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Topic Lecture. Resolved: On balance, students in grade 6-12 benefit when their schools offer interscholastic sports. David Childree & Donny Peters. Preview. What is a resolution? Key terms Pro and Con Benefits & Harms: Different topic perspectives. What is a resolution?. Resolution.

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topic lecture

Topic Lecture

Resolved: On balance, students in grade 6-12 benefit when their schools offer interscholastic sports.

David Childree & Donny Peters


What is a resolution?

Key terms

Pro and Con

Benefits & Harms: Different topic perspectives


“a formal statement expressing the basics of a controversy”

“a formal statement expressing the basics of a controversy”

determines the topic “playing field”

on balance
On Balance


1. (v) “to have an equality or equivalence in weights, parts, etc.; be in equilibrium"

Source: Collins English Dictionary

2. “after weighing up all the factors”

Source: Your Dictionary

3. considering everything; all in all

students in grades 6 12
Students in grades 6-12
  • in the US, this is students ages 12-18
  • includes public and private schools

“1. something that is advantageous or good; an advantage”


“2. something that promotes well being”


1of·fer verb\ˈȯ-fər, ˈä-\

: to give someone the opportunity to accept or take (something)

: to say you are willing to do something

: to make (something) available : to provide or supply (something)

-Merriam Webster Dictionary

It is provided and made available, but it is still an option people can choose to participate in, and students are not forced to participate.

It also suggests funding and organization and management.


Does the resolution assume that a school or school system knows how to intelligently offer sports? If schools do this for the first time, and are inexperienced at offering sports, what could go wrong?

The “offer” is not definite, but the benefits and harms might be definite.

interscholastic sports
Interscholastic sports

"sports events, competitions, etc. occurring between two or more schools"

interscholastic vs intramural
Interscholastic vs. Intramural

Interscholastic = athletic competition between at least 2 different schools

Intramural = athletic competition within a

single school


supports the resolution

should prove the resolution true/beneficial


against the resolution

proves the resolution false/not beneficial

argues the pro does not support the resolution

skill development
Skill Development


  • Social skills, leadership skills, ability to work with others
  • Seeing many aspects of a big picture at once
  • Strategy, problem-solving skills, endurance, competition
  • Mobility, goal-setting, planning
  • Seeing obstacles as overcome-able
skill development1
Skill Development


  • competition over emphasized leads to lack of development of non-competitive based skills
  • focus shifted away from classes/ studies
  • peer pressure or feeling of anxiety to fit in.. popular v unpopular
health and physical effects
Health and Physical Effects


  • Builds muscle, flexibility, cardio-respiratory function
  • Increases life expectancy
  • Can help prevent colon cancer, breast cancer
  • Reduces inactivity and related disease risk
  • Reduces depression
  • Reduces pregnancy rate
health and physical effects1
Health and Physical Effects


  • Dangers and injuries
  • Performance enhancing drugs
  • Spread of disease/sickness
health data
Health Data

Approximately 40% of deaths related to coronary heart disease are related to inadequate physical activity. Physical inactivity can double risk of coronary heart disease – UK’s leading cause of death.

Physical activity helps lower risk of developing (type 2) diabetes. It increases insulin sensitivity as much as 25%, so circulating concentrations of insulin and adrenaline are much lower in a physically active person. It improves blood glucose levels.

The risk of colon cancer is up to 3 times higher for sedentary people than for the most active members of the population.

According to

the British Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology

individual community society
Individual, Community, Society


  • Lower dropout rate→ increase health, decrease crime, increase job placement, money, quality of life...
  • College Scholarships
  • Rule of Law
  • Social Capital
  • Problem-solving skills in a complex world - good for politics, peace, economy, innovation...
individual community society1
Individual, Community, Society


  • divides communities
  • a community’s worth is based on athletic success
  • Effects of playing sports
    • Social skills, leadership skills, work with others
    • Seeing many aspects of a big picture at once
    • being able to live with a combination of good and bad outcomes, still endure, striving for better outcomes
    • Unhealthy side of competition

  • differences for boys and girls
  • difference between athletes and non-athletes
  • enforcing stereotypes
  • reliability
economic issues
Economic Issues


  • can bring in money to the school
  • reduced health and hospital costs, due to less overweight and unhealthy people
  • less sick days at work, more productive workforce
  • skills on the job, making our workforce more valuable, productive, resilient, and innovative
economic issues1
Economic Issues


  • can shift money and focus away from academics
  • high insurance costs and litigious society
  • create imbalance and conflict within a school
  • economic disparity can discourage some kids/schools
  • Could take years to perfect a profitable system… so it could be that the costs are now and the benefits are later

What is a resolution

Key terms

Pro & Con

Benefits & harms