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ProJet TM Personal 3D Printers

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ProJet TM Personal 3D Printers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ProJet TM Personal 3D Printers. NYSE: DDD. 3D Printers To Fit Your Personal Needs . Home. Office. Classroom. Studio. Workshop. Lab. BfB Touch. RapMan. Zprinter ® 150/250. ProJet TM 1000/1500. Affordable. Easy to Use. Compact . Quiet. Fast. Versatile. 2. 4.

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ProJetTM Personal 3D Printers


3D Printers To Fit Your Personal Needs
  • Home
  • Office
  • Classroom
  • Studio
  • Workshop
  • Lab
  • BfB Touch
  • RapMan
  • Zprinter® 150/250
  • ProJetTM1000/1500
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Fast
  • Versatile



unleashing your potential

Unleashing Your Potential

Share Creativity

Formulate Solutions

Develop Ideas

projet tm personal 3d printers

ProJetTM Personal 3D Printers

High Resolution Detail, Durable Plastic Parts, Affordably Priced

projet tm personal 3d printers save money

ProJetTM Personal 3D Printers Save Money

Lowest price high resolution 3D printers

Make tough plastic parts “same day” directly from digital data

Faster and cheaper than outsourcing

Iterate more often to compress design time & improve designs

Protect against downstream rework costs

projet tm personal 3d printers2

ProJetTM Personal 3D Printers

ProJetTM 1000

ProJetTM 1500

  • Choose from 6 Vibrant COLORS
  • 28% Larger Net Build Area:
  • 6.75 x 9 x 8 in (171 x 228 x 203 mm)
  • Build Speed:
  • Standard Mode – 0.5 in./hr. (12.7 mm/hr.)
  • High Speed Mode – 0.8 in./hr. (20 mm/hr.)
  • Single Part Color - Ivory
  • Net Build Area:
  • 6.75 x 8 x 7 in (171 x 203 x 178 mm)
  • Build Speed:
  • Standard Mode – 0.5 in./hr. (12.7mm/hr.)
superior projet value

Superior ProJet Value

High Resolution

Fine Detail

Smooth Surfaces

High Accuracy

Color Materials (Projet 1500 only)

Tough Plastic

Lowest Total Ownership Cost in its class

* Turnkey with 12 month warranty

** Includes est. consumables, maintenance

and service for producing same parts

highly detailed precision parts

Highly Detailed Precision Parts

Produces fine details like 3D printers that cost more than 2X the price

Smooth surfaces even on curved features

Feature sizes down to 0.01 inches (0.254 mm)

tough plastic parts

Tough Plastic Parts

Tough testing

Rough handling

Snap fits

End-use parts

Drilling & tapping

made for the office lab classroom garage basement

Made For The Office, Lab, Classroom, Garage, Basement…

Network Ready

Clean operation


Intuitive web browser interface

Remote access and monitoring via internet and email

Fast job set-up frees up your computer

Compact desktop

Quiet performance

Prints without using heat

Standard power

choose your color with projet tm 1500

Choose Your Color With ProJetTM 1500

Expands creative options

Differentiates specific parts for improved communication

Easily change materials in minutes

user convenience

User Convenience

Large viewing window to see part building

Front panel Play/Pause controls & status indicators

Easy side-load for material cartridge

Standard power cord and ethernet cable

durable visijet plastic print materials

Durable VisiJet® Plastic Print Materials

  • Visijet® FTI-Zoom- for high speed and draft capability
  • Visijet® FTI-Ivory- all purpose material
  • Visijet® FTI-Grey- great for showing detail in parts
  • Visijet® FTI-Black- consistent opacity black material
  • Visijet® FTI-Blue- deep blue material for eye catching
  • Models
  • Visijet® FTI-Red- bright red great for detail and surface quality

Note: ProJetTM 1000 uses VisiJet FTI-Ivory Material only

visijet material kits

VisiJet® Material Kits

  • Simple 2.0kg material cartridge(approx. 110 in3 or 1,800 cm3)
  • Replaceable print tray with gasket easily fits into printer
  • Replaceable coater bar snaps in printer
  • Disposable print tray and coater bar assures high quality results and reduced wear components in printer
  • Kit may be stored and reused for material color swapping.
built for easy reliable performance

Built For Easy Reliable Performance

  • Simple mechanical design using few moving parts reduces maintenance
  • Simple quick disconnect build platform for quick & easy removal
  • Parts post processed on build platform for clean, easy finishing
  • Easy to service
  • Easy access for projector bulb and filters replacement and image mirror cleaning
projet parts washer and curing unit

ProJet Parts Washer and Curing Unit

  • ProJet Washing Unit and Curing Unit finishes parts right on the build platform.
  • Quick disconnect build platforms easily removed from printer and inserted into washing tank.
  • Large cleaning tank holds 2 containers of Clean-A-Part lasting up to 10 material kits worth of parts.
projet tm personal 3d printer specifications

ProJetTM Personal 3D Printer Specifications

  • Max Build Size (xyz)
    • ProJetTM 1500: 6.75 x 9 x 8 in (171 x 228 x 203 mm)
    • ProJetTM 1000: 6.75 x 8 x 7 in (171 x 203 x 178 mm)
  • Native Resolution: 768 x 1024 DPI
  • Layer Thickness
    • Standard: 0.004 in. (102µm)
    • Draft (ProJetTM 1500 with VisiJet® FTI-Zoom Material only): 0.006 in. (152µm)
  • Vertical Build Speed
    • Standard: 0.5 in (12.7 mm) per hour
    • Draft (ProJetTM 1500 only): 0.8 in (20 mm) per hour
  • Minimum feature size: 0.010 in. (0.254 mm)
  • Minimum Vertical Wall Thickness: 0.025 in. (0.64 mm)
  • Power Requirements:
    • 100-120 VAC 50/60Hz , 3A
    • 220-240 VAC 50/60Hz, 1.5A
  • File Types Supported: STL, CTL
  • Regulatory Certifications: RoHs, CE, UL 60950 2’nd Ed.
superior resolution superior part qualities

Superior Resolution…Superior Part Qualities



Smooth Surfaces

Sharp Detail


No Z-layer stepping

Rough Surfaces

Distorted or Missing Detail

Not Watertight

Z-layer stepping

projet tm 1500 advantages vs uprint plus

ProJetTM 1500 Advantages vs. uPrint Plus

  • Lower price saves thousands (enough for 2+ years worth of material)
  • Higher resolution = better parts
    • Smooth surfaces
    • Fine detail
  • 26% larger net build volume
  • Up to 5X faster when building multiple or complex parts
  • Comparable material and maintenance costs
  • No excess heat saves electricity; no heat source in the office
  • No heat used in post processing, shorter post processing cycle also saves electricity

Confidential – For Internal Use Only

projet tm 1500 selling points vs uprint

ProJetTM 1500 Selling Points vs. uPrint

  • All same advantages
  • Similar ownership costs
  • PLUS…
  • 6 different material colors
  • vs.
  • uPrint white only
projet tm 1500 advantages vs objet 24

ProJetTM 1500 Advantages vs. Objet 24

  • Lower initial price saves enough to buy 4+ years of material
  • Less than ½ the annual operating cost (materials + service)
  • Bright eye-catching color models vs. single white color
  • Up to 2X faster build speeds
  • Larger build volume (+17.9%)
  • Typically uses less than ½ the material by volume
  • No strong, unpleasant odor like Objet
  • No consumable print heads to purchase and replace saves $ thousands
  • Comes with standard 12 month warranty. In some countries standard Objet warranty is only 3 months.
Thank You NYSE: DDD