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Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night Ms. Buckle Mrs. Hawthorne Mrs. Kann Ms. Leeper - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to 3rd Grade Curriculum Night Ms. Buckle Mrs. Hawthorne Mrs. Kann Ms. Leeper Mrs. Thompson. If you have any questions, write them on an index card and leave it on the desk. Thank you for making your child's education a priority. Parent Involvement.

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Welcome to 3rd Grade

Curriculum Night

Ms. Buckle

Mrs. Hawthorne

Mrs. Kann

Ms. Leeper

Mrs. Thompson

  • If you have any questions, write them on an index card and leave it on the desk.

Thank you for making your child's education a priority.

Parent Involvement

  • Review your child’s homework and test results

  • Support and reinforce your child’s good study habits

  • Become a member of our school’s PTSO or Site Council

  • Volunteer in the classroom, chaperone a field trip, assist with a special project or at a special event

  • Attend parent gatherings, meetings, and trainings

  • Give input at appropriate times

  • Come to school activities and special events

United Effort

In order for our children to be truly successful

academically and socially, we need to work together .

Third Grade Math

Kelly Herrmann

Math Coach

Tues., Fri., every other Wed.


Brisas math philosophy
Brisas Math Philosophy…

“The essence of mathematics is not to make simple things complicated, but to make complicated things simple!”

Mathematical skills used as tools to solve meaningful problems

Flexible thinking and multiple strategies are encouraged

Talk, represent, and write about math

Work in pairs, individually, and/or groups

Computers, calculators, cubes, dice, rulers, number cards, pattern blocks, tiles, paper, pencil

Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley (SFAW)/ Investigations

Common Core/2010 Arizona State Math Standards

Problem solving
Problem Solving

Embedded in everything we do in our classrooms

Solve, create and write expressions and equations to represent the problem and how they solved the problem

Communicate their problem solving and their strategies

Problem solving assessed on a monthly basis

3rd grade computation
3rd Grade Computation

Focus on mastery of multiplying and dividingnumbers from 0 through 10

6 x 4 = ? (x means “groups of”)

*(direct modeling) **** **** **** **** **** ****

*4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 24 (repeated addition)

* 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 (skip counting)

* 6 x 2 = 12 and so 12 + 12= 24 or 5 x 4 = 20 and if I add 1 more 4, that’s 24 (derived facts)

*6 x 4 = 24 (fluent, efficient, accurate)

3rd Grade Computation

Addition and subtraction of multi-digit numbers up to four digit numbers using multiple strategies should be mastered

1,234 1,000+5,000= 6,000

+5,678200+600= 800

  • 1 1 30+70= 100

    1,234 4+8= 12

    +5,678 6, 912


    (algorithm with understanding)

3rd Grade Computation

Focus on understanding of fractions and fraction equivalence.

*Benchmark fractions- ⅓, ⅕, ⅙ ,⅔, ¾, ½

(pizzas, pies, candy bars, pattern blocks)

*Fair Shares-

“Amy has 12 pencils. She is going to share the pencils fairly among 3 people. What fraction of the pencils will each person get?”

*Fraction of a set-


Focus on mastery of solving one step equations using addition and multiplication.

ex: Joey had 26 papers in his desk. His teacher gave him some more and now he has 100. How many papers did his teacher give him?

26 + n = 100

Focuses on understanding and application of place value. 1, 345 (1,000+ 300+40+5)

*models, pictures, symbols, spoken and written words, and expanded notation.

Parent Tips…

Mon., Sept.12 6:30-7:30 pm- Parent Math Night!!

Believe that your child can successfully learn mathematics

Expect your child to work hard to learn mathematics

Have your child explain the problem and his thinking out loud and show all work

Practice basic multiplication and division facts

Help your child connect math with daily life and point out your own activities that involve math

Keep open communication between school and home

Literacy CoachKaren Montgomery

  • DIBELS Next

  • Literacy at Home

Fall FundraiserRead-a-thon

  • Starts Friday, August 26th and ends Monday, September 12th.

  • No gift wrap, candy or other product sales.

  • Information packets will be distributed Friday, August 19th.

  • Great incentives and prizes for students.

  • The goal is to fundraise AND increase the love of reading in students.

  • There is no minimum amount required to participate.

  • 100% of all money collected goes directly

  • to help Brisas.

Class guidelines
Class Guidelines

Life Long Guidelines

  • Truthfulness

  • Friendship

  • Cooperation

  • Caring

  • Effort

  • Organization

  • Patience

  • Common Sense

  • Pride

  • Trustworthiness

  • Active Listening

  • Respect


  • Report Cards - October, January, March and May

  • Student Led Conferences - November and March

  • Additional Emails, Phone Calls, Notes and Meetings as required

  • Don’t hesitate to contact your child’s teacher via email.

Six traits of writing
Six Traits of Writing

  • Ideas - the focus of the piece

  • Organization - grouping of ideas and details

  • Sentence Fluency - multiple sentences of varied beginnings and length

  • Word Choice - energized verbs and precise words

  • Voice - emotions or personality in the piece

  • Conventions - spelling, punctuation, capitalization

Social studies
Social Studies

History/Economics -

  • Communities Around Us

  • Geography

  • American History

  • World History

  • Economics

  • Civics/Government

    Geography -

  • Interpret maps and other geographic tools

  • Landforms


  • This is the seventh year that 3rd Grade at Brisas is joining KTTP (Kyrene Teaches with Technology Programs)

  • 5 wireless laptops for small group projects in the classroom

  • Promixa and Document Camera for class viewing things together

  • Smart Board to enhance classroom learning and student involvement

  • Programs such as “Typing Adventure”, Word, Excel,

    Publisher, and PowerPoint, Pixie


  • Health promotion and disease prevention (good health habits)

  • Ability to access accurate health information (emergency agencies, 911, schools, poison control

  • Identify hazards found at home, school and in the community

  • Recognize negative and positive behavior

  • Analyze the influence of culture, media, and technology and other factors on health


  • Inquiry, observe, predict, measure, etc.

  • History of Science - individual and cultural contributions

  • Rocks, erosion, and weathering

  • Animal characteristics/habitat

  • Sound and Light

  • Life cycles of plants and animals

Youth exemplifying leadership principles yelp
Youth Exemplifying Leadership Principles ( YELP)

  • Designed to help students be effective leaders or positive influencers.

  • Curriculum includes:

    • Self-awareness

    • Self-management

    • Relationship management

  • Goal: Empower students to take an ownership role in their lives, both personally and academically

Arizona education tax credit
Arizona Education Tax Credit

  • Third graders go on many

    enriching experiences, (i.e.,

    The Phoenix Zoo, Botanical

    Garden, etc.)

  • Chandler Historical Museum

  • IMAX

  • I encourage you and your family members in Arizona to use the tax credit donation.

  • You can ear mark where you want the money spent.

  • Field trips are in HIGH need. District pays 0%, PTSO generously pays for 1/2 bus, for 1 trip.

Thank you for coming
Thank You For Coming

Your commitment is essential!

Thank you for your continued efforts in

your child’s education!