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COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North PowerPoint Presentation
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COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North

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COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North. Briefing to ALAMO CHAPTER, AFCEA. 15 January 2013. AGENDA PERSONAL CAREER ARNORTH MISSION ARNORTH G6 ROLE THOUGHTS ON FUTURE COMMUNICATIONS. Personal Career. 28.5 Years of Commissioned Signal Corps Service

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COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. COL John A. Cox Signal Corps, U.S. Army G6 / CIO, U.S. Army North Briefing to • ALAMO CHAPTER, • AFCEA 15 January 2013


    3. Personal Career • 28.5 Years of Commissioned Signal Corps Service • Tactical & Strategic Assignments • Command from Platoon to Brigade • Military Schooling from OCS to Army War College • I’m an Aggie – Call me “Johnny Signal” • I see things from a non-technical (Mission) perspective

    4. U.S. Army NorthUSNORTHCOM’s Joint Force Land Component Command • U.S Army North (Fifth Army) partners to conduct to: • Homeland Defense • Civil Support • Security Cooperation • Our Purpose – to Protect the American People and our Way of Life • Coordinate Department of Defense (DoD) assistance to other Federal Agencies • Provide deployable command and control headquarters anywhere within the U.S. Northern Command’s Area of Responsibility • Provide Civil Support and Homeland CBRN Training Operational Control Joint Task Force Civil Support (DCRF) Joint Task Force North Contingency Command Post (Task Force 51) (C2CRE-A) Civil Support Training Activity Ten Defense Coordinating Officers

    5. USARNORTH Force Array COL Hermans COL O’Connor COL Manning COL Schenk COL McCormick 18 20 COL Miklos 13 11 18 NORTHCOM Liaison Team JTF Civil Support 14 COL Williams 19 HQDA Liaison COL Butts 16 26 63rd TAB (KYNG) 18 COL Newkirk 263rd AAMDC (SCNG) Army Emergency Preparedness Liaison Officers 167th TSC (ALNG) COL Holmes JTF-North Civil Support Training Group - East Defense Coordinating Officer

    6. Defense Coordinating Officer & Element (DCO/E) DCO Colonel Lieutenant Colonel Deputy Operations/ Plans Material Mgmt Signal 2 Military 2 Civilian 1 Military 2Military The DOD Conduit within each FEMA Region for DSCA • Co-located with FEMA Regional HQs • Fully integrated with States and Region • Integrate potential Federal capability into State & Regional Plans • Coordinate Department of Defense (DoD) assistance to other Federal Agencies Team of 9 Emergency Response Vehicle (ERV)

    7. Task Force 51Contingency Command Post (CCP) Sentinel • On order, deploy to provide command and control for all Federal land forces assigned or attached to USNORTHCOM in HD/CS operations • All Hazard: • Natural / Man-made disasters • CBRN

    8. Joint Task Force – Civil Support JTF-CS anticipates, plans, and integrates USNORTHCOM chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRNE) consequence management operations. When directed, JTF-CS commands and controls designated DOD forces to assist federal, state, local, and tribal partners in saving lives, preventing further injury, and providing critical support to enable community recovery. Chemical Radiological JTF-CS The USNORTHCOM standing joint task force headquarters for CBRNE Consequence Management response Biological High Yield Explosive Nuclear UNCLASSIFIED

    9. Secure Land Approaches to the Homeland Military to Military relationships to enhance the overall security of North America Assist our neighbors to build capability and capacity to defeat common threats on their side of our borders Theater Security Cooperation

    10. ARNORTH G6 Mission & Vision USNORTHCOM Mission… ARNORTH G6 Mission “Conduct operations to deter, prevent, and defeat threats and aggression aimed at the United States, its territories and interests within the assigned area of responsibility (AOR); and as directed by the president or secretary of defense, provide defense support of civil authorities including consequence management operations.” . • Plans, manages, coordinates, integrates and implements communications, information systems, and technology infusion in support of United States Army North. “To ensure the right information and technology are available in the right place, to the right people, at the right time – in an efficient and cost effective manner.” ARNORTH Mission… ARNORTH G6 Vision “US Army North (USARNORTH) conducts Homeland Defense (HLD), Civil Support (CS) operations and Theater Security Cooperation (TSC) activities, as the Army Service Component Command (ASCC) to US Northern Command in order to protect the American people and their way of life. On order, USARNORTH commands and controls deployed forces as a Joint Task Force (JTF) or Joint Force Land Component Command (JFLCC).”

