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NHS innovationThe Practicalities of TelehealthPhil O’ConnellStaffordshire & Lancashire CSUVisiting Fellow, Health Sciences, Staffordshire UniversityLecturer, School of Medicine, KeeleUniversity (hon)NHS Inspirational Leader of the Year 2013 (WM)NHS Innovator of the Year 2012Chartered I.T. Professional


avoidable admissions what problem are we trying to solve
Avoidable admissions?whatproblemare we trying to solve?

Healthcare is too complex to claim direct cause-effect on avoided admissions for telehealth.

improved quality of clinical care
Improved qualityofclinical care =

Better & and faster outcomes

More appropriate prescribing

More appropriate use of clinical time


Our approachForget about the tech. It will take care of itself!

I understand my condition(s)

I follow my clinical guidance

I comply with my prescribed treatment

I seek help when clinically appropriate


Her readings from Flo are always quite low – I wonder why they’re always higher when I take them here?

simple telehealth clinicians
Simple TelehealthClinicians:

“A catalyst, inspiring us to improve the quality of our clinical care”

“Enriching self care through agreed shared management”

simple instinctive helping patients to help themselves
simple & instinctive, helping patients to help themselves

£ free to txt

all my teams

Readings & answers

patients mobile phone

Closed loop




prompts, questions, feedback, advice,


clinician smartphone

Alerts & alarms only if essential


practical pragmatic flexibility to fit patients needs
Practical & pragmaticFlexibility to fit patients needs

Collaboration with industry & academia



COPD, CHF, new hypertension, hypotension, diabetes type 1, retinopathy, medication compliance, diabetes type 2, medication titration, orthopaedic, smoking cessation, speech therapy, carers wellbeing, mental health behaviour, long term hypertension, adult asthma, alcohol support, weight management, early hospital discharge, outpatient therapy, acute specialist follow up, long term monitoring, anti-coagulation, oximetery review, asthma, depot injections, pregnancy, child asthma, pain management,physiotherapy, palliative care, gestational diabetes, learning disability, oncology, nephrology, rheumatology, asthma, obstetrics, interstitial lung disease, dietetics, depression, CKD, urology, obesity + many more


Successessential Clinical ownership

Harness the “passion” of front-line clinicians to improve quality of care! ✔


Shirley says

"It is really clever and reduces the risk of going to the doctor.”

“All this advice helps me manage my health, whenever, wherever. I can still go out and about, it doesn't inhibit me. I can do it all on the move.”

"My sister lives in Liverpool and she was admitted to hospital three times with chest infections."When I visited I could see the nurses were doing exactly the same tests I do myself.”

"Things are so much better since I joined in January. If there are signs an infection could be on the way, Flo is the key to take some antibiotics. I haven't had a chest infection all year.”