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Zero Touch Provisioning

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Zero Touch Provisioning - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Every Bit IP ™. Zero Touch Provisioning. 1. Agenda. Overview of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) ZTP in PANS Issues with ZTP in BAN Possible ZTP solutions for BAN Deployment Example. What is Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP). Theory Automated subscriber and service provisioning system (SSPS)

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Zero Touch Provisioning

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    1. Every Bit IP™ Zero Touch Provisioning 1

    2. Agenda • Overview of Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) • ZTP in PANS • Issues with ZTP in BAN • Possible ZTP solutions for BAN • Deployment Example

    3. What is Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) Theory • Automated subscriber and service provisioning system (SSPS) • Subscribers and services are created with the bare minimum human intervention Practice • Largely automated SSPS with human intervention required • Full automation is can be • Uneconomical • Insecure

    4. ZTP in Dial-Up over Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) • ZTP for Dial-Up access has existed for a number of years • Pre-paid • Subscription • It is rather easy to implement as there is no requirement to configure NEs Credit Check Subscription Web Billing System RADIUS

    5. Issues with ZTP on DSL (PANS) • Subscriber line patching and qualification between MDF and DSLAM is largely a manual process • DSLAM and ATM (if present) may need to be provisioned for each subscriber • Subscriber self installation not always successful • Truck rolls are a necessity for installations where • New copper runs are required • POTS splitter installation • CPE installation failure

    6. Implementing ZTP on BAN OSS Subscription L2 NMS • Receive subscription • Enable layer 1/2 access • Enable layer 3 service • Gather accounting data • Monitor and bill service L1 NMS Service Activation Server RADIUS ATMTDM IP Core ATMTDM IP Edge

    7. Opportunities in BAN • Ability to provide more than 1 service • Opportunity to up sell additional services • Broader revenue streams • Examples: • 128 / 256 / 512 / 1024 kbps Internet services • Multimedia on Demand • Application on Demand • VoIP, Video conferencing • Captive Portal • Flexible and open service activation interface

    8. Opportunities in BAN (2) Multi Service offering Over Broadband Access Networks LeaseLines Dial Up

    9. Service Activation Interfaces • 1st Generation • Single service • Activated during subscription • 2nd Generation • Multiple services but only 1 available at any one time (OR model) • Activated during log on • 3rd Generation • Multiple services, any available at any time (AND / OR model) • Activated any time

    10. Putting it Together: Overview Order CustomerOrders Web OSS ordering system Provisioning Workflow LDAP CPE delivery Truck Roll L1/L2 SMS/NMS Edge Router Billing System

    11. Putting it Together: Network Configuration

    12. Service Subscription User Registration Service Definition MetaDirectory Putting it Together: Service Configuration 3rd Generation HTML based Service Activation Interface LDAP LDAP L D A P RADIUS Accounting OSS COPS RADIUS Server Usage Records Billing System RADIUS

    13. Service Subscription User Registration Service Definition Usage Rating Billing MetaDirectory Putting it Together: Accounting and Billing RADIUS Server Usage Records Rated Records Subscriber Data Bill

    14. Summary • ZTP allow operators to reduce manpower cost in customer acquisitions • ZTP allow operators to easily roll out multiple services over a single Broadband Access Network • 3rd Generation Subscriber Service Activation Interface allows zero touch provisioning and activation • Advantage for operator: • More services - broader revenue base • ZTP – faster service rollout and customer commissioning • Advantage for subscribers: • Choice of services and when they want it

    15. Every Bit IP Thank You 15