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Overall Program Rating

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Overall Program Rating
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Overall Program Rating

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  1. Overall Program Rating Mean Rating = 7.49 (N = 45, out of XXX, XX% response rate) On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate this CASRO program overall?
  2. Positive Comments (2+ Mentions) Good Content/Topics (21 mentions) Good Speakers/Presentations (19 mentions) Good Format/Well Organized (4 mentions) Good Networking (4 mentions) Good Venue (2 mentions) Good in General (2 mentions) When asked for additional insights, comments included: Positive Comments (2+ Mentions) Good Presentations (6 mentions) Good in General (4 mentions) Good Networking (2 mentions) Good Information (2 mentions) Total Experience & Insights Negative Comments Poor Content/Topics (4 mentions) Repetitive (4 mentions) Poor/Low Attendance (4 mentions) Too Little on Technology (4 mentions) Poor Presenters (4 mentions) Old/Rehashed Information (3 mentions) Poor Networking (3 mentions) Dragged/Poor Flow (3 mentions) Poor Exhibitors (2 mentions) No Tech Interactivity (2 mentions) Negative Comments Poor Networking (4 mentions) Poor Dining Area/Food (3 mentions) Poor/Expensive Venue (2 mentions) Poor Exhibit Area (2 mentions) What specifically about the conference caused you to rate it [INSERT]? Please provide us with any additional insights regarding your experience at the conference.
  3. Excellent (9/10): Rocked. Very good mix of topics this year - and all good presentations. The atmosphere was excellent, the topics discussed and key note speakers were excellent, and the support for exhibitors was fantastic. Overall the conference was good. I gathered many ideas and sense about the MR world. Only one thing, there was one presentation on Gamification which is still not on the web portal and others on Prezi which are not downloadable. Excellent presentations and keynote address. Information sharing, networking, happy hour. Good (7/8): Most of the content was fantastic and presented very well. I was disappointed in the content of some of the presentations as compared to how they were described in the Agenda. Good contacts. Liked speakers. The majority of the speakers were great and the topic was timely. It was also refreshing to hear that the speakers agreed on their philosophies and advise so it was not confusing. Also, the flow was great too. Seemed to do a lot of topics on the same subject. Several on big data, several on mobile and I think there are a lot of other things going on in the industry where we did not have to hear 3 or so presentations on each of those topics. Still good presentations and info, just not sure I needed them all back to back to back. A few presentations were very good, making the conference very worthwhile. Mostly good content. Good attendees. Opening presenter. Reasons for Overall Rating What specifically about the conference caused you to rate it [INSERT]?
  4. Good (7/8) - Continued: Would like to see more Tech-specific presentations. Would like more presentations on "how" people have done things. Excellent content and I liked the concentration on Big Data and Mobile. Excellent presentations. Excellent content. Expanded networking opportunities. Good location. Well organized, good presentations and presenters, but personally I think that the panel discussion could be more engaging. Also, not as Tech as I would expect it to be. Great presentations and facilities. Lots of great information. Some of the speakers weren't terrific - just not great speakers: dry, not inspirational and in many cases too much detail. A good format overall and good information but some duplication of content and topic area coverage. Good quality speakers, interesting topics, well run. Attendance was poor so networking was limited. Good presentations and information coming from the speakers. The conference program had great content, but the execution of the event perhaps lacked a bit of focus. Need to do something about that vendor area! More interactivity -- it's a tech conference! ! ! Would've liked more information about the future of Apps in our industry (some demos). The program needs to be more interactive and creative, good presenters but a tired format. While the information was good, having almost a whole day of sessions on one topic was a bit much. It was ok, but no real “aha's”. There was some good new info and a bit of rehashed old information packaged differently from prior conferences. Reasons for Overall Rating What specifically about the conference caused you to rate it [INSERT]?
