thesis preparation ooss object oriented software systems n.
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Thesis Preparation OOSS: Object-Oriented Software Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Thesis Preparation OOSS: Object-Oriented Software Systems

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Thesis Preparation OOSS: Object-Oriented Software Systems - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Thesis Preparation OOSS: Object-Oriented Software Systems. Henrik Bærbak Christensen DAIMI. The Map is Redrawn. If the map does not fit the ground... then it is the map that is wrong... (some people try hard to make the world fit the(ir) map ). The Map is Redrawn.

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Thesis Preparation OOSS: Object-Oriented Software Systems

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the map is redrawn
The Map is Redrawn...
  • If the map does not fit the ground...
  • then it is the map that is wrong...
    • (some people try hard to make the world fit the(ir) map )
the map is redrawn1
The Map is Redrawn...
  • The OOSS group has recently split into two:
    • Erik Ernst and Klaus Ostermann have decided to join the Programming Language group (MIS, AM,...)
    • Over the years Erik’s focus has moved from language implementation towards theory
  • Thus the group’s overall profile has changed...
the front row of people
The Front Row of People

Klaus Marius Hansen

Software architecture,

Distributed systems, Pervasive Computing

Henrik Bærbak Christensen

Software architecture,

Research in teaching

Ole Lehrmann Madsen

Alexandra Institute

Erik Ernst

the ooss group
The OOSS Group
  • Object-Oriented Software Systems
    • (Object technology)
    • Software architecture
    • Research in Teaching
  • Central characteristics
    • Experimental research approach
  • Research group
    • 1 professor, 2 associate professors, post docs, academic researchers, PhD students, and many people that are simply associated 
software architecture
Software Architecture
  • Conceptual
    • Architectures for computing paradigms
    • Techniques for architectural design and evaluation
  • Application
    • Architectural prototyping
    • Architecture development and analysis
    • Empirical evidence, ethnographical studies
    • Practice: Prof of concept, tools,
  • Research focus:
    • Software architectures for distributed (pervasive) computing
    • Variability management/frameworks/product lines/reuse
    • Industrial practice
research in teaching
Research in Teaching
  • Conceptual
    • Learning models in computer science
  • Application
    • Curriculum design
    • Empirical evidence
    • Practice
  • Research focus
    • Introductory programming
    • Software architecture
    • Example/book classifications (”good/bad”)
    • Tools
  • Research
    • Basic research
    • Collaboration projects with industry: ISIS Katrinebjerg
    • EU: PalCom (IP), eu-DOMAIN (STREP), HYDRA (IP)‏
  • Education
    • University of Aarhus courses: Programming, software architecture, pervasive computing, distributed systems, software engineering
    • Part-time education: Master and Diploma
    • Short courses: Danish Technological Institute/Alexandra
  • Dissemination
    • Research papers
    • Workshops
    • Consulting partly through the Alexandra Institute
    • Collaboration projects with Danish Industry

Erik Ernst

project participation
Project Participation
  • … is extremely high!
master s thesis
Master’s Thesis
  • ”So – where do I fit in?”
  • Project types:
    • Study an aspect in an on-going research project
    • Define own project within our expertise
  • Mentality: what do you consider fun?
    • Literature perspective?
    • Field study perspective?
    • Coding perspective?
  • Recent theses
    • Comparison of Automated Test Data Generation Methods (Artur Michal Gadomski)
    • Arguing Safety for Pervasive Computing Scenarios - A Study of Modular Safety (Michael Petersen)
    • A prototype for Socket Simulation (Carsten Holmvig Pedersen)
    • Runtime Monitoring of Architectural Qualities (Svend Rostgaard Thielsen)
    • Software Architecture Conformance Checking at Development Time (Jing Sun)
    • FrameWork for Boardgames (Søren Olesen)
    • Frob - A Programming Language for Multimedie Applications (Bo Vium Thomsen)
    • First-Class Service Composition and Coordination in Pervasive Computing (Kjær og Nielsen)
some thesis topics
Some Thesis Topics
  • Architectural conformance checking
  • Debugging as a Process
  • Framework for distributed multi-player games
  • Self-configuring/repairing/healing architectures
  • Testing pervasive computing systems
  • Architectures for Multicore systems
    • Attend the Q2 study group on multicore systems
      • PlayStation 3: 1 PPE + 8 SPE
    • lab with development environment

Erik Ernst