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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs PowerPoint Presentation
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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

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Erasmus for young entrepreneurs

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  1. Erasmus for young entrepreneurs Exage The European Xperience Accelerator for Green Business and Eco-Entrepreneurship Torino – 6th November 2015 Emiliano Iannone

  2. Erasmus for young entrepreneur: What is it? European Commission programme - DG GROWTH International mobility Know-how exchange Opportunity to develop European enterprises

  3. Some data about the programme - Started in 2009 - More than 3000 exchanges implemented - 1/3 participants are women - Italy: 2° destination Country


  5. Who is the “New Entrepreneur”? - a “would-be” entrepreneur, firmly planning to start a business - anentrepreneur having started his own business within the last 3 years - an entrepreneur legal resident in European Union or in a participant Country NB: There are not age limits!

  6. Who is the “Host Entrepreneur”? - owner/manager of a small or medium enterprise - an experienced entrepreneur who has been running his business for more than 3 years - an entrepreneur legal resident in European Union or in a participant Country - an entrepreneur willing to share knowledge and experience with a new entrepreneur and act as a mentor

  7. Benefits for the New Entrepreneur -Get a practical experience - Advice from experienced entrepreneur - Get contacts and knowledge about foreign markets - Providers, clients and co-venturing opportunities

  8. Benefits for the Host Entrepreneurs - Access new skills and knowledge - Work with a fresh mind with new ideas - Knowledge about foreign markets - Opportunity to establish a new business partnership in another country

  9. The role of Turin Chamber of commerce It is an intermediary organisation of the programme It is the local contact point for the entrepreneur (New and Host) To assess the application forms To support the participants in all the exchange phases To provide financial support

  10. Project It’s a project within “Erasmus for young entrepreneurs” programme It’s the result of a cooperation between 8 organisation in 5 European Countries It has a special focus towards the “green” sector(sustainable growth, green commerce, energy efficiency, etc..)

  11. Exage partners

  12. Exage’s numbers/1 15 financial contribution for New entrepreneurs 10 exchanges with local Host Entrpreneurs 2 months average duration of the exchanges 50% exchanges in the “green” sector

  13. Exage’s numbers/2 37Countries involved (28 UE + Albania, Macedonia, Iceland, Israel, Serbia, Montenegro, Norway, Turkey, Liechtenstein) 5Countries partners: France, Spain, Portugal, Romania and United Kingdom From min 530€ (for Albania) up to max 1100€ (for Norway) amount of the monthly financial assistance

  14. The monthly financial assistance Only the New Entrepreneur receive it. The Host entrepreneurs have not to pay anything It covers international travel costs, food and lodging, local transportation and insurance Before departure the New Entrepreneur receive a first payment

  15. How can I participate? You have to fill the online application at : and choose one IO (intermediary organisation) (e.g. Turin Chamber of commerce) New Entrepreneurs should upload a CV and a Business Plan Host Entrepreneurs should upload only a CV that describes the entrepreneurial experience and the products and services offered NB: It’s essential to communicate in English language

  16. The process Step 1: Application Step 2: Matching Step 3: Commitment and financial agreement Step 4: Implementation of the exchange

  17. Emiliano Iannone Tel: 011 5716352

  18. Step 1:Assessing the application form The application form is assessed by the Intermediary Organisation through: • The Analysis of the motivation, the CV and the Business Plan (only for NE) - Interview in the office or video conference

  19. Step 1:Assessing the application form The assessing criteria's for New Entrepreneurs are: - Formal criteria - Clarity and completeness of the information provided - Strong motivation and coherence with the entrepreneurial project

  20. Step 1:Assessing the application form The assessing criteria's for Host entrepreneurs are: - Formal criteria - Significant entrepreneurial experience - Strong motivation to cooperation and sharing - A clear business strategy

  21. Step 2:Matching It’s the meeting between: New Entrepreneur and Host Entrepreneur

  22. Step 2:Il Matching The meeting between New and Host entrepreneurs can happen: - Through the IT Tool of the programme - Facilitate by the intermediate organisations - Out of the programme NB: Exchanges between entrepreneurs with previous relationships are not allowed

  23. Step 3:Commitment and agreement

  24. Step 3:Commitment and agreement The committment describes the objectives to achieve, the planned activities and the expected results All the actors involve contribute to make it and to approve it New Entrepreneurs and the intermediary organisation sign a financial agreement for the monthly financial support Before the departure, the New entrepreneurs participate to a training course and receive the first payment

  25. Step 4:Implementation of the exchange

  26. Step 4:Implementation of the exchange During the exchange the entrepreneurs receive support and assistence by the intermediate organisation Entrepreneurs involved send a monthly report to the Intermediary organisations about the implementation of the exchange At the end of the exchange New and Host entrepreneurs fill an online evaluation questionnaire