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Chord Overstreet’s Acting Career PowerPoint Presentation
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Chord Overstreet’s Acting Career

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Chord Overstreet’s Acting Career
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Chord Overstreet’s Acting Career

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  1. Chord Overstreet’s Acting Career By: Tiffany K.

  2. Have you ever heard of the tv show, ‘Glee’? Well, if you’re American, European, or Canadian, I’m sure that you’ve heard of it before, even if you haven’t even watched ONE episode. Well, to the point, if you follow ‘Glee’, I’m sure that you’ve seen the cute blonde guy with the Justin Bieber hairstyle called Sam Evans, ever since the second season. Who acts as Sam? Chord Overstreet. And today, is the day that you will get to know more about his acting career!! Before I start, let’s get to know some of his basic facts to give you some background since he hasn’t appeared in a lot of filmography, magazines, etc. He’s 22 years old now. He got his name, Chord, because he was the 3rd child born in his family, and there are 3 notes in a chord. His brother and sisters’ names are unique, just like his: Nash, Sky, Cherry, Harmony, and Summer.

  3. So, back on his acting career…He has appeared on iCarly for about 11 seconds. Appeared as guests on several tv shows, and a minor role in a movie. In the future, he is going to appear on a new movie. He has also appeared on Hot Chelle Rae’s music video ‘Tonight, Tonight’. But of course, he is mostly famous for being on ‘Glee’. Starting at the beginning of the second season of ‘Glee’ did he start acting. He never danced before he even started acting on ‘Glee’, but since on ‘Glee’ you pretty much have to dance, well most of the time…He is also known for singing ‘Lucky’, ‘Baby’, ‘Billionaire’ on ‘Glee’. Obviously, he sang some other songs, not just these three songs. It’s just that a lot of people buy those three songs on iTunes the most. The other songs he sang were just like with other people on ‘Glee’.

  4. Singing ‘Lucky’ with Dianna Agron who plays Quinn in Glee

  5. Singing ‘Baby’

  6. Chord really loves music, which is how he got into his acting career in ‘Glee’. Maybe he got his love for music from his father, Paul Overstreet who is in the music business. Who knows? He has been writing songs for 8 years, but is unsigned. Plus, he knows how to play the guitar. But, he has said so himself, “Right now I’m just going to work on having a successful career. But if they wanted to do it, I’m game.” Meaning: If anybody offered him to record actual songs, he would do it.

  7. Even though Chord hasn’t really been filming a lot of different filmography, being in a lot of magzines, etc. but I’m sure after a while, a lot of people will be wanting him. (Have you noticed his cute full lips?) He’s a great actor, has a lovely voice, and is handsome, nobody could have such a perfect combination, except for him, of course. Well, that’s basically all about his acting career. There may not be a lot to talk about, but I’m sure in the future that whoever does a research on his acting career, will have a lot to talk about…

  8. THE END

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