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fergie fergie opens u opens up about her meth n.
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Fergie Opens up About Her Meth-Induced Hallucinations PowerPoint Presentation
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Fergie Opens up About Her Meth-Induced Hallucinations

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Fergie Opens up About Her Meth-Induced Hallucinations
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Fergie Opens up About Her Meth-Induced Hallucinations

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  1. Fergie Fergie Opens u Opens up About Her Meth p About Her Meth- -Induced Hallucinations Induced Hallucinations Shopping for labels, shopping for love Manolo and Louis, it’s all I’m thinking of I already know what my addiction is I be looking for labels, I ain’t looking for love What I know is that I’m always happy when I walk out the store, store. These are the lines from American singer, Stacey Ann Ferguson aka Fergie’s chartbuster “Labels or Love.”It’s hard to believe that the woman who sang this song with gay abandon once struggled with crystal meth addiction. In her early days as a struggler, prior to joining the Black Eyed Peas, Fergie was hooked on crystal meth. The substance induced hallucinations that led her to believe that she was being chased by the agencies like the CIA, SWAT and the FBI. The paranoia led her to paint her windows black in an attempt to dissuade the agencies. [suffering chemically-induced psychosis and dementia. I was hallucinating on a daily basis. It took a year after getting off that drug for the chemicals in my brain to settle so that I stopped seeing things. I’d just be sitting there, seeing a random bee or bunny,” the 42-year-old mother of one confessed in an interview with iNews. meth-induced “I was from] Eventually, she found solace in a church, possibly because of her Catholic upbringing, and freed herself from the addiction. She has remained sober ever since. Fergie shared that it is important to dig deeper into drug addiction and analyze why it started. She cited her reasons as being too young and having learnt the art of masking her emotions. She compared quitting her addiction to breaking up from the hardest boyfriend. www.sovfl.com

  2. Fergie admitted that doing drugs was “lot of fun... until it wasn’t.”She’s glad that it happened to her as it gave her the strength and hope for a new beginning. She recently released her solo album Double Dutches after a decade and is busy in a lot more things. Meth addiction is dangerous Crystal methamphetamine or meth is one of the forms of methamphetamine. It is also known as ice, glass, speed, chalk and crank. Usually abused as a recreational drug, it can be smoked, snorted or injected and can even be taken orally. It has a strong abuse potential as it produces a false sense of euphoria, energy and confidence in the user. Crystal meth is the most widely abused drug in rave parties. Due to the heavy rush of dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain, it can cause addiction soon. However, it has severe side effects on a person’s psychological and physical health. Meth abuse can lead to anxiety, confusion, sleep disorders, aggression, psychotic behavior and memory loss. A person may become paranoid imagining unreal things and indulge in risky behavior like unsafe sex. Road to recovery Methamphetamine addiction has the potential of causing irreversible changes in the brain chemistry. It damages the prefrontal cortex region, which is associated with higher level cognitive and executive functions, like planning, inhibition, memory, multitasking, working memory and attention. These brain changes make it almost impossible for a person to quit the usage. Due to its quick tolerance levels and high euphoric effects, methamphetamine addiction treatment necessitates therapy sessions and a thorough detoxification process. Methamphetamine detox is helpful in flushing the hazardous substance out of the body and managing the acute withdrawal symptoms. On the other hand, psychotherapies address the root cause of addiction and impart necessary life skills. Sovereign Health of Florida offers comprehensive treatment programs for various addictions, mental health disorders as well as dual diagnosis. In addition to traditional therapies, both our Fort Myers and Pompano Beach facilities in Florida include experiential therapies like yoga, meditation and music therapy in the treatment programs. For more information on our meth addiction treatment at Fort Myers, call our 24/7 helpline (866) 217-5527 and speak to one of our admission specialists. www.sovfl.com