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SERVICES. Outdoor Professional Photo Shoot. Want to capture your memories at HBS? Get a 1-hour outdoor photo shoot with a professional photographer. Description: 1-hour professional photo shoot at HBS campus Person donating: Yuliya Boroday Suggested starting price: $150. LIVE AUCTION!.

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outdoor professional photo shoot
Outdoor Professional Photo Shoot

Want to capture your memories at HBS? Get a 1-hour outdoor photo shoot with a professional photographer

  • Description: 1-hour professional photo shoot at HBS campus
  • Person donating: Yuliya Boroday
  • Suggested starting price: $150
ec class optimization


EC Class Optimization

Get the inside track on getting the classes you want in the EC year!

  • Were you involved in the creation of the class registration tool? Did you win the sensor simulation? No? BVB was. For the winning bidder, Brandon will optimize your schedule to make sure you get the classes that you want!
  • Suggested starting price: $25
  • Only 2 available!

You don’t know how to do this!

make up session with gl
Make-up Session with GL

Wantto look evenprettierforthatspecialday?

  • Make-up session
  • Gabriela Lujambio
  • $20.00
  • Reedem before graduation (…but not on graduation day)
  • Put image here
    • (This can be of actual item or a representative photo from Google Images)
sexy men for 1 hour


Sexy Men for 1 Hour

Dr. Peter and Robbie will be your man-panions/workers/partiers/ whatever you want for 1 hour, wearing your choice of wardrobe (including thong-back Speedos)

  • 1 Hour of Dr. Peter and Robbie’s Time
  • Oh, they’d do anything!
  • Donated by Robbie Greenglass andDr. Penis Dr. Peter
  • Suggested starting price: $150
  • Redeem by May 2014
behind the scenes at harvard yale
Behind the Scenes at Harvard Yale

Curious who organizes the awesome props at halftime?

Want to know what the white jumpsuits are all about?

Backstage tour of the

Harvard-Yale halftime show!

  • Harker - proud Harvard Band alumnus - will give you a personal tour of the Harvard-Yale halftime show. Play your cards right, and you may even wind up on the field...
  • Donated by Harker
  • Starting bid: $30
  • 2 people max, redeemable at Harvard Yale (preferably 2013)



three blind dates


Three Blind Dates 

Career Rep Connections


Most Eligible Bachelorette’s Experience


True Love guaranteed!*

*not totally guaranteed…

  • Description: We’ll set the lucky winner up on three handpicked dates. Buy for yourself or a friend!
  • Donated by Kelly & Sarah
  • Suggested starting price: $40
  • Other considerations:
    • We’ll set up guys, gals or have two winners.
    • Redeem by May 2014
    • Should you really find true love, you’ll get a special FIELD 3 Pop the Question discount on your ring ;)
personal legal counsel
Personal Legal Counsel

Suffered an injury in a recent bar brawl? Embroiled in a fight with your brother-in-law? Charged with white collar crime?

  • 1 hour of free legal advice on a matter of your choosing
    • Donated by Meryl Holt
    • Redeemable in 2015 after she passes the bar (hopefully)
wing dog s

Wanna go to the park and play “catch”?

I’ll be cute and you get their numbers!

Wing Dog(s)

Tired of bar scene? Looking for a new & easy way to meet attractive women/men? You need


  • 1 hour of women/men hunt with your new dog pals at your desired location for two people (together or separate)
  • Donated by Helen Huang & Family
  • Suggested starting price:

$40 per person

  • Please pick up after dogs (kidding…we will take care of it)


a walking advertisement
A Walking Advertisement

No need to tell people how awesome you are…Lamar will do that for you!

  • Free promotion of any person/company/cause for an entire day
    • I will wear one piece of apparel (shirt, headband, shorts, etc.) with a logo/image of your choosing
    • I will make a comment in class containing the name of the person/company/cause regardless of context
    • I will aggressively promote the item to at least 10 people
  • Donated by Lamar Warren
  • Suggested starting price: $20
  • Terms of Service
    • Apparel must be provided by winning bidder
    • Class comment redeemed by May 2013
    • Apparel wearing / promotional day redeemed by May 2014
neck and shoulder massage
Neck and Shoulder Massage

Tired? Stressed?

