats picked up groups of troops, ferrying them back to England
    • 300,000 troops were brought back to the safe beaches of Dunkirk
france falls
France Falls
  • As the British escaped, the German army marched towards the French capital of Paris
    • France surrendered on June 22, 1940 in the same train car that Germany signed the Armistice ending World War I
  • Germany setup a puppet state with the capital being Vichy France
battle of britain
Battle of Britain
  • With the success of German attacks, Hitler expected Britain to sue Germany for peace
    • Winston Churchill had recently become Prime Minister of England and was ready to fight Hitler and stop his advances
  • Because of this defiance, Hitler began an air bombardment of England’s military instillations on the southern coast
    • The RAF fought well that Hitler changed German strategy to bomb civilian targets, including London
battle of britain1
Battle of Britain
  • London was bombed for 57 nights in a row to try and push them to surrender
    • Parliament continued to meet, citizens carried on their daily lives, and London survived
  • This was Hitler’s first real defeat in the war
the balkans
The Balkans
  • Axis armies had pushed into North Africa and the Balkans
    • Mussolini ordered his troops into Egypt and were defeated by British troops there
  • General Erwin Rommel was then sent by Hitler to push into Egypt
    • In October 1940 Rommel was able to push British troops through Egypt with victory after victory
  • As this was going on Greece, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Hungary were absorbed into the Axis Empire
soviet union
Soviet Union
  • In June 1941, Hitler nullified the Nazi-Soviet Pact and invaded Russia
    • Invading Russia would give Hitler the chance to gain valuable resources and crush Communism in one stroke
    • The Soviets were unprepared and lost 2.5 million soldiers trying to stop the invaders
      • As they retreated, the Soviets destroyed everything so that the German army would have nothing to survive the winter
      • The temperatures dropped to negative 40 degrees, thousands froze to death
    • Even with 1 million people dying while trying to stop Hitler from taking Leningrad, the city did not fall
  • Hitler was able to setup many puppet governments designed to enslave others and use their country and people for resources
    • During the late 1930’s the Germans began setting up concentration camps where thousands of Jews and political dissidents were sent
      • Pols and Slavs also made up large portions of the concentration camp population
  • Japan was able to take control over large portions of Asia and the Pacific
    • The Chinese, Filipinos, Malaysians, and other conquered people were treated with brutality, killing and torture
american involvement
American Involvement
  • In 1939 the United States declared its neutrality
    • Even with this stance of neutrality, many still felt sympathetic to the Allied powers
  • In March 1941, FDR persuaded congress to pass the Lend-Lease Act
    • This act allowed for him to sell or lend war materials to “any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States”
      • It allowed the U.S. to supply arms to those were fighting against Nazi oppression
american involvement1
American Involvement
  • When War Broke out in 1939, Japan saw the opportunity to gain resources such as oil, rubber, and tin
    • Because of Japan’s push into allied states, the U.S. banned the sale of war materials such to Japan
      • Japan looked at this as a threat to the Japanese economy and its influence
    • The U.S. and Japan held talks in order to try and ease the growing tension between the two countries
american involvement2
American Involvement
  • On December 7th, 1941, General Tojo ordered a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor
    • The attack killed 2,400 U.S. citizens and destroyed battleships and aircraft
      • On this day FDR asked Congress to declare war on Japan
      • On December 11th, Germany and Italy declared war on the United States
  • Japan had early success against the U.S. in the Pacific
    • The Philippines, Hong Kong, Burma, and Malaya all fell to Japan in this time
      • By 1942 the Japanese empire stretched from Southeast Asia to the western Pacific Ocean