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Advisory Boards

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Advisory Boards. Presentation to the Board of County Commissioners January 4, 2011. ADVISORY BOARDS. History Advisory Boards Ordinance Appointments Membership. ADVISORY BOARDS History. In November 1990, Chairman Linda Chapin asked the Orange County League of Women Voters to:

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Advisory Boards

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Presentation Transcript

Advisory Boards

Presentation to the

Board of County Commissioners

January 4, 2011

advisory boards
  • History
  • Advisory Boards Ordinance
  • Appointments
  • Membership
advisory boards history
  • In November 1990, Chairman Linda Chapin asked the Orange County League of Women Voters to:
    • evaluate the county’s various citizen advisory boards
    • review the resolution that regulated citizen advisory boards
    • set forth guidelines relating to the creation, composition, and operation of citizen advisory boards
advisory boards history1
  • The League of Women Voters’ Advisory Board review discovered:
    • citizen volunteers seldom had an orientation about their duties and responsibilities, the conduct of meetings, or the amount of time required for participation
    • there were no procedures in place for recruiting advisory board members
    • the boards did not reflect the demographic make-up of the county regarding race, ethnicity, or gender
advisory boards history2
  • The League of Women Voters Advisory Board recommended:
    • Enacting an ordinance concerning the purpose, structure, and functions of citizen advisory boards
    • Creating a Membership and Mission Review Board to make recommendations for appointment, coordinate the review of existing advisory boards, and perform other duties related to advisory boards
advisory boards history3
  • As a result of these recommendations, the BCC enacted the “Advisory Boards Ordinance” in October 1991, which is found in Chapter 2, Article VI of the Orange County Code:
    • Qualifications and requirements for membership
    • Terms of Office and Removal
    • Attendance
    • Chairman and Vice Chairman
    • Sunshine Law, Public Records Law, Ethics and Financial Disclosure
    • Creation and Duties of the Membership and Mission Review Board (MMRB)
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Qualifications and Requirements for Membership

- Applicant Requirements

        • Orange County resident (can be waived by BCC)
        • 18 years of age
        • Registered voter (can be waived by BCC)
        • Must have an interest in the sphere of activity covered by the particular advisory board
        • Must submit a completed application
        • Can only serve on two boards simultaneously, as long as one of the boards is not quasi-judicial (can be waived by BCC)
        • Cannot be a full-time employee of the BCC
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance1
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Terms of Office and Removal

- Terms of Office

        • Determined by the enabling legislation
        • Cannot serve more than two consecutive terms (can be waived by BCC)
        • Eligible for reappointment one year after the expiration of the second term

- Removal

        • Serve at the pleasure of the BCC and may be removed without cause and without entitlement to a hearing upon a vote of five members of the BCC
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance2
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Attendance and Chairmen


        • member who is absent from three consecutive meetings or 25% of the regular scheduled meetings in a calendar year shall be replaced
        • considered absent if not present during 50% of the duration of a meeting

- Chairmen

        • Chairman and vice chairman are elected annually
        • Term is for one year
        • Can only serve two one-year terms
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance3
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Sunshine Law, Public Records Law, Ethics and Financial Disclosure

-Board members shall:

        • comply fully with the Sunshine Law, Public Records Law, and the Code of Ethics
        • file financial disclosure as required

- Each advisory board shall:

