revision thursday 31 st january 2013 n.
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Revision……. Thursday 31 st January 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
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Revision……. Thursday 31 st January 2013

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Revision……. Thursday 31 st January 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Revision……. Thursday 31 st January 2013. Reach for the stars. Success!. The Robert. The Patrick. The Mary. The Bryan. The Josh. The Serena. Success – what it takes!. Pupils of high ability:. Low Self-awareness Low aspirations Struggle with high expectations of teachers and parents

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pupils of high ability
Pupils of high ability:
  • Low Self-awareness
  • Low aspirations
  • Struggle with high expectations of teachers and parents
  • Feelings of isolation and anxiety
  • Perfectionism / Workaholics/ Procrastination
  • Over confident
  • Lack independent leaning skills.

To help students:

  • Recognise and realise their high potential
  • Develop the skills and qualities of successful learners
  • Improve academic language
  • Understand how high grades can create opportunities
  • Cope with stress and pressure of high expectations
what will it involve
What will it involve?
  • Additional group mentoring
  • Workshops - starting Thursday 31st January
  • A visit to Leeds University – 12th February
  • Subject guidance for achieving the top grades.
  • Specific subject revision sessions
  • Drop in sessions - F211 Fridays lunch and after school starting after half term
the workshops
The Workshops

Sessions will focus on:

Skills and characteristics of A/A* successful learners

Aspirations and personal responsibilities

Academic Language

The Language of exams

Revision techniques - memory tricks

Coping with exam pressure

parent support
Parent Support
  • Designated support - Mrs Edwards
  • Available to support parents
  • call / email / or ask for a meeting

Slide Title

  • Role of Mentoring
  • Additional mentoring
    • To look at how to best access those top grades
    • How can you be more active to get success?
    • How does all of this information you are receiving apply to you?
  • Drop in sessions
    • Someone to listen and help with any personal issues caused by exam stress.
  • Workshops - starting Friday February 1st

Learning strategies

  • Different methods to personalise your learning
    • What type of learner are you?
    • How do you change the way you do things to improve your learning?
    • Are different ways going to help me understand more?

Learning strategies

  • Visual Learners
  • Your home may begin to look a little different!
    • Mind maps, highlighters, draw pictures, lists

Learning strategies

  • Auditory learners
  • Its not an excuse to test the stereo!
    • Ask them questions,
    • Make up mnemonics to remember key facts and concepts
      • SUNWAC – 1978 – the tributaries of the Yorkshire Ouse

Learning strategies

  • Kinaesthetic learners
  • They might not be restless!
    • Learn in different rooms
    • Write out points on index cards and then assemble them in order.
    • Put information on ‘Post-it notes’ and place around the room

Countdown to Exams @ HLHS

  • The HLHS Exam Countdown starts today! There is lots of help available for you . Watch out for:
  • Organised revision sessions
  • FREE access to SAM Learning
  • FREE access to GCSE POD
  • FREE past papers at The Paper Shop
  • FREE revision templates
  • Exam focused assemblies
  • Revision sessions during tutor time.
  • Advice on HOW TO revise / Mentoring
  • Information to help your parents/carers support you

Good Luck!

revision support
Revision support!
  • Which exam and when
  • What exam board
  • Getting past exam papers
    • HLHS paper shop
    • Exam boards

revising strategies
Revising strategies
  • Help them make a plan
revising strategies1
Revising strategies
  • Organise a place to work
  • Hit the stationary aisle
  • Ask to have a look at any revision

notes at the end of the day and

get them to talk through and

explain what they’ve done

  • Review their planned progress
  • Help keep them positive
  • Plenty of breaks are good, chunk into at least 20/30 minutes (No faffing!)
revising strategies2
Revising strategies
  • Feed the machine!
  • Fresh fruit and plenty of water

(and bribes with the treats!)

  • Time to be sleeping like a baby!

Steady sleep patterns are proven to be crucial in helping retain information

  • Wakey, wakey weekend!

Encourage the morning to be used for revising new things, use the afternoon to revise things already learnt.


We remember

Can anyone remember what I started talking about????

sam learning works
SAM Learning Works!
  • Using SAM Learning will improve your results!.
  • For the last years exams:
    • on average 7% more students achieved 5+A*-C passes.
    • This percentage increases to 10% when English and mathematics are included in the 5+A*-C passes.
    • HLHS one of the top 500 schools in the country last year and we achieved our highest ever results
your child s progress yes you can check
Your child's progress(yes, you can check!)
  • Centre ID HX1H.
  • User ID and Password -Date of birth and initials.
  • Format is DDMMYYFS

Planners page 12

has all the


Over 2500 podcast’s of revision material for a range of subjects
  • Paid for by HLHS, free and downloadable

You can also revise on the go with Bitesize Mobile - at home, on the bus, anywhere!

Go to on your smartphone and get access to the new, improved mobile service.

stress and getting the balance right1
Stress and getting the balance right -
  • Stress and panic are going to happen!
stress and getting the balance right2
Stress and getting the balance right -

They will need times to

be out and about and

taking a break

Exercise is crucial in revitalising the brain and refreshing the memory

stress and getting the balance right3
Stress and getting the balance right -

Revision shouldn’t be at the expense of everything else

A well planned timetable will take this into account

(It won’t hurt taking some notes

to read on the bus or listen to some

revision PODCASTS though!!)

the final advice on stress
The final advice on stress..

…Its all about control

over to ed
Over to Ed

“Ain’t no use worryin’ ‘bout things

within your control, cos if you’ve got

them under control,

ain’t no use worryin”

“Ain’t no use worryin’ ‘bout things

beyond your control, cos if they're

beyond your control,

ain't no use worryin”