the wireless revolution and nepal and other observations by an american grown nepali n.
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The Wireless Revolution and Nepal And Other Observations by an American-Grown Nepali

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The Wireless Revolution and Nepal And Other Observations by an American-Grown Nepali - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Wireless Revolution and Nepal And Other Observations by an American-Grown Nepali. Suresh P. Ojha Overview. Wireless Revolution and Nepal Need for Global Networking Amongst Nepalis Need for ICT Academic Collaboration in Nepal

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the wireless revolution and nepal and other observations by an american grown nepali

The Wireless Revolution and NepalAnd Other Observations by an American-Grown Nepali

Suresh P. Ojha

  • Wireless Revolution and Nepal
  • Need for Global Networking Amongst Nepalis
  • Need for ICT Academic Collaboration in Nepal
  • Suggestions for HMG and Local Nepalis

Advent of Wireless Revolution







Wireless Revolution


Wireless Revolution

  • The convergence of mobile communications, computing power, & the Internet has given rise to the new products, applications, and global economic benefits collectively known as the Wireless Revolution
  • GPS - Global Positioning System - adds a new dynamic to the wireless revolution: services can now be linked to a precise location

GPS satellites in synchronous orbit with Earth


Wireless Advantage

  • Wireless Less Costly and Easier than Wireline to:
    • Implement
    • Maintain
    • Expand
  • Traditional Home Telephony in US and Nepal impacted by wireless
    • LMDS
    • WLL
  • “Fiber to the Curb” of the Information Superhighway in the US is still in Limbo

Wireless In Nepal

  • Wireless systems superior to Fixed-line in following ways:
    • Less costly and easier to install, especially in mountainous regions.
    • More easily Expanded
    • Are not subject to Transmission Line theft

Wireless In Nepal

  • Wireless is the “Missing Link” in Nepal IT
  • Multiple reasons why
    • Wireless Expertise is expensive
    • Wireless products are tricky to design/manufacture
    • Easier to pay a high overhead for expertise and products

What is RF and Microwave Engineering?

  • The Bridge over which ALL Wireless Traffic Crosses
  • The Very Foundation of all wireless Systems
  • RF & u-Wave engineering is the study of High Frequency circuits and systems which among other things are used in all forms of wireless communications.

Opportunities for Nepali Economy

  • Soon There Will be More Global Communications through Wireless than Wireline
  • Wireless is a HUGE part of Global Economy
    • European Wireless Market will be worth $160 Billion dollars (US) in 2010
    • “Wireless businesses today are 10% of what they are going to be in the next 20 years. There is a phenomenal upside within the wireless environment” - Edward Evans, president & COO, Dobson Communications Corp

Opportunities For Nepali Economy

  • There will be a large global demand well into the long-term future for cheap wireless gadgets
  • Nepal has one of the lowest labor rates in the world
  • Nepal is located to two of the largest markets in the world
    • China
    • India
some projections
Some Projections:
  • Nepal has ~24 Million People
  • In the Future, we should expect at least 2-3 Million Cell Phones
  • There are 1 Billion Cell Phones in the World
  • By 2006 there will be 1.5 Billion

New Course Offered at IOE of TU

  • A Hands-On Course on RF and Microwave Circuit and Systems Design
  • A World Class Teaching Laboratory Donated by Agilent Technologies
  • Students to Design, Build, Test and Measure:
    • RF Impedance Transformers
    • RF Filters
    • RF Amplifiers
    • RF Oscillators

Silicon Valley Involvement in this Program

  • Agilent Technologies Donated Has Donated a World Class Laboratory
    • 10 Seats of Advanced Design System (ADS)
    • 20 GHz Vector Network Analyzers
    • 14GHz Spectrum Analyzers
    • Two Digital Vector Modulation Signal Sources
    • Much Much More!!!!
  • Academic Involvement
    • Professor Dr. Rick Branner of UC Davis
    • Dr. Amarpal Khanna
    • Dr. Purna Subedi

Need for Global Nepali Networking

  • The Brain Drain is Natural in Nepal
  • Need a Policy of Brain Reclaim
  • NRNs and RNs Must Network Closely Because ICT Development approaches from Foreign Gov’ts and Agencies have several Drawbacks

Drawbacks of Foreign Gov’t and Agency ICT Aid

  • Lacks Integrated Approach
  • Can Lack Continuity and Coordination
    • -Budget Shortfalls Etc.
  • In many cases only 2-3 months long
    • -This is not long enough for cutting edge technologies
    • -Means Newest Technologies Will Arrive in Nepal Only After a Few Years

NRNs Have:

  • Tremendous Brain Power
  • Contacts with Leading Research Universities Throughout the World
  • Contacts with Leading ICT Companies Throughout the World
  • Great Desire to Help Nepal, Many ICT Support Organizations Already Exist
  • Ability with Some Coordination, to Support Long Term Integrated Projects!!!

Resident Nepalis Have:

  • Keen Knowledge of the state of ICT Penetration in Nepal
  • Keen Knowledge of ICT Outsourcing Capabilities
  • Ability to Swiftly Navigate the Tremendous Red Tape in Nepal

Announcing the EICT

  • Tremendous Asset that will allow Nepalis, NRNs, and others to
    • Discuss Latest Technologies Helpful to Nepal
    • Understand ICT Needs and Capabilities in Nepal at Any One Time
    • Develop Synergies and Eliminate Duplication
    • Receive a periodic snapshot of ICT development efforts and issues at any given time
need for academic collaboration in nepal ioe of tu and ku
Need for Academic Collaboration in NepalIOE of TU and KU
  • Both the Institute of Engineering (IOE) at TU and Kathmandu University (KU) are Outstanding Organizations
  • Both Have Strengths Other Cannot Duplicate
  • The ICT Departments of Both Should Work Together for Most Efficient Development of ICT in Nepal

Case for Academic Collaboration in Nepal

  • Sharing Resources (Journals, Lab Facilities Etc.) Can Overcome Budget and Resource Limitations.
  • ICT is too Broad and Changes too Quickly for One Organization with a Limited Budget to Cover effectively
  • It is not Advisable to Expand Affiliation with Smaller Schools at this time (Only IOE & KU)

How NRNs Can Help Academic Collaboration in Nepal

  • NRNs Can Help Collaboration by:
    • Encouraging Joint Donation of Instruments
    • Providing Funds for Joint Research Projects
  • NRNs and Others MUST NOT BELIEVE Simplistic Stereotypes About Either Institution, in Particular the IOE

Suggestions for HMG and Local Nepalis

  • Streamline NRN Visa Process
  • Keep website postings w.r.t. Visa Process Current
  • Make University Donation Processes more Efficient and visible (websites etc.)
  • Be Proactive about rare opportunities for NRN involvement in critical areas
  • Agilent Technologies
  • Dr. Rick Branner UC Davis
  • Institute of Engineering at Tribhuvan University
    • Mr. Arun Timalsinna Director of MS Program
  • CAN
  • My Wonderful Students!