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Houston; Then and Now PowerPoint Presentation
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Houston; Then and Now

Houston; Then and Now

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Houston; Then and Now

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  1. Houston; Then and Now What: What are the characteristics of settlements?Why: To understand the positive physical features that result in the development of human settlements (including Houston)

  2. Aims: • To understand the decisions behind the site of settlements. • To understand the meaning of the terms situation and function. • To determine the settlement site, situation and function of Houston. • To understand how and why Houston was established and how it has grown over-time.

  3. What is a settlement? A settlement is a place where people live.

  4. It is sometimes difficult to say if a place is a settlement. They can be temporary where people move from place to place or permanent when people stay in one place.

  5. Key words: • SITE: the ground on which the settlement stands, described in terms of its physical characteristics. • SITUATION: the location of the settlement relative to its surroundings, described in relation to other settlements, rivers, transport lines etc.

  6. What makes a good site to situate a settlement? The ideal site ….

  7. Some ideas Highland areas for a defensive site/sparser vegetation more easily cleared. Dry sites to prevent flooding Lowland valleys as they are sheltered, with good soils and a water supply. Near rivers for a water supply. River crossings e.g. a ford and river estuaries for trade purposes.

  8. Task 2: Group work task • 10-15 minutes • Divide into groups of 6 • Each person should take on the role of one character from the next slide • Each person should decide which of the 3 sites on slide 13 would be best for your character. • As a group select a site and produce a mini speech to explain why that site meets to needs of the people who will use it.

  9. 2 Where is the best site for your settlement? 1 3 3

  10. Why were the following sites chosen to locate a settlement?

  11. A

  12. B

  13. C

  14. D

  15. E

  16. F

  17. G

  18. Why was Houston chosen as a site for a settlement? What are your ideas about this?

  19. Houston’s site • Using the information we have learnt about the site of a settlement decide why Houston was chosen as a site for a settlement. • Some further research would also help with accuracy on this – here are a couple of useful sites: • • Task 3: PAIR WORK/INDIVIDUAL TASK Use google maps or google earth to produce a series of annotated maps/satellite images of the Houston area to show why the site was chosen for a settlement (one of my examples is on the next slide). • REMEMBER THAT SITE FEATURES SHOULD ONLY BASED ON THE NATURAL LANDSCAPE.

  20. Houston’s Site Houston was founded by the Allan brothers in 1836 at the meeting point (confluence) of White Oak Bayou and Buffalo Bayou. The reason this physical site feature was desirable was that it provided a turning basin for ships and so allowed trade to develop.

  21. Situation • SITUATION: the location of the settlement relative to its surroundings, described in relation to other settlements, rivers, transport lines etc. • Task 4: Produce an annotated map to show Houston’s situation.

  22. Houston’s growth and development over-time • Find out about Houston’s growth and development over-time by using websites such as: • Task 5: Produce a timeline, including at least 10 key dates, to explain how and why the city has over-time. Think about population growth, deveopment of industries, notable people, investment, government policies etc • You may decide how you would like to produce/present your timeline.

  23. Settlement Function • Settlement function means the main purposes/uses of a settlement e.g. port, industrial, residential, tourism etc. • Settlement function may change over-time. • Task: Use your timeline to explain how Houston’s functions have changed over-time.