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Team Offset Locker. By: Isaac Arellano Dylan Conter Marco Pando 8 Slides. Locker Organizer Design Brief . Client: School Principle Target Consumer: LCHS Students Designer: Engineers from Team Offset

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Team offset locker

Team Offset Locker

By: Isaac Arellano

Dylan Conter

Marco Pando

8 Slides

Locker organizer design brief
Locker Organizer Design Brief

Client: School Principle

Target Consumer: LCHS Students

Designer: EngineersfromTeam Offset

Problem Statement: School Lockers are always a mess. Students can never find a pen, pencil, or calculator, and their homework is always getting lost. Some students find valuable objects such as Homework crushed from not enough space available.

Design Statement: This is a Las Cruces High School locker organization system that will contain the items used and kept for school.

Constraints: Easy to install, always available, spacey, clutter less, easy to use, and very well organized design structure.


  • April 25- Have completed all parts on inventor, and have to be ready to assemble.

  • April30-Have completed all sketches, and assemble product.

  • May 4: Have completed the POWERPOINT, ready for presentation.

  • May 8- Have EVERYTHING ready and review everything for last minute changes and/or upgrades. Make sure everything is ready.

  • May 9- Present the project.

Idw exploded
IDW Exploded


  • This Locker Base consists of many different features, including the following:

  • Removable Shelf

  • 3 Different Compartments

  • Book Shelf

  • Cup Holder

  • Clothing Frame (Pole)



Dimensions are:

1ft x 10in x 2ft-10in


Dimensions are:

9.5in x 11.5in x 0.25in



Dimensions are

1ft x 10in x 2ft-10in

Please note that the sketches are just ideas and are not exactly what the Final product will appear as.

Team norms
Team Norms

  • Process for making design decisions

  • Design decisions will be made by the one

  • making the locker and any ideas are open to

  • suggestion.

  • Process for dealing with differences of opinion and conflict

  • The majority of a vote will rule if it comes

  • to this option

Code of Conduct

Be on time with due dates.

Respect everyone.

No Foul language

Discuss all of your plans. The more the better.

Do not laugh.

Always stay in contact with group members.

Do not laugh at other peoples’ ideas.

Standard communication method's

Please leave ways that we can contact each other:




Yahoo Messenger


File management structure

All Files will be kept in Team’s Page

File revision management

All Files will be kept in Team’s Download Center

and kept on an H drive in case of loss or any accident

T h e e n d

  • Created By:

  • Isaac A.

  • Dylan C.

  • Marco P.