what is bullying n.
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What is BULLYING?. N n. What is cyberbullying ?. Examples of cyberbullying ?. Why is cyberbullying so dangerous?. If you are being cyberbullied . Don’t reply to any nasty messages you receive in order to defend yourself or retaliate. This can encourage the bullies

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What is



This can encourage the bullies

It ensnares you in a vicious cycle of tit for tat

It can spiral out of control

It may end up upsetting you more.


If you are being bullied on a social network, delete your profile, make it temporarily inactive or stop using it.


Keep a copy of any abusive texts, emails, comments or messages that you get.

Record the date and time they were sent.


With online bullying

there is always a trail.

Keeping records is essential when it comes to reporting the bullying & identifying the guilty party/parties.


Speak up!

No one has the right to bully you or make you feel bad. If you are being bullied, don't put up with it.

Tell someone about it.

you can speak to
You can speak to:

Your parent/guardian

Your friend(s)

Your tutor

A Year Head (Mrs Crummey/MsMcIntyre)

A teacher you get on well with

Your 6th year buddy

The school nurse (Mrs McTernan)

The school chaplain (Fr Larry)

Any member of staff


Never allow yourself to be bullied.

Never allow yourself to be made a victim.

Accept no one else’s definition of you : Define yourself!


Speak up!

Tell someone!

A bystander = a passive bully

If you’re not against the bully, you’re with the bully. You decide.


Don’t write

Don’t forward

Don’t like


Just think:

It could be you next!


Don’t deliver the bully’s message on for them by continuously telling a friend to read what has been said about them on a social networking site.

You’re playing into the bully’s hands.

You’re perpetuating the cycle of bullying.


Feelings of sadness,

stress & desperation...


Feelings of

depression & isolation


Being (cyber)bullied affects everything:

Your outlook on life & your studies

Your experience of school & sports

Your relationships in and out of school

Your own headspace