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GTR Airport

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GTR Airport. Flight Line Drivers Training. Why Drivers Training?. Required by regulations Enhances safety Avoids accidents. Operating on the Flight Line. Get familiar with your airport Stay alert to your surroundings Think before you act!. GTR Airport. 6497’ x 150’ runway ATC Tower

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GTR Airport

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gtr airport

GTR Airport

Flight Line Drivers Training

why drivers training
Why Drivers Training?
  • Required by regulations
  • Enhances safety
  • Avoids accidents
operating on the flight line
Operating on the Flight Line
  • Get familiar with your airport
  • Stay alert to your surroundings
  • Think before you act!
gtr airport4
GTR Airport
  • 6497’ x 150’ runway
  • ATC Tower
  • Commercial Air Service
  • General Aviation traffic
the airport operations area aoa
The Airport Operations Area (AOA)
  • Includes ramps, taxiways, runway, and roadways
  • Specific driving procedures are required
  • Know the procedures before you go
  • No room for error

Everything inside the gates!!

driving on the aoa
Driving On the AOA
  • Safety Concerns
    • Maintain a safe distance from parked aircraft
    • Watch for flashing beacons on planes—it means they are about to move
    • Jet blast can reach back several hundred yards
driving on the aoa7
Driving On the AOA
  • Assume pilots cannot see your vehicle
  • Aircraft always have the right of way
fod prevention
FOD Prevention
  • FOD control is everyone’s responsibility
  • FOD can be brought on the flightline by vehicles, aircraft, or wind
  • FOD is extremely dangerous
more about the aoa non movement areas
More About the AOANon-Movement Areas
  • Everything except the taxiways and runways
  • Use caution around all aircraft and equipment
  • Contact with Control Tower not normally required
  • Watch for running engines (flashing beacons)
more about the aoa movement areas
More About the AOAMovement Areas
  • The taxiways and runways at GTRA
  • Marked with a solid line beside a dashed line
  • Must be authorized by Airport Management
  • Permission from Control Tower required (135.375 or FM 3)
    • Must monitor the radio at all times
  • Make sure you understand the instructions you receive
gtr specific information
GTR Specific Information

Movement Area

GTR Movement Area—all taxiways and runway plus helipad

signs and markings
Signs and Markings
  • Know them!
  • GTR has advanced centerline taxiway markings
    • Give warning when approaching the runway hold short marker
  • Do not proceed on the runway without ATC approval
  • Driving on the airport is a critical safety skill
  • Must know all the rules and follow them
  • If in doubt, stop and ask
getting credit
Getting Credit
  • Contact Michelle Parker at 327-4422 x203, or email her at
  • Let her know you finished the course and give her the code word: Marley