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Alambrista. Themes, Homo Faber and The Human Experience. Alambrista and Explored Themes. Long-distance walking, exile, labor Loneliness, temporary friendships Illegality, pesticides, labor struggles Sexuality, scabs and coyotes Death in strange lands, cyclical death.

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Themes, Homo Faber and

The Human Experience

alambrista and explored themes
Alambristaand Explored Themes

Long-distance walking, exile, labor

Loneliness, temporary friendships

Illegality, pesticides, labor struggles

Sexuality, scabs and coyotes

Death in strange lands, cyclical death

roberto as homo faber
Roberto as Homo Faber
  • Humans as makers of things, places and meanings.
  • Humans have made fire, tools, weapons, toys, hunted, planted and harvested, meals and wealth, music, art, language, laws, families, dynasties, etc.
  • Roberto as maker of family, food, cultivator of food, journey, wealth, love and sexuality.
food and food preparation
Food and food preparation
  • Food as metaphor for sustenance, mental and spiritual.
  • Requires labor for planting, harvesting, and preparation.
  • Roberto and farm workers live a hyper-food existence.
  • The ironic condition of food harvesting and constant poverty and food deprivation.
separation and disorientation
Separation and disorientation
  • Roberto leaves family, symbolic crossing of the wire, loss and danger to occur.
  • The beginning of his disorientation and possible religious martyrdom
walking as essential and survival
Walking as essential and survival
  • Migrant farm workers travel long distances over unfamiliar terrain.
  • Come from diverse areas, but unified in purpose and need.
  • Travel into spaces of unfamiliarity
  • Travel into dark spaces of danger, uncertainty, risk and exploitation
bent over
Bent Over
  • The physical condition of the farm worker
  • They labor in lush, green and healthy settings.
  • Ironic spaces, places of abundance, places that perpetuate poverty.
leccion numero uno
Leccion numero uno
  • Joe the survivor, the facilitator, the seasoned one—the comedic one, the trickster (the tragic one)
  • Teaches Roberto how to behave, smile, hold his head high, walk with confidence and flirt with the waitress in a restaurant.
  • Tells Roberto to cross his legs, “Because Gringos always cross their legs.”
  • Shows Roberto how to order, “Ham, eggs and coffee.”
trickster to lowrider
Trickster to Lowrider
  • Joe as trickster, possible tragic mythic figure
  • Joe as rebellion, non-conforming, challenging authority and its traditions.
  • Commonly meet tragic ends—Joe and Roberto on the train ride.
rent a slave to a taste of flower
Rent-a-slave to a Taste of Flower
  • Confrontation with other workers—near riot and chaos
  • Encountering Sharon-the flower-sexual encounters
  • The “holy rollers”.
dissembling alambrista
Dissembling Alambrista
  • Scene in café with policeman and loud-mouth
  • Reveals Roberto’s dilemma, predicament
  • Reveals his vulnerability, his deciphering and negotiating.
  • Sharon adds to his predicament unknowingly
13 unlucky steps
13 unlucky steps
  • New job as pesticide flagman
  • New clothes, new outlook, optimism
  • New danger of pesticides
  • Captured and deported
peripatetic mexicans
Peripatetic Mexicans
  • Peripatetic: to walk up and down, to tread
  • Roberto as the dark peripatetic
  • Roberto’s in his ominous excursion, often on foot—the peon.
  • Smuggled by another coyote, and a 36 hour ride.
like father unlike son
Like father, unlike son

Finds his dead father

Finds his life space, his new life

Knows him through death

Woman giving birth at the border