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  1. Presentation 7PROJECTION PICTURE

  2. Learning Outcomes By the end of this meeting, expected : • Student can explain regarding kinds of projection picture. • Student can yield projection picture.

  3. Items 1: Projection Technique. • Items 2: Parallel Projection. • Items 3: Oblique Projection. • Items 4: Projection of Orthographic. • Items 5: Plural Projection Cutting. • Items 6: Projection of Aksonographic.

  4. PROJECTION • Referring to duty a master to record size measure and form of object three dimensional surface of drawing paper sheet, hence needed the way of / system which must follow, so that sketch / yielded picture easily can understand. • For all technique picture way of / the system developed same base that is picture by / projection system.

  5. Projection Dot • This dot projection to represent base of congeniality of perspective where all lines meeting each other a dot. • With this congeniality hence object / area / projected line will yield picture which vary the level of cause very depended where projection area / picture put down.

  6. Dot projection / in perspective imprecise / useless as picture reference work because of in perspective cutting not lay open form goodness which by exact. • Usefulness foreshorten this at one particular certain storey;level weared by master in preparation of just antecedent sketch.

  7. Parallel Projection. Same its congeniality with dot projection / in perspective, the difference dot meeting of line reside in [at] place which is not limited (far), so that projection lines ( projector) of meeting dot become parallels is ? named parallel projection.

  8. Oblique Projection. • In this oblique projection, cutting yielded by wearing projection lines ( projector ) parallel which form other angle;corner from 90 degree of with projection area. • Generally one face placed parallel with projection area and projection line taken 45 degree. • This will give visible cutting painting hereunder, this visible cause show next face and one or more than one additional face for object.

  9. In picture showed oblique projection a cube. If angle/corner level of 45 degree, yielded to be picture to be referred projection of cavalier ( Projection Cavalier ) or in general recognized by the name of “ oblique

  10. Projection of Orthographic. • Named projection of orthographic because parallel projection lines altogether vertical and picture area.

  11. Plural cutting projection. • When one of surface of parallel object with picture area, hence yielded picture in form of like surface of object, this projection represent projection of orthographic recognized by the name of plural cutting. • Because yielded picture not lay open thickly [of] object, hence needed one or more than one additional projection to equipping.

  12. Two projection usually have last for elaborating simple object, but for very needed complicated object of addition again three, four or more.

  13. PROJECTION of AXONOMETRIC. • If object turned around and lifted that way aspect so that third oblique surface to projection area, hence yielded picture represent projection type of orthographic special known as projection of axonometric.

  14. Because object can be put down in dimiciling untold to the number of relative to projection area, hence unnumbered cutting can be made, to different each other in comparison generally, its flank length and also in its angle;corner size measure.

  15. Because of is practical, some from possibility domicile this have been classified by so aspect, so that give the division of projection of axonometric which have been recognized, that is: • Isometric projection • Metric projection • Trimetric projection

  16. Theory projection picture of axonometric.

  17. Tinder's at Projection of Axonometric. • Isometric projection

  18. Metric projection • Metric projection represent modified isometric projection form, where high size measure, wide and in altered to give impression of reality. Metric mean two size measure.

  19. Metric Tinder.