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Shisha. What is Shisha ?.

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is Shisha?


Shisha is known by many names. Shisha is commonly referred to as goza and narghile, although most people know it as hookah. Shisha is refers to the flavoured tobacco water pipe that was first used in Asia and the Middle East but has gained popularity in many countries especially in public places such as restaurants and cafes.


Ashisha consists of four parts. There is a base that is partially filled with water, a bowl that contains the tobacco, and a pipe and hose used for inhaling the smoke.


The tobacco is soaked in fruits shavings such as apples, grapes and strawberries to make it a fruity taste & aromatic when smoke. 

It also comes in floral flavours such as coconut, vanilla and rose.


"Everyone knows that cigarettes can kill, but not everyone knows shisha as deadly as cigarettes,"


Yes. Shisha smoking is actually as harmful and addictive as cigarette smoking. Shisha contains tobacco and the same chemicals found in cigarettes, such as nicotine, carbon monoxide and tar. Evidence also suggests that exposure to environmental and second hand tobacco smoke from the shisha pipe is associated with significant lung and other diseases.


A cigarette may last for about

5 minutes, but a normal shisha

session would last for 30 minutes.

According to a study, a single shisha

Session may deliver the following:

  • 36 times the tar produced by cigarette
  • 1.7 times the nicotine produced by cigarette
  • 8.3 times the carbon monoxide produced by cigarette
  • 1 hour of shisah session can deliver 50 liters of smoke whereas a single cigarette delivers only 0.5 liters of smoke

Shisha chemical levels


cigarette chemical levels


“The sharing of pipes can also lead to the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, herpes and hepatitis,”


The following are the health

Risks of shisha smoking:

  • Lung cancer, bronchus cancer & oral cancer
  • Gastric and esophageal carcinoma
  • Impaired pulmonary function
  • Heart disease
  • Reduced fertility
  • Pregnant women effect their newborn such as Low birth weight & difficulty in breathing of the babies
  • Hepatitis or herpes (caused due to the sharing of shisha among smokers)
  • Infection with tuberculosis
  • Clogged arteries and heart disease.
  • Secondhand smoke poses a serious risk for nonsmokers, particularly because it contains smoke from the tobacco and smoke from the heat source (e.g., charcoal) used in the shisha.

What is the bottom line for shisha smokers who think it as a better substitute to cigarette smoking?



Almost every method of making smoking safer is a mere nonsense. There is only one way to totally reduce the chances of fatal diseases caused by smoking, is to quit smoking completely.



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Shisha smoking more harmful than cigarettes


Thursday, July 26, 2007

SHISHA smokers who regard shisha as another form of smoking with a lower risk should reconsider their thoughts. Its long and short term effects have been revealed by the Health Education and Promotion Unit of the Ministry of Health.

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