mrs simmons geography class zwinger palace in germany n.
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Mrs. Simmons, Geography Class Zwinger Palace in Germany PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Simmons, Geography Class Zwinger Palace in Germany

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Mrs. Simmons, Geography Class Zwinger Palace in Germany - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mrs. Simmons, Geography Class Zwinger Palace in Germany. Topics to discuss. Classroom behavior Bathroom policy Absences and Tardiness Make- up assignments, tests and quizzes Homework policy Cheating Policy Student agenda Fieldtrips Going to Lunch. Classroom Behavior.

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mrs simmons geography class zwinger palace in germany
Mrs. Simmons, Geography Class

Zwinger Palace in Germany

topics to discuss
Topics to discuss
  • Classroom behavior
  • Bathroom policy
  • Absences and Tardiness
  • Make- up assignments, tests and quizzes
  • Homework policy
  • Cheating Policy
  • Student agenda
  • Fieldtrips
  • Going to Lunch
classroom behavior
Classroom Behavior
  • Students will keep hands and feet to themselves.
  • There is absolutely no horse playing or running in my classroom.
  • No gum, candy, food or drinks (except water with lids) will be consumed in the building. Not following this rule with result in a morning detention.
  • Computers will only be used for assignments and special circumstances.
  • USB Drives will be used properly. If improper gaming or downloads occur you will lose privileges and be disciplined.
  • You are not permitted to bring cards, toys, electronic games, magazines to school. I will confiscate these items and give them to Mrs. Nicoleau.
  • Any cell phones out and on will be confiscated as well.
bathroom policy
Bathroom Policy
  • Each student is only allowed a maximum of (3) bathroom privileges each nine weeks.
  • I will sign your agenda and it will be your hall pass.
  • No agenda= No bathroom
  • All students must also sign the bathroom log when leaving and entering from the bathroom
absences and tardiness
Absences and Tardiness
  • If you are absent you must do the following:
    • Bring a letter explaining why you were absent from school. This letter must be signed by your parent or guardian.
    • Your homeroom teacher will give you an “admit slip” It is your responsibility to have each teacher sign the “admit slip”. You have three days after your absence to bring in a note.
  • Students will be on time for all classes. Late students without passes will receive a morning detention.
make up assignments tests and quizzes
Make- up assignments, tests and quizzes
  • You are responsible for getting any work you missed while you were absent.

I will not hunt you down to give you make-up work! You will get make-up work when you ask me.

  • Make- Up assignments must be returned by the due date given.
  • You must make arrangements with me prior to taking your make-up test or quiz.
  • Failure to follow up with make- up assignments, tests and quizzes will result in a zero in my grade book.
homework policy
Homework policy
  • All homework assignments must be placed in the homework bin before the late bell rings.
  • Students who do not turn in homework will be provided with a “NO HOMEWORK NOTICE”
    • All “NO HOMEWORK NOTICES” must be signed by a parent or guardian and return the following day.
    • Students with more than two notices will have a parent conference scheduled.
    • I enter two F’s in my grade book for any missing assignments.
  • I will only accept late homework 2 days after the due date.
  • Homework is 20 percent of your overall grade in my class.
cheating policy
Cheating Policy
  • Cheating on assignments, tests or quizzes is absolutely prohibited.
  • Copying homework assignments is also considered cheating. I read and grade all homework assignments.
  • All parties caught cheating will receive:
    • A “Z” on the assignment in question and a comment in my grade book.
    • FYI, parents can see all of my grade book comments.
student agenda
Student Agenda
  • You will receive agendas in my class.
  • You are required to bring your agenda to school everyday.
  • All homework assignments and important information related to all of your classes will be recorded in your agenda.
  • If there is no homework assignment then you write NO HOMEWORK for that day and class.
  • Fieldtrip privileges are based on the following criteria:
    • Students not on academic probation.
    • Students who do not have poor classroom behavior.
      • Your team teachers make the final decision on who is allowed to attend fieldtrips this year.
extra credit
Extra Credit
  • I only offer a limited amount of extra credit opportunities. Students will receive one extra credit “A” for bringing the following items:
    • White copy paper
    • Hand sanitizer
classroom supplies
Classroom Supplies
  • 1 Composition Notebook will be used for:
    • Learning journal entries
    • Class notes
  • Pens(blueor black ink only) or pencils
    • I will not accept assignments written in any other colors.
  • All classroom supplies due by Monday, 8/30th. Your first learning journal entry will be on Monday, 8/30th .
going to lunch
Going to Lunch
  • When it is time for lunch, you will be asked to line up at the door.
  • We will not leave the room until everyone is quiet. Trust me, this will affect the amount of time you have left to enjoy your lunch.
  • All book bags must remain in the classroom
  • When walking to lunch you are expected to walk in: TWO, QUIET, EVEN, LINES!
  • Students who have not mastered walking in a line look ridiculous. I have no problems showing you how to walk in a line, which is embarrassing and demoralizing. Get it right the first time and this will be avoided.