pricat inbound sap best practices for retail france n.
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PRICAT Inbound SAP Best Practices for Retail ( France ) PowerPoint Presentation
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PRICAT Inbound SAP Best Practices for Retail ( France )

PRICAT Inbound SAP Best Practices for Retail ( France )

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PRICAT Inbound SAP Best Practices for Retail ( France )

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  1. PRICAT InboundSAP Best Practices for Retail(France) SAP Best Practices

  2. Scenario Overview - 1 Purpose and Benefits: • Purpose • In this scenario you transfer pricing and catalog-related data for goods and services from a vendor to a buyer. • Benefits • Efficient merchandise controlwhichfulfillstherequirements of ECR-compliant procurement processes • Simulation of datacomingfromthemanufacturer and processthisdatafurther in theretailer system • Key process flows covered • Simulation of PRICECATALOGUE IDoc inbound processing • InboundProcessing of a Price catalog • Processing of Catalog Items manually / automatically • Creating / Changing of articles

  3. Scenario Overview - 2 SAPApplications Required: • Required • SAP EHP3 for SAP ERP 6.0 • Company roles involved in process flows • Retail Master Data Manager • Manufacturer

  4. Process Flow Diagram Manufacturer Create Pricecatalog - IDoc Simulated Retail Master Data Manager Checking / Changing Catalog Items Posting a Pricat Item Inbound Processing Selecting a Catalog Create / Change Articles Automatic Processing

  5. PRICAT InboundIntroduction BetweenRetailers and Manufacturer of the German textile and apparelindustry, cooperativelyconceptswithintheframework of procurement, marketing and using of information and communication technology aredeveloped. Collaborationconcepts, like Efficient Consumer Response (ECR), earn on importance. Thenewtechnologiesopensmall and middlecomaniesthepossibility to accomplishthestructurechange and also to reinforce  their competitive strength. SAP offers a softwaresolutionwithintheframework of the SAP Best Practices Version, whichreflectsthenewrequirements of ECR conformable procurement processes.

  6. PRICAT InboundIntroduction With SAP softwareyouhavethepossibility to build up themanufacturer and also theretailerside. We will showyouherethe procurement processes on theretailerside. The ECR conformable procurement processes embracetheprice catalog, thebuyermanagedinventory and also thevendormanagedinventory.

  7. Price catalog: PRICAT PRICAT • Is an EANCOM standardmessagetype • Area of master data • Enablespricing and catalog-related data forgoods and services to betransferredfrom a vendor to a buyer • Completelisting of all products • Notification of changes • Information relevant for all customers • Customer-specificinformation • Data supplied to a central article database

  8. BAPI/ALE Price catalog: Supply of a data pool Vendor Retailer Sender Recipient Data Poolf. e. Sinfos Generate of PriceCatalogue Idocs XI XI Inbound processing of PriceCatalogueIdoc Master Data

  9. Price catalog inbound: process flow Simulation of IDoc Inbound processing Display Header Data (catalog) List of article Adopt Profile Process Price catalog manual / automatical Process not existing article data in the Customer system (EAN‘s) / Creating article Process available article data in the customer system (EAN‘s) / Update of article

  10. Price catalog inbound: catalog creation • The catalog is stored on the database as a separate business object PriceCatalogue • EANCOM fields that do not correspond to R/3 fields are transferred to the system • It is possible to select articles to be updated • Transfer can be controlled at field level • If an EAN exists uniquely in the system, article assignment is carried out • If errors occur, an application log containing all messages is created (transaction PRICATLOG)

  11. Price catalog inbound: preparation • Preparation before catalog transfer • Assignment of ILN to SAP vendor, purchasing group • Assignment of merchandise categories to SAP merchandise categories (for each ILN) • Assignment of SAP merchandise categories to purchasing groups • Workflow preparation • Assignment of buyers (SAP users) to organizational units, to which the relevant purchasing groups are assigned (transaction PFOM)

  12. Price catalog inbound: accessing catalog maintenance Header data • Set catalog status • After processing, the catalog statusis automatically set to 'processed' • Catalog statuscanbe manually set to 'closed' • Set test indicator • Ifyouwant to processthe catalog youhave to enteralwaysthepurchasinggroup • Price catalog couldbeprocessed manually or automatically

  13. Price catalog inbound: accessing catalog maintenance List of article • In the list of article you will find nowthe article (items) of thenewprice catalog • Items aredistributedamongseveralviewsaccording to theirstatus • New itemshave no entra in thefield ‚article‘ and youcan find thisitems in tabstrip ‚to beprocessed‘, ‚to beprocessed (article cannotbeassigned)‘ and ‚all entries‘

  14. Price catalog inbound: assignment of EAN to an article • The assignment of EAN to an article occurs automatically when a catalog is created (unique EAN) • Manually in catalog maintenance • Assigned article is stored in price catalog • Can be entered at a later date • If the EAN is not unique, all possible EANs are displayed • For assignment, articles are also displayed with the vendor article number from the catalog • New articles need template articles (proposed from the merchandise category)

  15. Price catalog inbound: transferring catalog data to article data Adoptprofile • Thetransfer of catalog data to article data couldbedonewith an adoptprofile • Theadoptprofileenablesthesimultaneousdisplay of catalog data and article data (or in thecase of new data, thetemplate article) • Required data mustbeexplicitlytransferredfromthe catalog to the article side, either manually orbyusing a transferprofile • Adoptprofilescouldbestored and usedagain • The article fieldscanbeedited

  16. Price catalog inbound: assignment of EAN to unit of measure • Automatically • By mapping the EANCOM packaging type to alternative unit of measure in the converter • During R/3-R/3 data interchange • Manually in catalog maintenance • Can be changed at a later date • New units of measure must be explicitly transferred • It is possible to transfer all units of measure from the catalog

  17. Diagram Connection Legend <Function> Hardcopy / Document External to SAP Financial Actuals Business Activity / Event Budget Planning Unit Process Manual Process Process Reference Existing Version / Data Sub-Process Reference System Pass/Fail Decision Process Decision