  5. Good (7/8) - Continued: For a conference billed as a technology event, the content was very light on technology and few exhibitors were technology companies. It was small this year, but the audience was good and the content interesting for the most part. Good topics, similar to other conferences though. Most of the presentations were engaging, however I felt the networking was a bit lackluster. Some interesting presentations with data and real experiments; others included theory. I thought it was amazing through lunch on the first day but it really dragged afterwards. Good content and presenters but not a whole lot of new topics - mostly re-visiting past ones. Very Good but not 9-10 material in my mind. Satisfactory (5/6) - Continued: There were some presentations I really enjoyed, but some were more 'fluff' to me. It was a short program but several of the sessions were duds. With that few speakers, they should all have been good. For a technology conference there wasn't much ""technology"" presented. There are a lot of interesting topics, but it seemed to focus quite a bit on the research/sampling aspects. I'd like to start seeing new tools, what they do, how they work, etc...Think you should also be careful about too many speakers talking about the same topic. Big Data is interesting, but after the 5th presentation on a slightly different variation of it, the impact is lost. Satisfactory (5/6) - Continued: Lack of end client perspective. The networking was not very good because the size of the group was small. Some of presentations were a bit dry, the hotel was not good, and I expected more people to be there. Reasons for Overall Rating What specifically about the conference caused you to rate it [INSERT]?
  6. Excellent (9/10): Great conference, excellent content. It was a fantastic opportunity for myself to meet new and existing people in the industry, especially being new to this particular association. Learning and new ideas gathered. Keynote speaker was excellent - good stuff! Good (7/8): Need to be careful how much content and length of first day. Some people were getting a bit tired. I have been several times before and this was a good conference, good amount of people attending, great room to be in and solid presenters. I liked it. Keep going with the juried papers - it helps maintain excellence. Hotel venue was very expensive, ran out of blocked rooms and new rate was $500/night. Had to stay elsewhere due to those prices. Overall I was very satisfied with the conference, the learning and the organization in general. It was my first time attending so I had no previous networking contacts and was a bit difficult to approach younger professionals as it seemed that people already knew each other and weren't as open as I would expect. Expansion of mobile, shared issues with big data, Contagion book and new technology for ad testing using facial recognition software. The vendor area is too crowded and doesn't present a great opportunity for networking. A CASRO sponsored dinner or event would help encourage some more networking. Would have liked "fun" networking activities as this can be intimidating at times, approaching people you don't quite know (I'm new to the conference). Loved Jonah (Wharton Professor), great keynote. Additional Insight Verbatims Please provide us with any additional insights regarding your experience at the conference.
  7. Good (7/8) - Continued: Need a new location. Good location. Thank you. No where to sit at breakfast...this was a wasted opportunity for networking. Enjoyed the interactions with respected peers. Would be great to have more client involvement but realize that is not the point. Satisfactory (5/6) - Continued: Something small but important - healthy snacks and overall nice selection - nice add. I did enjoy discussing Tim Macer's survey with those who attended. There were a couple good sessions that really provided some educational opportunity, but many that just talked about a topic or lamented on the industry. Not much to learn that way. The exhibitor area is too crowded with the food and exhibitors in the same hallway. This year it was a little better, but that only seemed to be because there were fewer participants and exhibitors. Additional Insight Verbatims Please provide us with any additional insights regarding your experience at the conference.
  8. Other Comments & Suggestions Positive Comments (2+ Mentions) Good Overall (6 mentions) Good Location/Venue (4 mentions) Well Organized (3 mentions) Good Content (3 mentions) Good Networking (2 mentions) Excellent (9/10): It was great. Very well organized. Time well spent - good presentations and good opportunities to mix and meet people. Great conference! Overall a good conference and next time a bigger contingent from AbsolutData will be there to attend this conference and other conference events. One area of improvement, not a major one: Recording of presentations should be available to all attendees. Seriously find a new venue, sick and tired of this disgusting hotel - or at least dispense with the penalty for staying elsewhere. Negative Comments (2+ Mentions) Need Better Venue/Location (6 mentions) Need Better/More Diverse Topics (5 mentions) More on Technology (3 mentions) Need Better Vendors/Vendor Area (2 mentions) What other comments or suggestions do you have concerning this CASRO event?