You can get an unbelievable

10 min neck and shoulder massage to ease and relax.

  • 10 min of neck and shoulder massage
  • Donated by Soohyun Bae
  • Suggested price: $10
  • Redeem by May 2014
  • Put image here
    • (This can be of actual item or a representative photo from Google Images)
personal flight lesson


Personal Flight Lesson

Need to up your awesomeness quotient?  Learn to fly with an introductory lesson from a former F/A-18 Hornet instructor pilot!

  • 1.5 hour lesson in a small plane out of a local airport for two people
  • Donated by Mike Messemer (“potential romantic airport lunch included”)
  • Suggested starting price: $150
  • Redeem by May 2014
learn to play bridge
Learn to Play Bridge

You can’t be a BSD on Wall Street without knowing this game. Learn to play so you can match wits with Warren Buffett, David Einhorn, and Jimmy Cayne

Description: One evening of bridge lessons for you and a partner. Drinks included

Person donating: Louis Levy and Tim Mooney

Suggested starting price: $35

piano lesson
Piano Lesson

Ever wanted to impress a date with your musical chops? Learn how to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star or Happy Birthday with this year’s HBS Show pianist!

  • 1 hour piano lesson
  • Donated by Kristen
  • Suggested starting price: $30
  • Redeem by May 2014
  • Homemade chocolate cookies after the hard-earned lesson
squash lessons x2
Squash Lessons (x2)

Come learn all of the sneaky tricks to CRUSH future opponents in squash. Kaki provides fun and adventured filled coaching for players of all levels.

  • Description: 45 minute squash lesson @ Shad
  • Person donating: Kaki
  • Suggested starting price: $30 per lesson
  • Other considerations:
    • Lessons can be group or individual (at buyer’s discretion)
    • Redeem by May 2014
photography lesson
Photography Lesson

Have an SLR but still using it like a point-and-shoot? Start taking more creative control over your images with some photo lessons!

  • 3 hour lesson covering basics of exposure, flash, composition, and post-processing (intro to Adobe products and color management)
    • Can also do more advanced topics in portraits and macro
  • Donated by: Mike Audet
  • Suggested starting price: $50
  • Redeem by May 2014
highly personalized golf lesson
Highly personalized Golf Lesson

I tend to think of thegolf swing as a poem…

  • 1.5 hour lesson in driving range plus watching golf romantic comedy Tin Cup
  • Donated by Paolo Cartagena
  • Starting price: $30/person (2 max)
  • Redeem by graduation (recommend before summer)
golf lesson
Golf Lesson

Golf Lesson – the budget version. Learn from a rusty amateur! I’m really good at explaining things.

  • Golf Lesson from Oliver
  • Donated by Oliver Cardoso
  • Suggested starting price: $30
  • Estimated value: incalculable
  • Redeem by May 2014
golf lesson w harvard golf coach


Golf Lesson w/ Harvard Golf Coach

Always wanted to impress your boss on the golf course? Don’t trust Hegge to teach you anything? This lesson from real pros is the right item for you!

  • Description: Personal 1-hour golf lesson w/ one of Harvard’s varsity golf coaches
  • Person donating: Tom Hegge
  • Suggested starting price: $75
  • Other considerations:
    • Lesson to occur next fall (likely October), coordinate through Tom
  • Coach bios:
  • Daniel Joseph (Men’s Coach)
    • Assistant Pro at The Country Club at Brookline
    • Previously worked at Pebble Beach and Augusta National
  • Claire Sheldon (Women’s Coach)
    • 2-time Ivy League champ
    • 2-time Mass Amateur champ
mandarin lesson over dim sum
Mandarin Lesson Over Dim Sum

Why Learn Mandarin? - It’s the most widely-spoken language in the world!

Why Over Dim Sum? – Why not?

