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Difference between Flat Roof and Shingle Roof PowerPoint Presentation
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Difference between Flat Roof and Shingle Roof

Difference between Flat Roof and Shingle Roof

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Difference between Flat Roof and Shingle Roof

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  2. Flat Roof Vs Shingle Roof Flat roofs are just horizontal normal roof which have no slope, made of single-ply and sprayed polyurethane foam designs. They are imposed with a slight pitch so that water can pass through drains and leakage is not there. What Is Flat Roof and its Pros and Cons Written and Published by © Almeida Roofing Inc.

  3. Flat roof are mainly used on big commercial roof as they can be cleaned easily with a splash. However, flat roof for residential houses can be good for both high and low rainfall areas. Pros: Cons: A) These are really good as flat roof are good for extra space creation on roof or balcony. Extra space on the roof heating and cooling units can also be placed on flat roofs, especially common practice in commercial roof designs. A) Life duration of flat roof is less than a shingle roof and recommended for heavy rainfall area. hence is not B) In spite of the fact that the forthright cost of building a level rooftop is less costly than a pitched rooftop, they can be more costly over the long haul because of upkeep and continuous rooftop repair and substitution costs. B) Flat roofs are also preferred for installing PV solar panels for a more energy efficient and energy independent buildings. homes or C) Even if you don’t plan on owning the structure for 10 years, a flat roof can also affect your ability to sell the property because the next owner will likely be aware of the roof’s shortened lifespan. By contrast, an asphalt or metal pitched roof can have non-prorated warranties on labor and materials that last up to 50 years. C) Flat roofs are easier to construct than pitched roofs and require fewer building materials, keeping costs down. Written and Published by © Almeida Roofing Inc.

  4. What is Shingle Roof and its Pros and Cons Shingles are pitched roof which are most commonly seen in residential roofing. Roof shingles are a very common roofing material in the United States, in any case, may decay speedier and need to repulse more water than wall shingles, which are made up of various materials such as: 1) Wood 2) Slate 3) Flagstone 4) Fiber cement 5) Metal 6) Plastic and 7) Composite material Pros: Cons: A) Can decay with sudden weather changes B) Bad for severe cold weather C) Wind can affect and generate uplift upon the shingles D) They are not an environmental friendly product as they are made out of petroleum A) Affordable B) Easy to Install C) low upfront cost D) Economic Alternative E) Relatively large life span F) Wide variety of colors to choose from G) Can be recycled and used as by-product for paving Written and Published by © Almeida Roofing Inc.

  5. Common Points to Remember Good maintenance is required by both flat and shingle. Nonetheless, pitched rooftops might be harder to clean and assess, because of the inclined structure, level rooftops frequently require more upkeep for the duration of the life of the rooftop. Drainage of Flat roofing is not exactly as compelling as a pitched roofs, and without consistent assessment, channels can get to be stopped up, prompting harm and breaks. The rooftop requires a waterproof seal, which must be kept up consistently to avoid spills and immoderate repairs. Numerous level rooftop holes are because of an absence of normal review and upkeep, so make sure that you have room schedule-wise to check your rooftop frequently on the off chance that you pick a level rooftop for your property. Pitched roofs are better for heavy rain areas as they have excellent drainage and flat roof is good for people live in low rainfall area. Cost- Installing Shingle Roof is more costly than flat roof but one must also be aware of cheap shingle roofing as if low quality shingles are installed than they can be worse than flat roofing. Flat roofs are also characteristic of modern design, so if you want to design a contemporary home, use a flat roof or a pitched roof with a very low slope. Written and Published by © Almeida Roofing Inc.