  9. Other Comments & Suggestions Good (7/8): The tables and chairs force people to sit very close to each other and many times you hear people typing away and that can be distracting, perhaps more space? More time dedicated to vendor booths. Try another location? Perhaps could bring cost for travel a bit lower? Awesome CASRO staff - keep up the great work. Really good conference, great hotel, great room to sit in for the presentations. Overall pleased and plan to come back again next year. Consider having a niche panel session as a separate - and not integrated into the main program. Just continue to think about applicability. Even though I could only attend Day 1, I thought it was well-organized and had a focus on tech and that focus was felt in every presentation. Please keep the focus that you have on two key issues per conference - this really works. Find a more modern and more moderately priced hotel in NY. Diversity on the topics (big data was too present). It was a great event. As mentioned, many speakers got too deep into their topic. You might consider making this a one day conference with the same number of speakers speaking for 1/2 the time. Need to have power sources (plugs/jacks) at the tables if we are going to have 10 hour days sitting in there. It was a tech conference and not much NEW tech discussed at all. Good mix of topics even though they were not all pertinent to me. This event is one of the more interesting conferences on the calendar. Lets mix up the location and venue a bit though. What other comments or suggestions do you have concerning this CASRO event?
  10. Other Comments & Suggestions Good (7/8) - Continued: Need more technology demonstrations (an exhibition?) and networking activities. Why wouldn't someone from Google or Apple want to demonstrate how we can use their technology to better our research? Best if it sticks to serious technology issues. Good food. Discuss industry standards, data visualization & democratization, privacy laws and other compliance issues, FISMA, etc. Best practices in running global operations or outsourced components. Good event with lots of networking opportunities. Convenient location. Love the venue location. Satisfactory (5/6): Not a big fan of the millennium hotel and New York in general. Fair (3/4): More leadership, less education. It needs better attendance. What other comments or suggestions do you have concerning this CASRO event?
  11. Other Topics/Issues Multiple Mention TopicsShown Mobile (6 mentions) Data Visualization/Presentation (6 mentions) Emerging Tech Tools/Software (4 mentions) Big Data/Application of Big Data (4 mentions) Social Media (3 mentions) Compliance (2 mentions) Gamification/Gaming (2 mentions) Dashboards (2 mentions) Security (2 mentions) Automation (2 mentions) NOTE: There were also 20+ single mention topics cited by respondents. Verbatims Actual tools/software being used. Big data + media consumption behavior, research technology in politics/public advocacy. Buy vs. build. Compliance, Standards. Best practices overall. Design it for the CIO. Consider bringing digital into the discussions. Content modularization or blocking for mobile interviews. Continue with Big Data; impact of facial coding and eye-tracking. Continue with mobile and gaming.
  12. Other Topics/Issues (Continued) Verbatims – Continued Crowd-sourcing and geo-location. Data agnostic approaches to consulting. Virtual reality. Social media for new product development. Data Compliance. Privacy as it relates to different data collection methodologies and technology. Data flow - clients want faster and cheaper. Data collection to legacy deliverables (PowerPoint, tables, charts). Data fusion and more on data integration techniques. Data visualization. Emerging technologies. Gamification. New research techniques for data collection. Conjoint. Data quality enhancement. I would like to hear more about text analytics and are researchers really using these or just a select few. Also, more about the impact of mobile - is it really here to stay? Will it radically change the industry? Mobile based research. Router and river social media use. Mobile, automation, dashboards. More client perspective. More on big data, data visualization, online reporting/dashboards. More on data visualization. More on technology-based new methods More presentations showing application or how-to of an issue, rather than just talking around it or predicting gloom. More technology and a little less "research". Continue reviewing and explaining the regulations that are being push on the MR industry (ISO, SOC1 & 2, etc.)“. Online sample procurement and platforms that look to streamline the process. Review of newest MR tech startups - which are getting venture cap funding and why.
  13. Other Topics/Issues (Continued) Verbatims – Continued Routing technology, social media, learning from third party databases. Security. Some more methodological content maybe? Survey bots, data cleanliness, social media, and Google search as a market research tool. Technology Facilitated Qualitative - Mobile, Online, Communities. Technology specifically with Apps. Update on survey security/panelist fraud detection techniques..anything new? Report automation in market research...current state of the art? We need to get away from "why is big data important" and look at more concrete applications. Melanie Courtwrights presentation was a great example of how this big picture topic can be focused into something more applicable for the audience. I also liked that I walked away from K. Luck's presentation with some action items for my own business. How to successfully talk a client out of doing 40 minute online studies :) Would like to see much more about sample. There is a huge problem in our industry with fraud, too many surveys to the same people, and systems that really don't work as well as suppliers and developers claim. There's added pressure due to our clients telling us to do a better job, but their need to pay less and less to get more and more. (Not a complaint, just an observation.) We all talk about this, but what are we doing. This conference would be an excellent forum for collaboration.
