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These are Hyperion Docs provided by Amit Sharma

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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controlling access
Controlling Access

Created By : Amit Sharma

Hyperion/OBIEE Trainer


Essbase security filters give you control over security at the most detailed level. Filters let you control access to individual data within a database, by defining what kind of access is allowed to which parts of the database, and to whom these settings apply. Any cells that are not specified in the filter definition inherit the database access level.


Filtering Examples

Simple Example: create filter 'Sample'.'Basic'.' filter1' read on '"New York"';

Member Selection: create filter 'Sample'.'Basic'.'Filter2' read on

'@ICHILDREN ("100")' ;

Multiple Selection :create filter sample.basic.filt1 read on 'Jan, sales', no_access on '@CHILDREN(Qtr2)';

Attribute Members : create or replace filter sample.basic.filt1 read on 'Sales, @ATTRIBUTE(Bottle)';

Compound Filter :create or replace filter 'Sample'.'Basic'.'Filter4'

read on '@IDESCENDANTS ("East"),"100-20“’,

write on '@IDESCENDANTS ("West")';

Definition Specific : create or replace filter sample.basic.filter6 read on 'Jan,Feb sales', no_access on '@CHILDREN(Qtr2)' definition_only;


Shared Services integrates the products to provide these functionalities:

  • User provisioning
  • External authentication definition
  • Task flow management
  • Shared Services Server
  • The Shared Services server components:
  • Databases (relational and OpenLDAP)
  • Web application server
  • User Management Console

Global Roles


The Administrator role provides control over all products that integrate with Shared Services.

Directory Manager

Users who are assigned the Directory Manager role can create and manage users and groups within Native Directory.

Project Manager

Users who are assigned the Project Manager role can create and manage projects within Shared Services.

shared services backup
Shared Services Backup
  • To create a hot backup of OpenLDAP:
  • 1 Ensure that the Shared Services database is in online backup mode
  • 2 Run these commands:
  • Windows: <HSS_HOME>\server\scripts\backup.bat backup_folder_name
  • UNIX: <HSS_HOME>/server/scripts/ backup_folder_name
  • where <HSS_HOME> is the Shared Services installation location and
  • backup_folder_name is the path to the backup folder.
  • Windows example:
  • c:\hyperion\SharedServices\9.3\server\scripts\backup.bat c:\HSS_backup
  • UNIX example:
  • /home/username/Hyperion/SharedServices/9.3/server/scripts/
  • home/username/HSS_backup
  • 3 Optional: Copy the backup folder to a backup device, such as a CD-ROM, alternate disk, or tape.
shared services recovery
Shared Services Recovery
  • For a catastrophic recovery, run these commands:
  • Windows: <HSS_HOME>\server\scripts\recover.bat backup_folder_name
  • catRecovery
  • UNIX: <HSS_HOME>/server/scripts/ backup_folder_name
  • catRecovery
  • where <HSS_HOME> is the Shared Services installation location and
  • backup_folder_name is the path to the backup folder.
  • Windows example:
  • c:\hyperion\SharedServices\9.3\server\scripts\recover.bat c:
  • \HSS_backup catRecovery
  • UNIX example:
  • /home/username/Hyperion/SharedServices/9.3/server/
  • scripts/ catRecovery
  • To ensure that the Shared Services relational and OpenLDAP databases are synchronized, run the Sync Native Directory (OpenLDAP) utility.

Trouble Shooting LDAP Database Recovery

C:\Hyperion\products\Foundation\openLDAP\bdb\bin\db_recover -v -h C:\Hyperion\products\Foundation\openLDAP\var\openldap-data -t 04101200



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