  • Mandarinlesson for 4 people over dim sum in Chinatown.
  • Donated by iChina Crew
  • Suggested starting price: $40 total
  • Redeem by May 2014
football instruction
Football Instruction

Learn the Game from rules to strategy and everything in between. Be Ready to play for Section I Defense next year!

  • Description: Chalk board walk through sessions, rules discussion, High School Game Attendance, NFL GamedayWatchathon in Sean’s Mancave. You will leave an expert!
  • Person donating: Sean Healy
  • Suggested starting price: $30
  • Other considerations:

- 4 Folks, redeemable for one weekend in September!

oktoberfest prep


Oktoberfest Prep

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit der Gemütlichkeit!

Don’t know what this means?

Would like to know more?

Don’t go to (any) Oktoberfest without the survival prep taught at this session!

  • At this session, you will learn
    • How to order and drink the right beer
    • How to eat Weisswurst
    • All the important songs
    • Basic German to navigate a drunken night in Munich
  • Donated by Gini
  • Starting bid: $30 per person
  • 10 people max, redeemable until June 2014
android superuser training
Android Superuser Training

Want to discover the power of Android? Want to ROFL when those iphone users claim they have the best phone in the world?

  • Description: 1 hour Android super-user training.
  • Person donating: Arya

(Included - Free tip to ensure you NEVER get a virus from pen-drives)

  • Suggested starting price: $40
  • Other considerations:
    • By May 2014
korean cooking lesson
Korean Cooking Lesson

Do you want to learn how to cook Korean picnic food, Kimbap?

We can make Kimbap together and have a picnic (Charles river?)!

  • Cooking lesson for Korean picnic food, Kimbap. All ingredients will be prepared. Beverages are served.
  • Picnic is optional!
  • Donated by Soohyun Bae
  • $15 per person / up to 4 people
  • Redeem by May 2014
  • Put image here
    • (This can be of actual item or a representative photo from Google Images)
learn to fence
Learn to Fence

Do you love Princess Bride? Think Zorro is hot? Then learn how to handle a saber for the next time you get challenged to a duel!

  • Description: 2hrs of fencing lessons in full gear + refereeing of a duel with whomever you want
  • Person donating: Peter T
  • Suggested starting price: $50
  • Other considerations:
    • 1 or 2 people
fishing sunset cruise in cape cod


Fishing/Sunset Cruise in Cape Cod

Get out on the water! Fishing and/or a sunset cruise in Cape Cod for you and up to 5 others! Catching fish not guaranteed. Falling in love likely.

  • Day trip to Cape Cod for five people
  • Donated by Robbie Greenglass
  • Suggested starting price: $50 per person
  • Redeem by May 2014
argentinean movie session e nglish subtitles
Argentinean movie session(English subtitles)

Curious about Argentinean culture? Get to watch an amazing Argentinean movie!

  • Argentinean movie session at Matias’. Popcorn included, traditional Argentinean drink (mate) and maybe we can order empanadas to be paid aside.
  • Donated by Matias
  • Suggested starting price: $25
  • Bidder can bring 3 more friends, ideally in September-October
  • No proxy bidders, please
korean movie night
Korean Movie Night

Do you like Asian movies? Why don’t you try a Korean movie? You can experience “Asian Sensation”. Snacks provided!

  • Korean Movie night with Korean snacks
  • Donated by Soohyun Bae
  • $5 per person / up to 4
  • Redeem by May 2014
  • Put image here
    • (This can be of actual item or a representative photo from Google Images)
an evening of wine wonder
An Evening of Wine & Wonder

Come join us for a relaxing evening with friends, wine, and hopefully even wonder!

  • Donated by Rachel
  • Up to 7 people
  • Suggested starting price:
killington ski pass
Killington ski pass

Relieve the glory of winter retreat on the slopes of Killington!

  • 2 day lift ticket to Killington Mountain (consecutive days, expires 3/23/2014)
  • Section I donating
  • Market value of $170
  • Suggested starting price: $30
trip to clam flats by sea kayak
Trip to Clam Flats by Sea Kayak

Learn to catch clams in the wild! Explore the Boston Harbor Islands w/ a guided tour of Bumpkin Island. Seafood dinner afterward.

