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ISRU. Industrial Statistics Research Unit. I NDUSTRIAL S TATISTICS R ESEARCH U NIT. We are part of Newcastle University, Department of Mechanical, Material and Manufacturing Engineering based in the in the Stephenson Building. WHAT DO ISRU DO?. Mission Statement:

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Industrial Statistics Research Unit

i ndustrial s tatistics r esearch u nit

We are part of Newcastle University, Department of Mechanical, Material and Manufacturing Engineering based in the in the Stephenson Building.

what do isru do

Mission Statement:

"To promote the effective and widespread use of statistical methods throughout European industry and to use the ideas and experience so gained for the benefit of students and the wider academic community."

the work isru does can be broken down into 3 main categories
  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Major Research Projects

All with the common goal of promoting quality improvement by implementing statistical techniques

typical uk or regional projects
Typical UK or Regional projects
  • Assessment of environmental risks in chemical and process industries
  • Introduction of statistical process control (SPC) in micro-electronics company
  • Help to develop a new catheter for open-heart surgery via designed experiments (DoE)
typical uk food projects
Typical UK Food Projects
  • Waffle Manufacturer
  • Bakery - Biscuits
  • Bakery - Shortbread
  • Butter Manufacture
  • Soft-Drinks Bottling Plant
  • Crisp Manufacturer
  • Tea Blender
  • Cheese Maker
typical uk food projects7
Typical UK Food Projects
  • Involved in development of Quorn
  • One other large company -
  • Helped reduce waste on a production line
  • The company changed it’s name
  • Used to be called Rowntrees
some past successes
Some past successes
  • Manufacturing Down-time cut by 40%
  • Production Waste reduced by 50%
  • Lead times reduced from 6 to 3 weeks
  • Stock holding levels halved
  • Material use optimised saving £150k pa
  • Expensive equipment shown to be unnecessary in a new process
other benefits
Other Benefits
  • Better monitoring of processes
  • Better involvement of people
  • Staff morale is raised
  • Waste is reduced
  • Throughput is increased
  • Profits go up
tools of the trade
Tools of the trade
  • Measurement
  • Logical problem solving
  • Data analysis
  • Process capability
  • SPC, TQM, DoE
  • Empowered team formation
  • etc
voice of the customer
“Voice of the Customer”

Concept of assessing customer wishes and giving them what they want

Links suppliers and customers in “supply chain”

Becomes easier to make better products and protects market

experimental design taguchi
  • What can it do for companies?

Minimise cost Maximise output

More information than otherwise

teaching company schemes
Teaching Company Schemes

Key UK Government sponsored Technology Transfer Mechanism

  • Government sponsored up to 70%
  • for graduate on substantial project
  • over 2 years working at the Company
  • with academic supervision from partner University
  • We employ the graduate
isru have had tcs with
ISRU have had TCS with
  • Amersham International
  • Boots
  • Wavin Industrial Products
  • ICI *Quality Award
  • Food for Thought
  • Villa Soft Drinks
  • RR Donnelley
  • Glaxo *Best Practice Award
fatigue crack growth rate in steel rails
Fatigue Crack Growth Rate in Steel Rails

6 Labs mostly major European Steel producers

Two stages - Fractional design - material constraints

New way of determining ‘stages’ of crack growth based upon plots of moving average of MSE through a derived curve

New European Standard

First time that a balanced Factorial array has been embedded in EC research contract?!

transient pressures
Transient Pressures

Safety of water and sewage systems

Pressure Hammer - Dangerous

6 partners - great interest throughout World Large rigs in Italy and Holland - The ‘Watterloop’ - filling in the Zieder - Zee

Petrochemical Industry applications

Safety (risks) Model

Experimental Design - Uncertainty in ‘constants’ largely unknown!

firemen s boots
Firemen’s Boots

Safety Standards for footwear

Many Partners - mostly in Scandinavia

Questionnaire for Firemen

Several experiments now designed

Eventually - Trial of new standards

Side issue - advice on stats aspects other standards - Huge scatter - simple ANOVA can solve - standards need urgent repair

USA standards also have flaws

cis ii

Find the hidden patterns in survey data

75000 responses from round EC

ISRU approach - Screen then Model

Data Mining - The usual suspects - FA / PCA - Regression - C-Correlations - GAs

Much interest in Europe about Innovation

WE may be leading the field in this?

sensory analysis of butter
Sensory Analysis of Butter

First ever international intercomparison on sensory analysis in the Dairy industry

9 Labs throughout Europe e.g. Lurpak - French Food Safety Agency - 11 partners

4 stages - 4 experimental designs

Sampling Protocol -Fractional Factorial

Used DoE - Compared to ANOVA - this is best way see - Avery and Masters 1999

recent projects
Recent Projects

EC 5th Framework - ‘Competitive Growth’ - Water Quality - CRM - Public health office - Microbes - Industrial Experimental Design

EC- Standards Measurement and testing- Sensory Analysis for Food Packaging Materials and Taste taints

EC Standards - Cyclic Oxidisation Testing

recent projects22
Recent Projects

Thematic Network on Industrial Statistics

30 Partners across Europe

To push forward use of statistics in Business and Industry Pro-Enbis

Thematic Net on Water Surges 20 partners to investigate the effects of Waterhammer