Spirit hiring and evaluation v 2 0
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SPIRIT Hiring and Evaluation v. 2.0 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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SPIRIT Hiring and Evaluation v. 2.0.

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Spirit hiring and evaluation v 2 0

SPIRITHiring and Evaluationv. 2.0

“On a good team there are no superstars. There are great players who show they are great players by being able to play with others as a team. They have the ability to be superstars, but if they fit into a good team, they make sacrifices, they do things necessary to help the team win.”

– Red Holzman

What we have at portland state
What we have at Portland State

Campus Rec Programs Run Through Student Affairs

Funded By Student Fees and a Rec Center Fee

Urban with a capital U – located in the heart of Portland, Oregon

28,000 Students

Approximately 1800 residential students

Undergraduate student average age = 25.2

Opened 100,000 sq ft Student Rec Center in January, 2010

Our Staff

13 professional staff

3 GA’s

170 Student Employees

Our Programs

Fitness Outdoor Program

Intramurals Aquatics

Rec Clubs Adaptive – (’10-’11)

Why is this v. 2.0?

Developed concept in 2003

Started with one person using it

Originally used for student hiring only

In response to watching Career Opportunity Center

Deep belief in the value of our activities as social change agents


Identified weaknesses - acronym has changed a bit

Refined our rubrics

Have 11 staff using it

Professional staff interviews

Evaluations now part of full-circle SPIRIT process

Here are our assumptions

Ultimately our job is to teach

We can train most students for their positions – that is what we do…

"Leaders are made, they are not born. They are made by hard effort, which is the price which all of us must pay to achieve any goal that is worthwhile." Vince Lombardi, Football Coach

We believe that skills need to be demonstrated, not told


Portfolios if requested; other supplementary goods

Having an effective team is sometimes more powerful than having great individuals

A strong team is developed through identifying potential employees who demonstrate values and characteristics we have identified as important

It is possible to have fun during an interview

Here are our assumptions:

Great skills are wonderful but…

What do you look for in your employees
What Do You Look for In Your Employees?

  • Imagine the players from a basketball team…who do you want to employ?

    • The Hot Shooter – Great Skill, Narrow Focus

      • But, might want limelight

    • All Around Player – Good Skills, Good Focus

      • Good. How do we get to great?

    • Team Captain – Good Skills, Good Focus, Leadership

      • Measured and sought after intangibles

        The most Skilled person is not always the best employee for your team

What is SPIRIT?

Learning Outcome 1

Recite the six values identified in the SPIRIT acronym


  • Method to hire and evaluate staff

  • Uses common language that is easy to remember

  • Consistent process

  • Value Driven







  • Skills

    What do they know? How do they apply knowledge?

  • Passion

    Wanting to be there; lifetime interest; invested in what we do

  • Initiative

    What do they improve? Who is a leader? Who solves the problem?

  • Reliability

    Can you count on them when it gets tough? Will they show up?

  • Interaction

    Team player; getting other people involved; customer service

  • Trainability

    Give Directions; Take Directions; Learn Skills; Self Reflection

Learning Outcome 1

Recite the six values identified in the SPIRIT acronym

  • Skills

  • Passion

  • Initiative

  • Reliability

  • Interaction

  • Trainability

So how do you find your team players using spirit
So, How do you find your team players using SPIRIT?

Before we tell you, some basics to review

  • Who are on your hiring committees?

  • How do you intentionally get beyond the resume?

  • Do you interview the same for every position?

  • Is it fun?

Drafting your team tenant one engage all staff levels in hiring
Drafting Your TeamTenant One – Engage all-staff levels in hiring

Involve Your Current Employees

  • Empowering current employees by giving them voice in new hires will breed more investment

  • Inviting students to participate is a tremendous leadership opportunity

  • Employees often know what is REALLY going on in the trenches –“I’ll tell you how supposed to work…they’ll tell you how it really works”

Who is the hiring team
Who is the Hiring Team?