  • Day trip starting in Hull, MA for 3 people
  • Donated by Austin Walters
  • Suggested starting price: $40/person
  • Redeem by October 2013
duxbury clamming excursion
Duxbury Clamming Excursion

Give a man a fish and he’ll eat for a day, teach him to go clamming and he’ll make delicious chowder

- Khaled Jafar

Description: You and a partner will be escorted to “Deluxe”bury for a low-tide clamming excursion and a delicious clam bake with the catch. Beer is included

Person donating: Tim Mooney, Brian Peckrill, and Keith Richard

Suggested starting price: $60

wagner in paris


Wagner in Paris

200th anniversary of Wagner… What better place to celebrate it than Paris ?!

  • Das Rheingold, first part of Wagner’s Ring tetralogy, for up to two people at the Opera Bastille in Paris (accommodation and flight tickets not included…)
  • Donated by Louis Levy
  • Suggested starting price: $200 per person
  • Redeem on June 18th 2013
pistol range trip with ryan
Pistol Range Trip with Ryan

Bust Caps!

  • Pistol Shooting Range Trip
  • Donated by Ryan
  • $70
  • Up to 2 people, transpo, range fees and ammunition covered.
  • Shoot 5 different pistols!
  • Instruction from Ryan (I’m a terrible shot but at least you will look cool and know what you’re talking about)
operation carnage
Operation Carnage

Deploy to Western MA to learn Infantry Tactics, Shoot Military Weapons, Engage in Paintball Battle, Visit a Brewery, and Drink Beer

  • Description: Feed your Warrior Spirit, Shoot your friends, and claim victory!
  • Person donating: Sean Healy & Ryan Miller
  • Suggested starting price: $50 ticket price + $10 bid ($60 per person)
  • Other considerations:
    • 13 Recruits, 1 Car needed; redeemable May 23rd!
legal movie night with running commentary by harker
Legal movie night with running commentary by Harker

No, Matthew McConaughey will not save you from jail!

(Prep for your LCA exam!)

  • Gini and Harker will host a movie night at their apartment. You get to pick your favorite legal movie or TV show. Harker will explain what’s real and what’s Hollywood and share gossip from the legal world.
  • Donated by Gini &Harker
  • Starting bid: $30
  • 6 people max, redeemable until June 2014
cocktail power hour


Cocktail Power Hour

Sick of bud light power hours?

60 minutes – 60 cocktails

A value proposition for the not so faint of heart!

  • We will mix 60 different cocktails for you in 60 minutes, accompanied by a riveting, thematic soundtrack. (After-party is a definite possibility)
  • Donated by Gini & Harker
  • Starting bid: $30 per person
  • 10 people max, redeemable until June 2014
8 team beer pong tournament


8 Team Beer Pong Tournament

Ever want to demonstrate your beer pong skill? Prove your dominance with absolutely no hassle to 15 of your closest friends!

  • Description:
    • All cups, ping-pongballs, beer and tables will be provided for a single elimination tournament.
    • Tournament will be held in the SFP or OWA common room.
    • All set-up, bracketogogyand clean up work is included.
  • Person donating: Daniel Ramey
  • Suggested starting price: $30 per person
  • Other considerations:
    • For 16 people total
    • Redeem by April 2014
distillery tour tasting


Distillery Tour & Tasting

Rum? Vodka? Whiskey? Friends? Bid on the Bully Boy Distillery Tour for you and 15 of your closest alcoholic friends!

