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Office of Governmentwide Policy

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Office of Governmentwide Policy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GSA EXPO May 4, 2010. Office of Governmentwide Policy. Gov Domain Registration and Processes. Lee Ellis U.S. General Services Administration Office of Governmentwide Policy. Office of Governmentwide Policy. The Big Questions. What is an Internet Domain? Why is it important?

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office of governmentwide policy


May 4, 2010

Office of Governmentwide Policy

Gov Domain Registration and Processes

Lee Ellis

U.S. General Services Administration

Office of Governmentwide Policy

office of governmentwide policy1
Office of Governmentwide Policy

The Big Questions

  • What is an Internet Domain?
  • Why is it important?
  • How does it affect me?
  • What are the policy and procedures?
gov functional responsibilities

Escalation Protocol for Policy Violations

  • Send violation notice via e-mail (you have 24 hours to correct violation)
  • Follow-up phone calls to any/all domain holder POC’s and Authorizing Authority (AA)
  • If still no response, initiate e-mail up the escalation chain of command for decision to possibly take down the .GOV domain
  • Registration Website
  • Customer go-to Website for all .GOV registration activities/requirements
.GOV Functional Responsibilities

Office of Government-wide Policy (OGP)

Oversight, governance, policy and intervenes when domain requests have potential political implications


$125 Annual Fee for each domain registered

Manual processing of checks

  • Collection Process for Late Payment
  • Send payment overdue notices
  • Followed up with phone calls to domain owner
  • Ensure POC’s are correct
  • Domain Name System Security (DNSSEC)
  • Management and propagation of DNSSEC info
  • Allow domain name holders to sign with the .GOV TLD and maintain their DNSSEC info on
  • Monitor DNSSEC key info on all .GOV domain DNS servers
  • Maintain a DNSSEC Help Desk for domain owners

.GOV Program Office

PM, COTR, Helpdesk

Contract Admin

(Contracting Officer)

  • Management of Support Contractor
  • (COTR)
  • O&M of .GOV Website
  • System Security
  • Responding to system change requests
  • Domain Name Approval Process
  • Authorization letter from highest official:
  • CIO for Fed & State; County Supervisor; Mayor for City/Town & Bureau of Indian Affairs for NSNs
  • If Domain name questionable, send to OGP for “exception” determination and decision
  • .GOV Help Desk
  • Answering e-mails, replying to inbound phone calls and voicemails coming in on:
  • 1-877-734-4688
  • Electronic helpdesk system management
the domain name system
The Domain Name System


  • DNS database maps:
    • Name to IP =
    • And many other mappings (mail servers, IPv6, reverse…)
  • Data organized as tree structure:
    • Each zone is authoritativefor its own data
    • Minimal coordination between zone operators











reserve nsn gov domains for use
Reserve – Domains for Use
  • How can I register / acquire a domain for use?
  • What role does Bureau of Indian Affairs play with my registration.
registration process
Registration process

4 Steps to get your Gov Internet Domain registered and activated

  • Complete On-Line registration at
    • Name of domain should be consistent with content
    • Each Point of Contact must be unique – no single point of failure
    • Each POC needs to create an account on the registration system
  • DNS information must be complete
    • Each domain must have at least two Domain Name Servers
    • Host DNS must be updated before domain activation
  • Authorization letter must be signed and transmitted
    • Authorization letter must be on Letterhead
    • Letter must be signed by Agency Head or the CIO
    • Please fax a copy of the letter prior to mailing to (540) 301-0160
  • Billing POC must pay for the Domain with a Credit Card

After receipt of the authorization letter and DNS test pass an email will be generated allowing for the Domain to be paid and activated

bia gsa behind the scenes
BIA – GSA Behind the Scenes
  • BIA responsibilities:
    • Ensure tribe is a Federally recognized tribe
    • Have received the tribes resolution on file
      • Must state purpose of Website / Domain
      • Must have original signatures and POC
      • Must fill out letter of Application
    • Issues Authorization letter to GSA
  • GSA responsibilities:
    • Check registration information
    • Perform server test
    • Accept fee
    • Activate DNS and Propagate information