  • At Least Three People Involved

    One Full Time Leader

    One Student Leader

    One Entry Level Student

  • For Example

    Intramurals Staff Interview

    • Intramurals Director

    • Student Coordinator

    • Referee

Drafting Your Team Tenant Two – Acknowledge some differences

Web-Developers, Accountants, HR Specialists, Graphic Designers, Lifeguards, Instructors, Pro-staff, etc

  • Skills are essential – BUT, these are not separated from the other attributes we are seeking. We need to have similar expectations

  • Try and get demonstrations of skills – telling is not same as showing

    • Portfolios, prior work, writing samples, tests, quizzes, Group X mini-class, Staff Dev. Workshop, Climbing

      Front Desk, Building Managers, Room Monitors, Intramural Staff

  • Passion, Interaction, Reliability, Initiative, Trainability

    • Skills can be taught or learned depending on training ability of department

      • Basketball refs

      • Supervisory roles

      • Member Services

      • Fitness Attendants

Drafting your team tenant three get beyond resumes

Create Positive, Relaxed Atmosphere

Relaxed interviews help interviewees give truthful responses

Imagine a basketball game between friends…

Now imagine the Career Opportunity Center


“30 Minute Rule”

Drafting Your Team Tenant Three - Get beyond resumes

Drafting your team tenant four have fun
Drafting Your Team Tenant Four – Have fun

Have Fun – With a purpose!

  • Play Games

  • Role Play –“I hate role plays” -TMB

  • Real Examples; theoretical answers not always appropriate

Let s practice finding spirit

Sport Games

  • Double Table Tennis

  • Badminton

  • Billiards

  • Bowling

  • Baggo

Trick Games (Can be utilized in one-on-ones)

  • Rubik’s Cube

  • Cards

    Pointless Games

  • Finger Trampoline

  • Shooting Toucans

Let’s practice finding SPIRIT

Learning Outcome Two

Learn three specific techniques for creating fun interview processes

Hiring evaluation tools
Hiring Evaluation Tools

New Student Employee Hiring

Important to utilize a tool that all participants can use

  • Want to provide people clear, concise, and consistent way to measure potential staff engagement

  • Make sure that people doing evaluation know what you are seeking; provide them job descriptions and any other relevant material if they need it

  • Pre-interview meeting

Interview evaluations students outsiders
Interview Evaluations Students/Outsiders

Skills still 28% of our rubric


Asking Questions



Following/Provide Directions



Need to use language that is consistent and easy for people to use; apples and apples

By linking evaluations to hiring we are able to be clear and articulate about what we value

Provide similar feedback patterns we can communicate clear expectations


Learning Outcome Three

Demonstrate an understanding of the necessity to create a comprehensive management technique for consistency

Comprehensive cont

Need to use language that is consistent and easy for people to use; apples and apples

By linking evaluations to hiring we are able to be clear and articulate about what we value

Be providing similar feedback patterns we can communicate more clear expectations

Comprehensive, cont.

  • Want to provide people clear, concise, consistent way to measure staff involvement

  • Make sure that people doing evaluation know what they are evaluated on; provide them job descriptions, SPIRIT attributes, and any other relevant material if they need it

  • 360 degrees – spheres of influence

Performance evaluation student team members
Performance Evaluation to use; apples and applesStudent Team Members

New for

v. 2.0

Performance evaluations professional staff
Performance Evaluations Professional Staff to use; apples and apples

New for

v. 2.0

Things we are pondering
Things we are pondering to use; apples and apples

  • Are we too homogeneous?

    • What happened when we did not do it

  • Are we judging compassion?

  • Does our own staff understand the value of this tool?

Conclusion to use; apples and apples

Alex Accetta

[email protected]

Todd Baucht

[email protected]


"There's nothing greater in the world than when somebody on the team does something good, and everybody gathers around to pat him on the back." ---Billy Martin