  14. Educational Content Mean Rating = 7.62 N = 45 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate the educational content?
  15. Amount of Information Learned Mean Rating = 7.24 N = 45 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate the amount of information learned?
  16. Networking Opportunities Mean Rating = 7.00 N = 45 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate the networking opportunities?
  17. Why Register for This Event N = 45 Other mentions included Exhibitor (2 mentions), Invited/ Asked to Go (2 mentions), to Learn (1 mention), and Presenter (1 mention). Why did you register for this event?
  18. Tim Macer Comments: Excellent overview. Very useful information. Always like Tim's stuff. Well done. One of the industry's must-have reports by one of its most respected analysts. Great information. Nice PowerPoint. Accent kept me engaged, too. Tim always has a pulse on the industry. Interesting but interpretations of data are too narrow. Good presentation with data. Mean Rating = 8.26 N = 39 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  19. Jonah Berger Comments: Outstanding, best presentation of the whole conference. I loved that you gave away a book. Signing of his book was an excellent touch to get himself known. Superb - really connected with folks. Thought provoking. Great speaker, interesting topic. Just hard to work through applicability to our daily business. A lot of food for thought. Fun and information presentation but not really related to technology loved the presentation, very engaging. The best speaker - smart, witty, comfortable with himself, casual. Awesome. Interesting guy, but not all that relevant to "technology“. I liked that the keynote wasn't directly tied to market research, but still was extremely relevant and engaging. GREAT keynote choice. Not a dull moment. Book was a nice added value! Nice to have a presentation on something outside of market research with points that can be used / transferred to market research. Very educational, clear in the way it was communicated. Great to have contribution from the academic side of things. A wonderful presenter - kept it lively, I've had people watch the Panda ads! Mean Rating = 9.30 N = 44 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  20. Gregory Mishkin Comments: Less interested in. Great to see how big data and survey can be integrated. Ground breaking. IRI and Nielsen have been doing big data for many years. He was behind the times. Got tripped up when he was challenged by an audience member. Not a great speaker. Nothing new or added from past conferences. This was really close to being good, but he got stuck in the weeds and didn't connect to the bigger picture, meaning of why you do this enough. Mean Rating = 7.22 N = 41 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  21. David Rabjohns Comments: He really knows how to engage audience. Great case study and liked perspective 4 secrets of smart data and looking at business models. Great application of Big Data that above all showed MR people that they should embrace it, not fear it. Nothing new but clear and direct. Mean Rating = 7.78 N = 36 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  22. Seth Grimes Comments: Interesting information. It would have been nice to have a bit more detail - especially about the technology. Even after trying very hard, couldn't make out much from his presentation. Uninteresting. Didn't really understand the point of this particular presentation. Seemed like a supplier listing. Talked over people - too complicated - read and didn't move around - smart guy, but needs to 'dummy down' a bit. Extremely disappointing - was expecting more from him, I found it to be boiler plate and self serving. There was a real lack of theme in this presentation which was upsetting since based on the program details this was THE presentation I was looking forward to most. Just did not deliver at all what it was billed to. A bit unwieldy. Interesting, broader discussion of information. Way too vague an overview to be helpful. Took a while to figure out where he was going with things. A lot of it seemed to be an advertisement for him. But once he got to his points they were quite insightful and interesting. Terrible storyteller. Mean Rating = 5.85 N = 40 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  23. Corrine Sandler Comments: The case studies were generic and the speed of the session. Interesting and engaging presentation, but not much new news. Liked the use examples for City of NY and Wal-Mart. Riveting. Pretty disjointed and 30,000 feet. Very engaging presentation. Intriguing perspective. Fresh, interesting. Good concept, but a bit too much self-promotion (book). Very personable, not a lot of insight. Very basic, few insights. Does a good job presenting, but felt familiar from last year. Mean Rating = 7.33 N = 40 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  24. John Crockett Comments: Great job. Very thought-provoking. Informative. Interesting coding experiment. Interesting approach to real world research issues. Handsome dude. So what? The actual work he did really didn't support the premise he started with. All he did was test to see