    11. G6 COL Cox G6 SGM SGM Cruz Administration Ms Henderson Deputy G6 Mr. Thompson IT Division Operations and Plans Division Programs Division IT Support Services Network Ops Center JNCC CCP Network Services/NETOPS Forms & Records Management Satellite Management IA Spectrum Management Investment Management IT Projects COMSEC/VTC G6 Organization MTOE & TDA OFF / WO / ENL / DAC / CONT 4/ 2 / 5 / 43 / 19 Current/Future Ops

    12. What We Do Now Support LANDWARNET Enterprise Management & Integration Network Operations (Protect & Defend) Information Technology Management Joint IT Warfighting Capability • Network Operations • Enterprise Mgmt • Help Desk Mgmt (Expanded) • Email Accounts • Blackberry Mgmt • HQ C4/IT Support • GAL Updates • C4 Policy Mgmt • Process Improvement • Defense Message Svc • Joint Systems Mgmt • GCCS/ABCS • Joint Training • Theater C4 Networks • C4 Tng/Exercises • Collaborative Planning • Web Services (SIPRNET & NIPRNET) • Knowledge Mgmt • Integrated Priority List • External user integration • IAVA,STIG,POAM • EPLO Support • Policy Oversight • Records Mgmt • Pubs & Printing • G6 Administration • G6 Evals & Awards • G6 Leave Control • G6 Mgmt Controls • G6 DTS Mgmt • G6 Physical Security • G6 Training • G6 Scheduling • G6Task Tracking • G6 Reports • G6 Office Supplies • G6 Lead CCP • C4 Operations • C4 Plans • Spectrum Management • Architectures • Annex H/K Generation • OPORDS/FRAGOs • CG CommoTeam Support • TAC CP / CAE support • G6 input SOPs • Fleet Operation & Management • Conferences and Events • Augmentation • Resource Mgmt • Contract Mgmt • Program Mgmt • Portfolio Mgt/Acquisition oversight • Requirements Validation • Strategic Planning • C4 Architectures • VI/VTC Mgmt • Info Assurance Mgmt • Inventory Control • Property Accountability • Purchase Card Program • Travel Card Program • NOC Operations • COMSEC Management

    13. G6 “Bore Site” Computer patching Applications Support Telecommunications Frequency Mgmt Move to Enterprise Training /Certification Information Assurance COMSEC Satellite Access / Gateway Access Maint / ASIs CG Commo Team Exercise Support COMMEXes Supply DCO Support Publications/Printing DOIM Operations Cyber Team Server Consolidation Building Moves Web Services Wireless Services Network Opns Center Public Address Lifecycle Replacement NEC Interface Printer & Scanner Support IT Div Programs Div Operations Div Design Tactical Network Technical Support Help Desk Contract Support VTC / Telephones Info Assurance Tactical Comms Spt Rapid Communications CERTEXs, CSTA Spt

    14. The ARNORTH G6 - We Are: CMD Group Commo 11.2% of the ARNORTH Budget The Theater JNCC After-hours CommoSpt Managers of 52 Contracts The Helpdesk ARNORTH’s “Shadow DOIM” The Tactical Signal Support for TF51 and DCOs

    15. Commercial Communications

    16. THOUGHTS • Seamless Integrated Networks (Tactical & Strategic) • Rapid / Dynamic Systems & Applications Access • Information Assurance • Intelligent Security • True multi-level security • “Enterprise” that provides all services • Common Standards • Common Policy across DoD • A True Common Operational Picture (Highly Configurable) • Greater Integration of Social Media • Better Sensor Integration • Revolution of the Media (bias filters) and Awareness

    17. Thoughts Continued • Greater Reliance on Industry • Greater Joint Solutions with ability to integrate • coalition Information • Cyber Integration in Systems & Units • Systems won’t solve “Communicating;” it can • only facilitate • Our Greatest Asset is Our Workforce

    18. Questions