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Welcome to the Fourth European Space Weather Week PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Fourth European Space Weather Week

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Welcome to the Fourth European Space Weather Week - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Welcome to the Fourth European Space Weather Week
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  1. Welcome to the Fourth European Space Weather Week

  2. Jointly organised by the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB), ESA, the SWWT and the COST 724 communities. The local organisation is done by the SIDC of the ROB.

  3. J. Lilensten (Co-Chair) A. Glover (Co-Chair) A Belehaki (NOA, COST 724) A. Hilgers (ESA/D-TEC, D-EUI) M. Hapgood (CCLRC, SWWT Chairman) J.-P. Luntama (FMI) P. Gille (LPCE-CNRS) R. Van der Linden (ROB/SIDC) J.-J. Valette (CLS) C. Briand (Obs. Meudon) A. Thomson (BGS, COST 724) Local Organisation: The SIDC Team The OC would like to acknowledge the support of ESA, ROB, COST, BELSPO, ISES, Royal Lirary of Belgium and EOARD The Organising Committee

  4. This meeting was created in 2004. It now sits durably in the frame of space weather in the world. It has grown into the most important annual milestone of the European (and beyond) community in the discipline

  5. The fourth ESWW takes place as: • The COST 724 project comes to an end. COST 724 was at the origin of the ESWW meetings along with ESA. COST strongly contributed to structure the European space weather scientific community. • A new COST action is currently submitted (A. Belehaki)

  6. The fourth ESWW takes place as: • Several successes in FP7 !!! • The SOlar – TERestrial Investigation and Archives (SOTERIA) project (Giovanni Lapenta) • The real-time database of neutron monitor observationsproject (R. Vainio) • Space Weather and Europe - an Education Tool with the Sun (SWEETS) funded by FP6 since last year and currently active (F. Jansen)

  7. The fourth ESWW takes place as: • ESA investigates what actions to take following a successful conclusion of the Space Weather Applications Pilot Project • National space weather initiatives are gaining momentum across Europe • Planetary Space Weather is recognize in the new FP7 Europlanet project (M. Blanc)

  8. About 130 registered participants from more than 25 countries working in diverse areas of space weather (more than 200 participants expected) Participation

  9. Proceedings: Each ESWW has successfully published a proceedings: ESWW1: Annales Geophysicae special issue (30 papers) ESWW2: Space Weather, research toward applications in Europe, Astrophysics and space science library, Springer, ISBN 978 1 4020 5445 7, 2007

  10. Status of the ESWW3 Annales Geoph. special issue: Received: 33Accepted: 13In review: 4Major revision: 2Rejected: 13Withdrawn: 1 No date foreseen for publication yet.

  11. Proceedings: ESWW4: Advances in Geosciences ESWW4 special issue (EGU publication) Submission deadline: 12 January 2008 More detail by email…

  12. 5 Plenary Sessions: The Role of Institutions and Industry in European Space Weather Actions (Chair: Alexi Glover and Mike Hapgood) Scientific challenges and recent advances (Chair: Laurent Desorgher and Rami Vainio) Space weather modeling(Chair: Daniel Heynderickx) Meteorology and climate(Chair: Mike Keil) Planetary space weather(Chair: Oliver Angerer and Hermann Opgenoorth) Meeting Organisation

  13. 10 Splinter and business meetings: PICARD and Space Weather SWENET Developers Forum ESWEP Portal Developments SWWT Ionospheric Effects Topical Group SWWT Spacecraft, Aircraft and Launcher Environments Topical Group Space Weather Strategy for Europe – ESA Next Steps SWWT Business Meeting SWWT Ground Effects Topical Group Space Weather Science to Modelling Splinter Session Space Weather Services and Galileo Business Meetings

  14. 93 Posters Posters will be available all week Session 1&2: Tuesday 14:00-15:00 Session 3: Wednesday 11:30 – 12:30 Session 4&5: Thursday 11:00 – 12:00 Poster Sessions

  15. Two sessions: Thursday 14:00 – 15:30 Friday 11:30 – 13:00 Report of splinter session outcomes to the whole meeting Opportunity to discuss topics arising during the wee To make suggestions, please contact Mike Hapgood, Jean Lilensten, Alexi Glover during the week Round Table Discussions

  16. 09:00 – 10:00 P. Mettens, BELSPO Chairman S. Joffre, COST E. Daly, European Space Agency E. Koenemann, EUMETSAT Director of Programme Development Welcome Session

  17. WIFI connexion There is a WIFI connexion In the conference room, it is aimed at being used during the coffee breaks. I urge you NOT to read / write your mails during the talks. I will do the police regularly, asking to shut up the lattops if necessary. Outside the room, many places have been organized so that you can use it at your convenience anytime.

  18. Attendants funded by COST 724 will have to sign the attendance list every day. The list will be handled by SYHEM PERRIOT and must be signed every day.