  • The winner and fifteen guests will be invited on a private tour of the Boston-based distillery by owners Will and Dave Willis
  • Donated by Will Willis
  • Suggested starting price: $30 per person
  • Other considerations: Tour will include a discussion of all elements of the process as well as a TASTING.
slumber party at the ipad dinner sleepover breakfast
Slumber Party at the iPadDinner + Sleepover + Breakfast

See all your dreams come true with dinner, drinks, slumber party, and breakfast at Section I’s very own iPad(288 Western Avenue)

  • You will never be the same. Come to 288 for a home-cooked meal followed merriment. Sleep over, and be delighted by a delicious breakfast and wonderful company. Possible activities include:
    • Cards Against Humanity
    • Techno portion of the evening including music by renowned DJ Hegge and Hegge-ing lessons
    • Night caps
    • Bedtime stories
  • Donated by Tom Hegge, Alie Minnis, Julia Saxonov, & Evan Stuller
  • Suggested starting price: $10 per person
  • Redeem by May 2014, available for 6 people
weekend getaway
Weekend Getaway

Snag the weekend getaway of your dreams!

  • Description: 25,000 American Airline miles (good for one domestic roundtrip ticket) and 25,000 SPG points (good for two nights in a Sheraton/Westin/W)
  • Person donating: Evan Stuller
  • Suggested starting price: TBD
  • Other considerations:
    • (best if redeemed in 2013)






apartment in krak w


Apartment in Kraków

Visit one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe! Incredible sights, friendly people, and one of the best party scenes in Europe!

  • Apartment for up to 6 people 10 minutes from the city centre of Kraków
  • Donated by Wojtek Kubik
  • Stay for up to 7 days
  • Redeemable through 2014
  • Easy access to other famous sites in Southern Poland
custom colombia itinerary
Custom Colombia Itinerary

Looking for adventure, party, nature, beaches, cities, luxury?

  • Personalized itinerary to fit your budget, preferences, dates and available time
  • Organized by Andres
caribbean 3 days in santa marta colombia


Caribbean: 3 days in Santa Marta, Colombia

Can you live this life?

Spend 3 days walking a 1 mile private beach, 4 restaurants, pools, hot tubs….

  • Irotama resort is in this paradise, on the Northern Coast of Colombia. Donated by: Andres
  • Suggested starting price: $100
  • Space for 4 people
  • Available on non-holidays in Colombia Jun-Nov/13 and Feb-Mar/14. Two-week notice
weekend or 3 nights in germany d sseldorf or cologne


Weekend or 3 nights in GermanyDüsseldorf or Cologne!

Enjoy the hospitality of the Prasuhn family in the middle of Rhineland metropoleis

Düsseldorf or Cologne

  • You can choose to either stay 3 nights in Düsseldorf or Cologne at Gini’s family’s house. You’ll have your own bedroom and access to everything you might need in the house. PLUS: My mom’s expert advice on what to do in and around the city!
  • Donated by Gini
  • Starting bid: $150
  • 2 people, redeemable pretty much whenever (coordinate with Gini)
up to a week in beachfront florida condo


Up to a week in beachfrontFlorida condo

Need some fun in the sun? Wake up to the sunrise in this beachfront 3-bedroom condo in Florida!

  • Stay up to a week in this oceanfront condo in Daytona Beach Shores, a $1500 value!
  • Only an hour away from Orlando, home of Harry Potter World
  • Donated by Pooja Godbole
  • Suggested starting price: $150
  • Can fit up to 6 people
  • Dates subject to availability
visit lebanon


Visit Lebanon

Lebanon brings endless opportunities of fun, beach, nature and outdoor activities. You’ll never know what to choose. Whatever it will be, an unforgettable time awaits you under the shinny Lebanese sun

  • One week stay at my place in Lebanon for four people
  • Donated by Gerard Zouein
  • Suggested starting price: $300 ($75 per person)
  • Other considerations:
    • Offer valid for the last 2 weeks of August
    • I will spend time with people and take them out
    • Breakfast included 
indian extravaganza


Indian extravaganza

Prepare for an assault on all your senses! Experience the history, food and culture of India’s capital through the eyes of a local.

  • 2 nights/3 days with at Vaibhav’s place in Delhi (including stay and meals) for 2-4 people
  • Donated by Vaibhav
  • Suggested starting price: $100 per person
  • Redeem by August 2014. Weather will be best in Dec/Jan. (If you time it right you may even get to attend an Indian wedding)