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RETAIL SALES SYSTEM A powerful individual solution PowerPoint Presentation
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RETAIL SALES SYSTEM A powerful individual solution

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RETAIL SALES SYSTEM A powerful individual solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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RETAIL SALES SYSTEM A powerful individual solution. Retailers + partner marketing + internet + events. As a Herpa eXtra partner ... your Herpa sales will improve even more:

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RETAIL SALES SYSTEM A powerful individual solution

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A powerful individual solution

Retailers + partner marketing + internet + events


As a Herpa eXtra partner ...

  • your Herpa sales will improve even more:

The basic version of the Herpa POS system consists of two elements for presenting models (Cars & Trucks + Wings), and a terminal with a display area. That makes your Herpa presentation a real eye catcher. Alternatively, you can opt for an individual version, if your shop already has a Herpa shopping area which has all the features required by an eXtra shop.

The Herpa eXtra terminal shelf will make you known on the internet. It helps increasing the number of

shoppers, as well as the internet literacy of your

employees, and gives you a considerable advance in

innovation. The attractive Herpa POS increases your

customers’ loyalty, your turnover, and your profit.

Herpa eXtra combines the commitment of

future-oriented Herpa retailers with the

possibilities of the internet. The aim

is to make the brand stronger in the

shops. Retailers with strategic thinking

can shape this success conception

together with us, and profit a lot.


Check your aims

Your checklist:

  • We carry a wide stock of Herpa’s cars, trucks and Wings
  • We display Herpa in a way that fits the brand and increases turnovers
  • Our Herpa turnover already contributes a lot to our success
  • Herpa customers praise our customer-friendly service
  • We have many occasional shoppers, or lots of loyal customers
  • Our business activity and our credit are positive
  • Our main competence is our traditional shop
  • We can win and bind customers on the internet and by events
  • Our staff is well-trained and motivated
  • Our management thinks strategically, and is market-oriented.
  • We are ready to join Herpa in shaping our mutual success

Check Plan React

If you already fulfill these criteria, or your business plan is heading toward a likewise result, we should get in touch, and talk about the advantages of the Herpa eXtra partner concept.Become a partner of the collector’s model market’s number one!


Attractive display:A vast choice in the shelves:“what you see is what you buy”

  • Offer orientation:The presentation fits the brand:“Fascination of collecting Herpa”
  • Let it make sense:Create a local community:collectors meet their peers
  • Get them in the mood:Shopping events with specialevent-related models and more

Fax answerto Herpa, +49-9824-951-4140

 Yes, I would like to become a Herpa eXtra partner!

 I still have some questions

 Please call me



Company stamp

Of course, you can reach us by phone as well:International sales: Birgitt Karg, +49-9824-951-198, e-mail: KargB@herpa.deManaging director: Klaus Schindler, +49-9824-951-140, e-mail: