the literate nation movement n.
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The Literate Nation Movement PowerPoint Presentation
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The Literate Nation Movement

The Literate Nation Movement

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The Literate Nation Movement

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  1. The Literate Nation Movement

  2. LN has great opportunity to attract and mobilize a grassroots MOVEMENT with numerous and varied Partners because Literate Nation is Transformative Sustainable High Tech | High Touch | High Impact Fearless to change the below statistics

  3. A MOVEMENT commits and investin a mission: volunteering time, expertise, and funding toward IMPACT END ILLITERACY

  4. Movement Drives a Theory of Action Assumptions and underlying values build an asset base and critical mass

  5. An asset base is a “gathering place” for a movement, for achievement, for sustainability, and for impact.

  6. A Movement needs A “Gathering Place” that fosters Passion Passion transforms an idea into a movement; it inspires people to want to expend tremendous amounts of energy, w/o compensation, on behalf of a cause Early leadership raises the critical mass that is imperative sustainability and funds • Positive, creative ideas that build better, fairer, more sustainable and a more interesting and fair world • People banding together around a shared idea, goal or passion and owning it • Critical mass of differentiated voices working toward a common goal

  7. 5 Phases of a Movement 5. Sustain Maintain momentum, develop new content, & measure success 4. Scale Go Massive, Reach Goals, & Build the Infrastructure 3. Unite Unite the Provocateurs, Launch the Movement, Test & Learn & be Flexible 2. Declare Leadership, Declaration & Manifestation begins w/ inner circle The Confluence of new technology with a growing social desire to engage and make a statement is resulting in the most radical spread of expressive capability in human history. Business Plan Strategy/Insight/ Motivation

  8. Members of a MOVEMENT • Pass along and share information—always, everywhere • They share tasks with enthusiasm and passion • They look to each other for support and energy • They help expand participation and grow partners • They engage in the power of THREE • NOTHING INFLUENCES new MEMBERS to JOIN the TEAM as much a POSITIVE MEMBERS

  9. HOW TO CONNECT THE LN MOVEMENT FIND PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE AND CARE EVERYONE FUELS THE FIRE LN will give them a place to connect, meet, and share ideas. Make deep connections even when views/beliefs conflict to a degree LN will be transparent to earn credibility; eschew self-promotion and hype; build bridges LN will create a bottom-up, self-organizing system that is autonomous, passionate and self-sustaining. • BE DEDICATED TO CREATING MATERIALS AND MESSAGING AND SHARING • LEARN TO RELINQUISH CONTROL AND LET THE MOVEMENT DO WHAT IT WILL WITH A CRAFTED MESSAGE • LEARN TO STOP TALKING ABOUT “YOU” AND JOIN A CONVERSATION ABOUT THE MUTUAL GOALS of “US” • Support collaboration, alliances, joint missions • Meet, Don’t compete • Listen and learn. Don’t judge.

  10. GROW ‘CAUSE’ MARKETINGMARKET LN for mutual benefit by creating alliances using New Media & social marketing well (it is a revolution to touch millions quickly) and with positive messaging for the change desired, and getting traditional media coverage by partnering with fellow organizations, corporations and celebrities communicating with people on a level that transcends small mindedness – it is outdated. Ln will be innovative. Ensuring the people that participate in the movement are incredibly passionate, and of diverse-age, ethnicities, incomes, education levels…

  11. Education’s has an inherent social strain that we can use: Fuel restlessness with hope and action Enact Fairness and inclusiveness Be the driving force Think freedom of constraints Be the Justice You Desire LISTEN, don’t judge If YOU know about the problem and don’t take action YOU are the problem

  12. Growth-Openness-Freedom-to-Belongis the POWER of the LN MOVEMENT Original Core Members Understand LN’s Movement Will Grow Ln goals will grow and be both separateand connected. People will naturally form into smaller working groups of action so each person owns an “individual” message designed to persuade others to join “his/her” movement a strong sense of community, exponentially with trust have power and comfort that the group’s loyalty to the mission is longstanding • are the true believers • will shape the movement’s identity— by pulling and pushing each other • will define the groups early agenda • will foster a communal bond that entices and attracts others to want to join • will encourage diversity of thought, listen and are willing broaden their personal interests for the greater goal

  13. Let’s MOVE-IT Literate Nation!