logistics grant and fundraising seminars n.
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Logistics, Grant, and Fundraising Seminars PowerPoint Presentation
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Logistics, Grant, and Fundraising Seminars

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Logistics, Grant, and Fundraising Seminars - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Logistics, Grant, and Fundraising Seminars. Matter closed. WELCOME. LOGISTICS 101 2014 New York Wing Conference. CAP’s and NEW YORK WING’s FUTURE IS NOW and WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT!. We cannot change the direction of the wind, but we can adjust our sail !.

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Logistics, Grant, and Fundraising Seminars

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2014 New York Wing Conference

your wing logistics staff
Your Wing Logistics Staff
  • Director (LG): Lt Col E.V. “Terry” Le Feber
  • Supply Officer (LGS) Lt Col Anita Martin
  • Transportation Officer (LGT) MAJ Bruce Hutchinson
  • Maintenance Officer (LGM) Lt Col James Pierson *
  • Real Property Officer (LGRPO) Lt Col Carl Anthony

* Is Dual-hatted as Aircraft Maintenance and COV Maintenance Officer

special note
Special Note
  • There is only one Director of Logistics per wing
  • There is only one Logistics Officer per group
  • There is only one Logistics Officer per squadron

NOTE: A squadron logistics officer is responsible for all

logistics functions. With inventories so small, a supply officer

is seldom, if ever, necessary. Logistics officer’s title includes supply

and transportation. Therefore, Logistics will not double billet as supply

and/or transportation officer.

Transportation Officers are authorized only for units that have

COV assigned.

logistic services
Logistic Services
  • Supply and Equipment Management
  • Property (Real Estate) Management
  • Contract and Insurance Administration
  • Corporate Owned Vehicle Management
  • Corporate Owned Aircraft Management
  • Grant Acquisition Compliance and Purchasing
  • Training of subordinate Logistic Personnel
  • Coordinates wing needs with National Logistics Director
governing directives
Governing Directives
  • CAPR 20-1
  • CAPR 66-1
  • CAPR 70-1
  • CAPR 77-1
  • CAPR 173-4
  • CAPR 174-1
  • CAPR 900-5
  • CAPP 206
mandatory inspections
Mandatory Inspections*
  • Squadron Unit Inspections (SUI) are scheduled at Wing and Group level
  • Annual NELR/LG Audit of Wing Logistics and selected units
  • SAV (Staff Assisted Visit) by NER and NELR Staff every 48 months
  • CI (Compliance Inspection) for Wing HQ by National Inspection Team every 48 months
  • WFA (Wing Financial Audits) which includes newly added assets

* Includes all assets: Supply, Communications, Vehicles, Aircraft, and records.

logistics can be fun

Once you learn the rules and cut through the BS!

your tools
  • Your computer
  • Your Printer
  • Your Telephone
  • Your Email Account
  • Your e-services and ORMS Account
  • Your Wing Logistic Staff
  • CAPR 174-1 is the governing regulation for all logistics/property management.
  • CAPR 77-1 is governing regulations for all COV operations.

Each NYWG COV has a White Binder with all governing

directives, list of radio call signs, Wright Express Credit Card

with Instructions, and other information.

Each COV operator is to be familiar with the binder’s content

and must possess current CAP Driver Privileges listed in OP

QUALS on CAPF 101.

logistic rules to live by
Logistic Rules(To Live By)

When in doubt:

a. Consult applicable CAPRs

b. Consult your LGO at the next level

c. Never make an entry in ORMS unless

you are certain

  • 14 Aircraft
  • 21 COV (Corporate Owned Vehicle)
  • 2 Trailers
  • 150 Computers
  • 804 Pieces of COMGEAR
  • 544 Pieces of general equipment
  • 244 Cots
a few items of concern
A Few Items of Concern
  • COV may not leave the wing without written consent of the wing commander and copies to LG and LGT
  • Once an item is logged as UNSERVICABLE in ORMS, unit must initiate Retirement Process
  • COV End of Month Usage Report due NLT 5th of the next month
  • Change Over Inventory must be completed within 30 days of assignment of new or LG
  • Every LG, Supply, and LGT must complete CAPP 206T

There is no such thing as a