Basmati Rice Exporters: Get The Real
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Benefits of Ordering Rice Through Basmati Rice Exporters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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With millions of basmati rice exporters out there in the market, it gets difficult for people to differentiate between the genuine and fake ones. Alobha Exim sells rice in packaging that speaks for quality. With Alobha Exim you can always choose the type, quality and size of rice you want.

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Benefits of ordering rice through basmati rice exporters

Basmati Rice Exporters: Get The Real

Aroma of Basmati

Indian Women have a gift to check the quality of Rice in one smell. Well, a good

rice manufacturer will always keep transparency with its products. Did you know

there are more than 40 types of Basmati Rice and each one has its own

quality? Basmati Rice is grown in India plays an important role in the Indian


The Basmati rice size starts from 7.00 mm and lasts up to 8.50. Lately,

some Basmati Rice Exporters have come up with this idea of building a bridge

that directly gets farmers and the customers face to face. The

manufacturers plays the role of that bridge and provide farmers what they

deserve, a fair amount of rice production. And there are many benefits of

ordering rice through these Basmati Rice exporters:

Benefits of ordering rice through basmati rice exporters

1.You get good quality right from the farm. You support and help the farmer

get a fair amount of share for their hard-work.

2.Where third party supplier takes the entire extra amount and you wonder

how come rice price is so high, through rice exporters you get Basmati Rice

at a most competitive price?

3.Even better if the products are tested ad verified by the SGS team.

4.The best Basmati is a Basmati that qualifies the fragrant aroma test and

gives an exotic feel.

5.You get delivery in no time. Just after you make the order the order is

delivered within 3 to 4 working days.

Now order the Basmati Rice from Basmati Rice Exporters and indulges into some

aromatic cooking. Be it Microwave, Open lid method or lid method, try your

hands on one of the most loved cereal grain in Asia. In India, it is mostly

consumed in South, East, and Top North regions. In the world, it is highly

consumed in Philippines, China, Nepal, Vietnam and other 18 countries. India is

one of the largest rice producers in the world and the Indian Economy highly

depends on it.

Benefits of ordering rice through basmati rice exporters

Who provides world class fragrant Basmati Rice?

Alobha Exim is a Basmati Rice Exporter which has the capacity to deliver 100T rice

per month. They are known for the genuine rice aroma and quality packaging.

They have to offer more than 40 varieties in basmati Rice. Other than rice they

export tea, Dry Red Chilly, Turmeric, and Non-Basmati rice.