some cultural delights of almaty n.
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Some cultural delights of almaty PowerPoint Presentation
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Some cultural delights of almaty

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Some cultural delights of almaty - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Some cultural delights of almaty

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some cultural delights of almaty

Some Cultural Delights of Almaty

For travellers who love to mix luxury with a sense of adventure, a stay in an Almaty

hotel is ideal: all the indulgence of a top hotel, with a fascinating city at your doorstep

and magnificent Central Asian landscapes just beyond. The city itself is a mix of modern

Kazakh bustle, old-world Russian charm, and cosmopolitan glitz. With its Silk Road

history it has a legacy of economic and cultural exchange, and today's Almaty takes up

this mantle. As a commercial hub it offers great shopping, and with its mix of influences

you won't be hard pressed to find interesting entertainment and experiences. Here are

some ideas to make your itinerary sparkle!

More info visit:

Night at the Opera

Centrally located on Kabanbai Batyr Street and easy to find - the staff at your Almaty

hotel will be able to direct you if you're unsure - the Abay State Opera and Ballet Theatre

is the jewel in Almaty's cultural crown. With all the glamour that you'd expect from a

night at the opera, this venue also offers the opportunity to see something you might not

get at the Met or Royal Opera House. Kazakh operas, including Abylay Khan and Abay,

are often performed; you can also catch the Kazakhstan Philharmonic Orchestra, or

ballets from Russia. As well, you can see many Western classics here. Fully restored in

2000, it lays claim to the title of largest theatre in Central Asia and attracts performers

from all over. Several evening performances are held weekly.

Quirky Museums

Among the kinds of museums you might expect - the Central State Museum, the

Museum of Fine Arts, and the Archaeological Museum are all worth a visit - are some

more unusual gems. Tucked away in Panikoy Park, within easy walking distance of

many a top Almaty hotel, the Musical Instruments Museum exhibits many traditional

and folk instruments. But what makes it truly special is that many of the guides are

competent musicians and often stage mini-concerts for visitors. On Kabanbai Batryr

Street, you'll find the Book Museum, which, with its collection of rare manuscripts,

books and printing plates, offers a fascinating glimpse into Kazakh literature and the

role old Almaty played in the trade of knowledge along the Silk Road. Car-lovers

shouldn't miss the unique Retro Car Musuem on Zhandosova street.

fortune telling

Fortune Telling

As you send your way back to your Almaty hotel from a day of exploring, passing

through Zelyony Bazaar you may notice the city's fortune tellers rolling and sorting

beads on their cloth-draped tables. For many, this is both an age-old family tradition

and an important livelihood; so whether you are curious about your own future or

simply interested in local spiritual customs, a visit to one of them is sure to be an

enlightening experience.

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