        • keep minutes and submit them for receipt and filing to the BCC
        • adopt a recognized body of rules and procedures, either "Robert's Rules of Order," or "The Rules of Procedure for the Board of County Commissioners of Orange County, Florida"
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance4
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Creation of the MMRB
    • Nine members: 1 appointed by each district commissioner and mayor, 2 appointed at large
    • Two-year terms
    • No set number of terms
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance5
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Duties of the MMRB
    • Makes recommendations to the BCC concerning advisory board appointments
        • Qualification requirements – may include specific or technical experience
        • Racial/ethnic diversity, gender diversity, and geographic diversity of the board
    • Conducts sunset reviews of advisory boards
        • Six-year rotation
    • Encourages and promotes advisory board membership
    • Monitors quarterly attendance reports
        • Can remove members for non-attendance
advisory boards advisory boards ordinance6
ADVISORY BOARDSAdvisory Boards Ordinance
  • Duties of the MMRB
    • The goal of the MMRB is to select the best possible candidate with the right skill set while taking into consideration the racial/ethnic, gender, and geographic diversity desired to reflect the current population in Orange County.
advisory boards appointments
  • MMRB Appointments
    • 35 boards fall under the purview of the MMRB, including 6 multi-jurisdictional boards
    • Mayor and Commissioners make specific recommendations for membership on the Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council, Community Development Advisory Board, and Parks and Recreation Advisory Board
    • Following the monthly MMRB meeting, recommendations are provided to the BCC on the consent agenda
advisory boards appointments1

MMRB Appointments – Orange County Boards

Affordable Housing Advisory Board Fire and Life Safety Code Board of

Agricultural Advisory Board Adjustments and Appeals

Animal Services Advisory Board Green Place Advisory Committee

Animal Services Classification Committee Health Facilities Authority

Arts and Cultural Affairs Advisory Council Housing Finance Authority

Building Codes Board of Adjustments Industrial Development Authority

and Appeals International Drive CRA Advisory

Children and Family Services Board Committee

Citizens' Commission for Children M/WBE Advisory Committee

Commission on Aging Neighborhood Grants Advisory Board

Community Development Advisory Board Nuisance Abatement Board

Development Advisory Board Orange County Enterprise Zone

Disability Advisory Board Development Agency

Educational Facilities Authority Orange County Research & Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council Development Authority

Environmental Protection Commission Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Public Works Advisory Board Underground Utility Pipeline Contractors

Board of Examiners

advisory boards appointments2

MMRB Appointments

Multi-Jurisdictional Boards

Citizens’ Review Panel for Human Services

Civic Facilities Authority

Health Council of East Central Florida

MetroPlan Orlando Citizens’ Advisory Committee

Orange Blossom Trail Development Board

Tourist Development Council

advisory boards appointments3
  • Direct Appointments
    • 18 boards including exempt and lake boards
    • Exempt boards are “exempted” from the Advisory Boards Ordinance and therefore, the MMRB process
    • Mayor and Commissioners make appointments that are confirmed by the BCC
    • If appointment by the entire board is required:
        • Floor is opened for nominations
        • Nominations do not require a second
        • Vote on nominations in order they were made
        • First nominee receiving a majority vote is elected
advisory boards appointments4

Direct Appointments

Exempt BoardsLake Boards

Aviation Noise Abatement Committee Big Sand Lake Advisory Board

Board of Zoning Adjustment Butler Chain of Lakes Advisory Board

Code Enforcement Board Lake Conway Water & Navigation Control Community Action Board District Advisory Board

Library Board of Trustees Lake Holden Advisory Board

Membership and Mission Review Board Lake Jessamine Water Advisory Board

Orange County Citizen Corps Council Lake Killarney Advisory Board

Planning and Zoning Commission Lake Mary MSTU Advisory Board

Lake Price Advisory Board

Little Lake Fairview Advisory Board

South Lake Fairview Advisory Board

advisory boards membership
  • How Citizens Can Get Involved:
    • Contact the Agenda Development Office for an application package
    • Apply online on the Orange County Website
    • Contact their District Commissioner or the Mayor

- Ongoing recruitment effort at district events and public meetings to create a pool of applicants

advisory boards membership1
  • There are currently 392 volunteers serving on the 53 advisory boards. They donate an estimated 7200 hours of their time annually, which equates to approximately $155,000 in free service provided to the County each year.
  • Volunteer citizen advisory boards are an integral and long-standing part of American local government. Use of advisory boards is a way for Orange County to engage citizens in the decision-making process.

Advisory Boards

Presentation to the

Board of County Commissioners

January 4, 2011