west virginia tourism and the economy n.
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West Virginia Tourism and the Economy

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West Virginia Tourism and the Economy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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West Virginia Tourism and the Economy. Ryan Linger. Unit Plan Summary.

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unit plan summary
Unit Plan Summary

Some students may not realize the necessity of tourism in West Virginia, or even that tourism exists within the state. In order to understand the economy of the state, and the factions within, students must research all areas of the state of West Virginia in order to create an interactive web brochure that highlights tourism and its factors within any given region. The students will work collaboratively with several (three to four) other students within their group in order to create the interactive web brochure which will be presented to the entire class.

essential question
Essential Question

Why does West Virginia need tourism?

unit questions
Unit Questions

How does tourism affect the economy of West Virginia?

How do the regions work together (or how do they not work together) in order to sustain business life in the state?

content questions
Content Questions

What physical features are prevalent in the nine tourist regions of the state?

What cities are located in these regions?

Where are the major agricultural, coal, glass, and chemical industries located?


Objective SS.8.G.1 - Label the four major physical geographic regions, major rivers, landforms, natural/manmade borders, points of interest and bordering states on selected maps.

Objective SS.8.G.8 - Identify the nine distinct tourist regions in the state of West Virginia and analyze which geographic factors influence each region.

Objective SS.8.G.2 - Identify the 55 counties and major cities of West Virginia on a map and explain the reason for the development of the major cities in their respective locations.

Objective SS.8.G.5 - Analyze the geographic factors that led to development of agricultural, coal, glass, chemical, metallurgic and tourism industries in West Virginia (e.g., floods and coal mining disasters).


Students will compare and contrast the nine tourist regions of WV and discuss why each region is important to the economy of the state.

Students will collaborate in order to design an interactive web brochure highlighting a distinct tourist region.

Students will gather, analyze, reflect and process information on major cities in WV and their correlation to business, tourism, and economy.

goals for the teacher
Goals for the Teacher

Have students explore interactive tools on the Internet in order to create an interactive web brochure that could highlight their given tourist region.

Have students draw a connection from tourism to local and big businesses within the state of WV.

Interact with the groups as much as possible, and check periodically for questions, concerns, or just general help.

goals for the students
Goals for the Students
  • Create an interactive web brochure to present to the class
  • Collaborate with peers and teacher
  • Use technology and the Internet