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Why Alpha Rain Inc is Different from Other Metal Roofing Company - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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See this Presentation which explains How Alpha Rain, the metal roofing company is different from other companies If you are looking for the Metal roofing installation service for your home in Virginia, then visit Alpha Rain at or call us at 540-222-1642.

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We Specializes in Metal

We have been specializing in metal roofing for over 15 years installing

over 1,000 metal roofs and counting. We meet both new technologies

with old world craftsmanship. This makes our metal roofing elegant and

efficient while maintaining the precise looks of the past.

Our Crew has been with us for over 15 years

We have had the same crew for over 15 years. This is important

because we will give you referrals and the crew that installed those jobs

will be the same crew that will install your metal roof if you use us. Do

you know who is going to install you metal roof from other companies?

Do they even know who would install your metal roof?

We are Contractors not Salesmen

We are owners contractors of Alpha Rain and even though we would love to

sale you the most expensive products we have, that is not our goal or who we

are. We want to show you all the options and talk about the value if any for

each given product. Even if we think you need a certain product but you

choose another direction, we will gladly allow you to make you own decisions.

Our Goal is to show you options and try to explain them in a way that is

understandable, once that happens then we look for your direction

We Provide Lifetime Permanent Roofs

Every day we are removing old tins roofs that were installed in the early

1900s, meaning they are over 100 years old. The roofs we offer today

have 30-35 year paint warranty and are made with rust resistance metal so

even if you choose to not paint once the paint fails in 40 or 50 years the

metal will not rust. We truly have the lifetime roofs that will last more than

just your lifetime but 3 or 4 lifetimes.

America’s 1st Affordable Metal Shingles

No, in fact we are extremely excited to announce that we are the first to offer the

first affordable metal shingle on the market. You might ask what is affordable? Our

Goal is to offer the local customer with options that have long lasting value without

doubling or tripling the cost. We offer a metal shingle that has a 35 warranty on just

the paint that is that is the same installed price as a Dimensional shingle.

1# Rated Patented Ventilation System

(Therma Vent)

You might be thinking that you own attic will not be that, and even if it was

how could a new roof help with ventilation. Even today industry standard

code spec ventilation would only bring those temperatures down to 125-130

degrees which is an extremely low standard. Ventilation system that changes

those 150 degree attics down to 103 degrees in the peak of the attic and

down to the outside air temperature at the base of the attic. This is America’s

most efficient ventilation system to date.

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