if they could hire cheap coders. Does that belong at a tech conference? Mean Rating = 6.95 N = 37 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  25. KrunoKunovic Comments: Very interesting to hear about this topic. Very relevant, and well presented by Kruno - most useful. Very interesting stuff. Informative and important information. Good to see discussion about the day-to-day system challenges - it is a tech conference. Very relevant topic. A session that gave actual details about how to do better! May not have been the sexiest topic, but delivered on some actual value. Mean Rating = 7.65 N = 37 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  26. Betty Adamou Comments: Betty was great. I loved her belt. Very inspiring - a really good presentation. Great share of information. Excellent! Great to see these examples - thanks for sharing. Very interesting info and awesome examples. Way too much detail that couldn't apply for our company/clients. I'd guess many at the conference would feel the same way. She could have got the same concepts and ideas across in half the time. Very interesting but wish we had more access to the product images and information. Wow. Excellent visually - just too many unanswered MR questions. Really enjoyed this presentation - very interesting and out of all the presentations gave me the most ideas to bring back to my dept. Limited by confidential client, but nice to see an actual example of something relatively new. Rather than just talk about how great gamification is, she showed it. Mean Rating = 8.00 N = 32 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  27. Hurley & Salo Comments: Great presentation. Spoke to us - helped each other - not monotonous. Cutting-edge tech and delivered well. Finally, a demonstration with technology. Great duo, engaging! Interesting but a stretch. Mean Rating = 7.56 N = 27 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  28. Macer, DiPonio, Milla, Panzenboeck & Webster Comments: Good information to hear but we've heard a lot of this in the past. Mostly irrelevant to my industry. I got a little bored with the subject as it went on ... less of an interest level for me. Appreciated hearing this discussion to better understand the value of standards. Tony, Peter and Michael provided good pertinent info and examples. Not much more added by others. Too much information to take in on a complicated subject, so really hard to get anything out of this. Tough to sit through but good content. Uninspiring topic. Specific discussion that I understand at higher level and addressed issues at a granular level that I could not relate to. This is more what I was looking for - technical. The audience though was not engaged. I think there is confusion as to design point of content & attendees. This should be a technical conference. There are plenty of others which deal with research findings. Lacked context (no explanation what the topic is, why we're discussing it, how it's relevant). Mean Rating = 6.30 N = 33 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  29. Courtright & Knowles Comments: This was one of the best ones, excellent. Very solid and honest piece of work. Great information + great presentation. Really interesting topic, compelling presentation. Consistently excellent. Applied to my clients challenges. Mean Rating = 7.97 N = 39 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  30. Kristin Luck Comments: Kristin is a great presenter, very interesting and useful. I appreciate that she gives tips on things to read. A very good, though-provoking session. Inspiring. Another excellent presenter - spoke with authority. Great speaker, as always, and she was dealing with a subject of importance. Really interesting topic with concrete application. Simple, fun presentations. Enjoyed. I think the title caught me off guard, I just read something that the attention of a goldfish is actually a few months. Mean Rating = 7.78 N = 37 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  31. Dave King Comments: Great case study - well presented and a lot of learning offered. The storyline was not conveyed as per the presentation. Didn't know Confirmit did projects like this. Fascinating case study about Africa. Interesting material - presentation could have been enhanced a bit - overall good. Amazing work, well told. Again, too much detail. Interesting methodological primer on mobile use. Very interesting. Really compelling case study. Interesting subject matter. I have seen this presented before. Interesting insight to areas where traditional market research approaches are changed. Very interesting story. Expected to learn more about emerging markets. Mean Rating = 8.11 N = 36 On a 1 – 10 scale with 10 being Excellent and 1 being Poor, how would you rate [insert]?
  32. Respondent Profile Title: C-Level (4 mentions) Partner (3 mentions) President (1 mention) Vice President (14 mentions) Manager/Director (22 mentions) Consultant (1 mention) Years of Experience in this Position On average, respondents have held their current job position for 5.47 years. Years of Experience in Survey Research Industry On average, respondents have worked in the survey research industry for 16.22 years.