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FY2013 Adult Education Provider Manual Overview & Introduction PowerPoint Presentation
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FY2013 Adult Education Provider Manual Overview & Introduction

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FY2013 Adult Education Provider Manual Overview & Introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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FY2013 Adult Education Provider Manual Overview & Introduction. Illinois Community College Board -Adult Education December 13, 2012 Presented by Jennifer K. Foster, Senior Director for Adult Education and Family Literacy. Opening Comments. Mute your phones

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Presentation Transcript
fy2013 adult education provider manual overview introduction

FY2013 Adult Education Provider Manual Overview & Introduction

Illinois Community College Board -Adult Education

December 13, 2012

Presented by Jennifer K. Foster,

Senior Director for Adult Education and Family Literacy

opening comments
Opening Comments
  • Mute your phones
  • If you have questions, use the chat feature or the raise your hand feature.
  • If you need Technical Assistance during this presentation, contact David Baker.
    • Either by chat or call him at 217-558-2162
  • AEFL Provider Manual Layout
  • Summary of policies in each section
  • Overview of Section I
  • Manual Availability
  • Next Steps
  • Questions
manual layout
  • Sections
    • Major policy points
    • Policy Origin – State or Federal
    • Each policy and procedures
    • Forms and other information
  • Updates to the manual
    • Example:
      • V-7-1-12 (APC)
section i
Section I
  • Table of Contents
  • ICCB AEFL Staff Directory
  • Introduction
section i introduction
Section I: Introduction
  • I. Mission and Vision of Adult Education
    • Five Year Strategic Plan

“We envision adult education as the foundation of a career pathways system that prepares adult learners for economic self sufficiency.”

section i introduction1
Section I: Introduction
  • Six Priority Areas:
    • Aligning Assessment, Curricula and Instruction
    • Support Services
    • High Quality Teaching and Professional Development
    • Partnerships
    • Research, Data and Accountability
    • Program Design
section i introduction2
Section I: Introduction
  • II: Program Priority: Establish a Career Pathway System
    • Different philosophy than in previous years
    • Career Pathways system that is inclusive of all eligible students
    • Goals provide a clear direction
    • Promote quality instruction
    • Accelerated opportunities that lead to postsecondary education and pathway employment
section i introduction3
Section I: Introduction
  • III: Purpose of Title II Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
    • To assist adults in becoming literate
    • To assist adults in obtaining knowledge and skills
    • To assist adult in obtaining education skills
    • To assist adult in the completing secondary school education
section i introduction4
Section I: Introduction
  • Eligible Population
    • 16 years of age; who are not enrolled or required to be enrolled in secondary school under State law; and who:
      • Lack sufficient mastery of basic educational skills;
      • Do not have a secondary school diploma or its recognized equivalent, and have not achieved an equivalent level of education; or
      • Are unable to speak, read or write the English language.
section i introduction5
Section I: Introduction
  • IV: Priority Populations
    • Low income and low-skilled adults
    • Individuals with disabilities
    • Single parents, TANF recipients, and displaced homemakers
    • Unemployed, underemployed, and those not in the labor force who demonstrate a deficiency in basic skills
    • Individuals with multiple barriers to educational enhancement, including individuals with limited English proficiency
section i introduction6
Section I: Introduction
  • V: Adult Education Competitive Process – RFP
    • Spring 2012
    • www.iccb.org/rfp.competitivegrant.html
    • Must be an eligible applicant
    • Completion of all aspects of process and meet deadlines
section i introduction7
Section I: Introduction
  • V: Continuation of a grant recipient beyond the competition
    • Submit a Continuation Application
    • Current Provider only
    • Complete the entire process including due dates
    • Funding is contingent upon a provider applicant’s satisfactory performance in the preceding year and assuming a sufficient appropriation of funding
section i introduction8
Section I: Introduction
  • VI. Program Considerations
  • Twelve considerations as prescribe in the Illinois State Plan and Federal law
    • Commitment of applicants to serve individual in the local area
    • Intensity and duration
    • Use of proven instructional practices and activities
    • Use of research in building a strong foundation
    • Use of technology
    • Ability to compete by providing instruction in a real life context.
section i introduction9
Section I: Introduction
  • Well Trained Staff
  • Coordination of Resources and Partnerships
  • Providing schedules and support services that meets the needs of the learners
  • Report of data and the use of the outcomes for program improvement
  • Need for English literacy services
  • Services that are cost efficient
section i introduction10
Section I: Introduction
  • VII: Adult Education Advisory Council
    • IL Public Act 91-0830
    • Advisory Councils Purpose is “to identify, deliberate, and make recommendations” to the Illinois Community College Board(ICCB)
    • 30 members and the chair are appointed by the ICCB
      • Regional Representation
      • Includes all provider types:
        • Community Based Organizations
        • Community Colleges
        • Regional Offices of Education
        • School Districts
      • Serve two year terms
section i introduction11
Section I: Introduction
  • Advisory Council includes other stakeholders:
    • IL Department of Human Services
    • IL Secretary of State Literacy Office
    • IL Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
    • IL Service Center Network
    • Illinois Adult Continuing Educators Association (IACEA)
  • Members are assigned to committees
  • Meet quarterly
  • Minutes of the meetings are posted on the ICCB website:
    • http://www.iccb.org/advisorycouncil.html
section i introduction12
Section I: Introduction
  • VIII: Federal and State Reporting
    • Illinois State Plan
      • Submitted to USDOE April 1st of each year
      • Outlines activities for the next fiscal year
        • Need, Population, Access, and provision of services
        • Professional development, funding, one-stop (IL Worknet) activities, evaluation activities
    • National Reporting System End of Year Report
      • Submitted to USDOE December 31 of each year
      • Outlines performance, financial, leadership activities, quality of data, and state assessment policy
section i introduction13
Section I: Introduction
  • Annual Report to the Governor and General Assembly
    • Submitted March 1st of each year
    • Includes a summary of activities from the preceding fiscal year, including:
      • Numbers served
      • Adult education costs and funding
      • Credit hours and units
      • Approval of programs
      • Program highlights
manual availability
  • The provider manual will be posted in a pdf format by Wednesday, December 19, 2012 on the www.iccb.org.
  • The manual will be available in the future by individual sections and applicable forms will be available in a fillableformat.
  • After the manual is posted, if you have questions regarding Section I or any of the sections, contact your Regional Program Support Specialist.
next steps
  • Future webinars on each section of the provider manual will be held.
    • An updated schedule will be emailed through the Adult Education Listserv.
  • Webinars will be archived for viewing at a later date.
  • As sections are updated, you will be notified via the listserv.
  • There will not be a printed manual provided.
    • Only an electronic version will be made available and will be maintained on the ICCB website.
  • All questions, should be directed to your Regional Program Support Specialist.