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· Aulia Ramadhan Samallo - Electrical Engeneering , STT-PLN PowerPoint Presentation
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· Aulia Ramadhan Samallo - Electrical Engeneering , STT-PLN

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· Aulia Ramadhan Samallo - Electrical Engeneering , STT-PLN - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TEAM SUPER-BELIEVER SAHRIL. INDONESIA. PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION REPORT. “ SPREAD THE SPIRIT of GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta to Start An Internet Marketing In the Sake to Mitigate the Number of Unemployment ".

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“ SPREAD THE SPIRIT of GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP : Regular Training and Empowerment of Underprivileged Youth in Jakarta to Start An Internet Marketing In the Sake to Mitigate the Number of Unemployment "

·Aulia Ramadhan Samallo- Electrical Engeneering, STT-PLN

Sahril Kasim – Faculty of Economic, University of Indonesia

Zainal Rizaldi Tuasikal- Mechanical Engeneering, STT-PLN


Timeline Activities


Team Super-Believer already set the timeline activities since the first week of Feberuary. As shwon in the timeline above we minds to have about eight weeks for preparations. This is due to the difficulties that we realize will hamper us from the front. There are four objectives that we attempt to do during the preparations time, finding location, finding targeted participant, and finding for sponshorship as well as finding for trainer.

  • Finding location: what we mean by the location here is as the basecamp or the place to have the training, which is of course located nearest or et least strategic with the traniee’s home. Our initial time target for finding the location is three weeks count from the first until the third week of march. During the three weeks each of us (team super-believer) went to every different areas in jakarta, especially the slums to meet the leader of the places in order to us can give the training for youth there. For three weeks we have gone to about ten different slums area in jakarta which is devided as follows; three places in west Jakarta, one place in South Jakarta, four places in North jakarta, and two places in east part of Jakarta. And finally we are fix our decision to give the training in Rawa Buaya, Cengkareng west jakarta.

Finding Trainee: in our first proposed solution, we put a target for the trainee( the youths that are going to be trained) as follows; optimist; we could get 100, realistist; we could get 50 trainees, and pesimsitic; we could have 30 youths. As a non profit oriented activities, we of course do not put a very much criterion for the youth who are going to be trained since all we aim to do is volunteering. However we just looking for underprivilieged youths which is have a high commitment and willingness to be trained. Team super-believer start to looking for the trainee since the fourth week of february until the implementation started. We are doing the searching hand in hand with location searching. So we went to the ten areas in jakarta and do the approachment. The way we approach them is first through the leader of the place where they stay in, then through their parents and the last do personal approach to each trageted participants. We try to explain and convience them that we are not looking for profit and will not take any payment from them, all we do is just free in charges and would be beneficial for their future.

  • Finding potential partners: we see it would be better for us to make this project seems more profesional and realiable if we could have some potential partners that can support us. Abouth eights weeks we use to sent our proposal to corporate social responsibility of Bank Rakyat Indonesia and AsianBrain Institution to help us in term of sponsorship. But untill now we are still in progress of follow up both of the institutions.

Barriers and Action


We find it difficult to change the way they (underprivilleged youths) thinks. Most of the youths are just like to live their life with playing, and do such unimportant things. Eventhough we have explained all our aim to give them training, they keep hold on their perception. Beside that we also hard to find a space or room to use as a training class. This is due to the limited spaces because almost all the place has been used.


With all our limitations, we believe that we have work hard to visit tens different slums area in jakarta and make a little obesrvation regarding the best place to conduct the training. Hence, we decide to chose rawa buaya, cengkareng west jakarta. Because only in that place we could find a space for class and five youths who has high willingness to be better off. Even of the trainee is far less than the minimum targets but we see it as not a big deal to stop our eagre and motivation to empower the youth. We believe that it will be developed and the number of trainee will increase as the times goes by.



As we describe in the timeline activities. We will start our training on the third week of April. This is because we are still do the effort to find more high committed underprivileged youths to be trained. And we will also use the one week remaining to prepare all the materials for the first meeting later. The training will be held twice a month in the first and third week each months. This is in order to give the chance for the trainee to have another weekend, so they will not get bored and feel annoyed. We will also have three main course programs for the trainee. Namely ;

Online marketing course:

  • Introductory of computer and internet
  • Introductory of marketing
  • Introductory of online bussiness
  • How to start online bussines
  • Create domain and activate host
  • Start own bussiness

English language and public speaking session:

In this session we will occupied the trainee with english language and public speaking skills. At least they could make a daily conversation and or have a bussiness conversation which definetely appropriate for them.

General session:

We will also have a general session for the trainee in which to give them a general knowladeges. In this session the trainee will be tought about how to make a simple financial report, and also learn about the story of successfull and inspirational persons, and leadership skills training. This is important for them because to be an entrepreneurship they should able to composse their financial arrangement and at least know about world related issues of bussiness. Hence, they will not be stay behind the development and competition.

Trainer and materials:

three of us will become the trainer to teach them all three courses above. Actually we are also has limited knowledges about online marketing. Therefore, we enggage with one of the bigest online marketing course institution in asia, named ASIANBRAIN. First of all we register our self to become the member of Asian brain in order to get the course and all videos explanation about online marketing. Then, after learn all the course we transfer all we have learned to the trainee.

Regarding english and public speaking course, and general session we find no difficulties. Since three of us has english language skills, economics skills, and some experiences that can be shared with the trainee.


Time and duration:

The training will be conducted every two weeks in our basecamp/class in rawa buaya. We will start at 3 pm until 6 pm every Saturday every first and third week each months. In the first week we will have Online marketing course for the first two hours (3 pm-5 pm) and the last one hour will be used for general session. Whilen english language and public speaking skills will be given in the firsth two hours (3 pm – 6pm) in the third week that month.


The evaluation will be held every fourth week each months. This is important to assess the targets that we have achieved during that months and what still remain, what part do we need to improve and how is the progress of each trainee. All the evaluation will be our guidence for the next month.

  • Even tough we only has a limited youth that are eager to join the training but we strongly believe that this project could be sustain and has a good prospect. Yet we sure that the trainee will increase day by day and the programs will be improved too. We will do our best and effort and we have committed to be loyal for contributing for our society, even with all the limitation and barriers we’ll face.