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designing the words not just your website n.
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Designing the Words Not Just your Website PowerPoint Presentation
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Designing the Words Not Just your Website

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Designing the Words Not Just your Website
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Designing the Words Not Just your Website

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  1. Designing the WordsNot Just your Website

  2. When we think of a well-designed website, most of us think about simply how the site looks. But, looks aren’t everything, especially in the world of web. • That’s not to say a good looking website goes unnoticed though, there needs to be a little bait to spark our attention initially and entice us to keep looking. • A carefully crafted website will do just that, but it’s the whole package that differentiates an appealing site to one that is constructively amazing. • As a web designer we have a trained eye for detail and a job to deliver something that is visually appealing. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

  3. Starting with a Blank Canvas • What comes first, the design or content? Some argue that it’s easier to design a website when there’s actual content to start with as it allows the layout to be planned in the most natural way for navigation and presentation. • On the other hand, design constraints can make it difficult for the content writer to know what they are working with. • Regardless though you can’t have a website without content, and you can’t have a website without a designer so the two need to work very closely together. • During the initial planning stages of a new website it can be easy to get caught up in the look and feel of it, but incorporating a content strategy early on is essential for a fruitful website. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

  4. The Importance of Content Strategy • For anything to work well there needs to be a clear purpose and plan to support it. • Content is a key element of customer experience so it needs its own approach to be successful and to support meaningful and interactive practices. • Remember, it’s the layers of content that readers are coming to your site for so it needs to be better than decent. • Not knowing the development of your content can delay website design. • To ensure an effective website is in in place, both the web designer and content strategist need to be in sync with each other. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

  5. Captivate Your Audience - In More Ways Than One • If you’re not capturing attention, you’re losing valuable prospects. People don’t go back to an uninteresting site; they look for the information elsewhere so creating one that offers an exciting and user-friendly experience is priority. • Feedingyour audience’s hunger for enthrallment though doesn’t just come in the one step; it’s through the website’s direction, visual appeal and fresh content. • Having one without the other doesn’t work - an amazing looking site is almost useless if it doesn’t give you the information you want. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

  6. In the same regards, a website that has engaging and fresh content but isn’t user-friendly will eventually be disregarded. • Great content means nothing if the navigation isn’t clear or if it’s too hard to find. • This is when optimised content also comes in handy – using keyword rich material will ensure search engines can find your content and that it doesn’t get lost. • Why waste your time creating content when people can’t find it? If you’re working hard to construct compelling materials, you need to make sure you have a site that is easy to use and attractive to your visitors. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

  7. Communication is the Key to Any Relationship • Without a solid flow of communication relationships are destined to fail. • Content communicates a brand’s value and beliefs’ making it a vital ingredient, but to deliver on that promise it requires thoughtful web design and architecture to support it. • A good design shouldn’t confuse the content or distract from it, instead it will complement. Design and content are communication tools so to do their job effectively; their tones need to match with each other. • To be successful, you must concentrate on both the website’s language and the visual design. Your website should provide the platform for the message, but it’s the content that communicates it. Visit Us: Call Us: 1300 760 363

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