chemicals by african industries group n.
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African Industries Group

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African Industries Group - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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African Industries Group one of the best steel leading company of Nigeria.African Industries manufactured steel, Chemicals,Non ferrous materials and Glass.

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African Industries Group

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    1. Chemicals by African Industries Group

    2. The compound markets in Africa are to a great extent targeted at addressing nearby requirements for concoction feedstocks and intermediates as opposed to being fair orientated. On account of the Mediterranean nations, the nearness to business sectors has led to a more prominent fare center than in different ranges. Petrochemical things, polymers, and manures are the primary results of the African chemicals industry. • The organizations taking an interest in the African chemicals part incorporate private indigenous African organizations, the different state claimed structures, semi-privately owned businesses, multinational substance organization majors, merchants, operators, and wholesalers.

    3. There are various medium estimated private division substance organizations working in Africa. These, for the most part, have a tendency to be territorial or single nation players and on numerous occasions are included in assembling, preparing and promoting. In South Africa, various chemicals organizations assume a prominent part in the Sub-Saharan Africa area. These incorporate the different auxiliaries and joint endeavor organizations of the Sasol, AECI, and Dow-Sentrachem bunches.

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