key drivers for development and growth of domestic bpo and challenges n.
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Key Drivers for Development and Growth Of Domestic BPO and Challenges PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Drivers for Development and Growth Of Domestic BPO and Challenges

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Key Drivers for Development and Growth Of Domestic BPO and Challenges - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Key Drivers for Development and Growth Of Domestic BPO and Challenges
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  1. Key Drivers for Development and Growth Of Domestic BPO and Challenges Keynote Presentation By NK Goyal, President CMAI Chairman Emeritus, TEMA. Vice Chairman ITU APT Chairman, ITPS Dubai Member, Governing Board Telecom Equipment and Services Export Promotion Council (Govt. of India) At Bharatico BPO Conference World BPO/ ITO Forum 23rd May 2012 , Maurya Sheraton New Delhi;

  2. CES, 2009 being inaugurated and ribbon cutting at Las Vegas on 8th January, 2009 by NK Goyal with Sir Howard Stringer, Chairman & CEO of Sony Corporation, Mr. Tom Hanks, the American movie star, Mr.Gary Yacoubian, Chairman CEA & President of Myer-Emco AudioVideo, Mr. Gary Saprio, Vice President of CEA, Ms. Qu., Presixdent, CECC China, Mr. Patrick Lavelle, President and CEO of Audiovox, Mr. Peter Lesser, President and CEO of X-10 (USA) Inc, Mr. Loyd Ivey, Chairman and CEO of MiTek Electronics and Communications, Mr. Jay McLellan, President and CEO of Home Automation, Inc. (HAI), Mr. Mike Mohr, President of Celluphone, Mr.Grant Russell, President of Kleen Concepts 

  3. About CMAI CMAI prime Integrated Association of India representing all verticals of ICE, telecom sector of India in India having more than 54 MOUs with International organizations with branch offices in USA, UK, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Malaysia. It offers one window service for information dissemination, guidance on setting up businesses in India. It connects to Industries, Government, Trade and Business It is involved in policy formulations with Government and other stake holders for Technology Innovations, Indigenous manufacturing It is developing scientific knowledge and practical means for protecting human ecology and environment from the harmful effects of environmental hazards like e waste, radiation etc. It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness in the domestic and international markets. It also offers consultancy services on turn key basis through its member companies

  4. ICT Globally Over the past 20 years or so, extraordinary transition has taken place, from a world of low count of basic telecommunication link to a world where more than 2.4 billion people use internet. Key to the Extraordinary Communication Transition is: Mobile, which virtually brought ICT to reach all world’s people in a short span of time. IT services in Indian Domestic Market -the fastest growing segment, growing by 18 per cent to reach Rs. 589 Billion, driven by increasing focus by service providers With more than 950 Million Fixed and Wireless Telephone subscription, India has become “largest and fastest-growing ICT market” in the world.

  5. Domestic IT BPO Sector To grow by over 16 per cent (including hardware) in FY2012 to reach Rs. 1,533 billion; hardware and IT services account for 79 per cent of total revenues  Indian Hardware market to cross 615 billion in FY2012, driven by rapid uptake in notebooks/ netbooks/tablet computers, mobility devices, improved connectivity tools, etc.  Uptake of IT-BPO in India is steadily increasing, with demand coming from both consumers and enterprises, government’s technology infrastructure initiatives, unified communications and availability of world-class telecom infrastructure and services

  6. Supportive Ecosystem India’s infrastructure development landscape is expected to transform to the next level in the coming years, driven by the Government’s massive thrust on over USD 1 trillion in investments (2013-17) on infrastructure development. Further simplification of laws and regulations, large scale investments in e-Governance projects and focus on establishing the national cyber security policy Improving connectivity across the Country, specifically in Tier II and Tier III cities: rural areas with broadband. Disruptive technologies in mobile and cloud computing are providing Indian software product firms with new revenue streams.

  7. THANKS, +91 98 111 29879,