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NetDMR. What is it and what can it do for me?. What is NetDMR?. A Web-based tool that allows permittees to electronically sign and submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs).

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What is it and what can it do for me?

What is netdmr
What is NetDMR?

  • A Web-based tool that allows permittees to electronically sign and submit discharge monitoring reports (DMRs).

  • NetDMR was developed under an EPA grant by a consortium of 12 states coordinated by the Environmental Council of States (ECOS) and led by Texas.

  • The data is automatically submitted from NetDMR to the EPA’s Integrated Compliance Information System (ICIS)-NPDES database.

Who will manage netdmr
Who Will Manage NetDMR?

  • EPA to host a national version of NetDMR.

  • TCEQ to host the Texas version of NetDMR for use by permittees who have their enforcement authority delegated to TCEQ. Texas instance can be found at:

Netdmr benefits
NetDMR Benefits

  • Offers an alternative to paper submissions, reducing paperwork burden.

  • Improves data quality by automatically error checking and validating data prior to submission.

  • Aids in the timeliness of DMR data submissions.

  • Expands the ability of states and EPA in targeting their limited resources to meet environmental goals.

Netdmr features
NetDMR Features

Automatic error checking

Data validation prior to submittal

Electronic confirmation that submittals have been received

Upload data files for multiple outfalls

Attach documents (e.g. lab data, pictures, or other relevant documents)

Different roles may be assigned for each permit

Netdmr roles
NetDMR - Roles

  • Permittee Read-only

  • Edit Access

  • Signatory Access

  • Permit Administrator

Netdmr security
NetDMR Security

  • Communications with NetDMR are secured by a password, responses to security questions, and use of a security protocol commonly used by online banking sites.

  • In addition, NetDMR has received approval from EPA that it meets the requirements of the Cross-Media Electronic Reporting Rule (CROMERR). The CROMERR standards are designed to provide these electronic submittals with the same level of legal dependability as the corresponding paper submittals.

  • Account creation tips

    Account Creation Tips

    Choose “Permitte User” for your user type if you will need signatory access. The “Data Provider” user type is edit only.

    When creating an account, answer your security questions in one word answers, either in all capitals or all lowercase letters. WRITE THEM DOWN AND SAVE THEM!

    Netdmr submittals

    NetDMR Submittals

    Copy of Records Submitted/Year

    Compliance and enforcement review

    Compliance and Enforcement Review

    NetDMR (in addition to paper DMRs) is routinely monitored by TCEQ and EPA for compliance with permitted requirements.

    Effluent exceedance violations

    Non-Reporting violations

    Completely missing documents

    Partially incomplete documents

    Invalid No Discharge Indicator (NODI) selections

    Compliance and enforcement review cont
    Compliance and Enforcement Review (cont.)

    • DMR and Facility Compliance Public Access (EPA)

      • Enforcement Compliance History Online (ECHO) website at:

      • Envirofacts website at:

    Future of e reporting

    Future of e-Reporting

    Mandatory e-Reporting

    Presently voluntary but encouraged (~68% Usage)

    Federal rule under executive review

    Federal Registry Publication – 08/2013

    Detail undetermined but individual and general permit DMR reporting has consistently been at the top of the priorities.

    For more information
    For More Information

    • TCEQ:


      • Call the NetDMR Help Line at 512-239-eDMR

      • Visit the NetDMR Information Web page at

      • Login to the NetDMR Application at