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Placement Strategy

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Placement Strategy

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  1. Placement Strategy

  2. Importance of Placement • Placement strategy is one of the most important parts of your business to understand because it can have a huge impact on both you and your coaches’ success. • Team Next Level, as well as the other top teams in Team Beachbody, focus on a Far and Wide Strategy. • Basically, this means your always going to build the outside legs of your coaches.

  3. Example • You just signed up to be a coach and you sign up Jim on your left leg and Jane on your Right. • Let’s say that you have 2 more people ready to sign up. • Now, remember that both Jim and Jane have a right and a left leg. • Since we are incorporating the Far and Wide Strategy, the next coach that we place on the left leg will go on Jim’s left leg, and the next coach we place on the right leg will go on Jane’s right leg. • See next slide for illustration.

  4. LEFT LEG YOU RIGHT LEG Jim Jane A B C D Place new coaches on outside left leg Never Place Coaches Here Place new coaches on outside right leg

  5. Far and Wide Strategy • Incorporating the Far and Wide Strategy means that each Personally Sponsored Coach that you sign up will have a strong outside leg. • If each coach uses the same strategy, you will be able to create a super strong outside leg, which can lead to many volume points on that leg. • Your job is to build your inside leg to cycle and take advantage of all the volume points on your outside leg. • Note: Don’t forget the requirements to move up in rank. • i.e. Diamond- 4 coaches on each leg (8 total coaches) and there has to be an Emerald Coach on each leg.

  6. Preferred Placement • In order to place new coaches in the correct position, you must set your preferred placement. • To set preferred placement, go to your “Previous Office View,” “Geneology,” and then “Preferred Placement.” • Click on “Set Preferred Placement.” • In the “Placement ID” spot, put the Coach ID Number of the person you want to place the new coach under, and then for “Position,” click either right or left. • If you don’t know the Coach ID # of the last person on that leg, go up to “Graphical Genealogy” and then click either “Bottom Right” or “Bottom Left,” depending on which leg you’re placing the new coach on. There, you will see the last coach on that leg with their Coach ID Number. • See next slide.

  7. Coach ID #

  8. Incorrect Placement • If you happen to have a coach sign up suddenly and they are in the wrong position, you have 3 days (72 hours) to contact Coach Relations and change their position. • First, email Coach Relations at and tell them your name and ID #, the name and ID # of the coach that just signed up, the name and ID # of the coach you want to place them under, and then the position (right or left). • You will immediately get back an Incident Number. Once you do, call Coach Relations at 1-800-240-0913, tell them the Incident Number, and ask them to get that taken care of immediately. • After you talk to them, make sure all changes were made correctly.

  9. Diamond Placement Benefits • If you’re a lifetime personally sponsored Diamond Coach of mine, I will reward you for being Diamond by placing coaches on your weak leg, helping you cycle more, and therefore, make more money. • This is the ONLY exception to the Far and Wide strategy, but still works because Diamond coaches have a large team and grow at a fast rate, so the new coach placed under them will still benefit. • Your goal is to get as many Diamonds on your team to become full time coaches as possible, and this strategy allows them to do so quicker than on their own.

  10. Contact Information • If you have any questions about placement strategy, feel free to call or text me at 330-447-0463 or send me an email at