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Archaeologist. Summery.

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Archaeologists study the remains of things people have left behind or thrown away. They examine everything from underwater shipwrecks to ancient cities that have been buried in the sand. They use flat masonry trowel , toothbrushes, trowel to scrape off layers of earth so that they can examine them carefully as they dig deeper and deeper. Small handpicks help loosen the earth and shovels are used to scoop the earth into wheelbarrows. You need to take introductory course to the subfields of anthropology,cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics, if you want to be an archeologist.





  • A geographer is a scientist whose area of study is geography, the study of Earth's physical environment and human habitat. Geographers study not only the physical details of the environment but also its impact on human and wildlife ecologies, weather and climate patterns, economics, and culture. They use Maps, GIS, Remote sensing, Observations, Surveys, Mathematical models. You can go to this link to find information about what kind of education you need.