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Trina Parker Graduated From University Of Miami PowerPoint Presentation
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Trina Parker Graduated From University Of Miami

Trina Parker Graduated From University Of Miami

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Trina Parker Graduated From University Of Miami

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  1. Trina Parker Graduated From University Of Miami

  2. Trina Parker is a qualified physician who enrolled in Howard University Medical School and University of Miami from where she attained her graduation degree in Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Biology. The University of Miami is also referred to as UM. Established in 1925, UM is a non-sectarian private university which has the main campus in Coral Gables. It is a recognized university with 15,629 students in 12 distinct colleges. The list of colleges includes law school, medical school, and a school for study of atmospheric sciences and oceanography. It has also been entitled as American’s Best Colleges in the 2012 issue of U.S. News & World Report’s. The university has attained the highest rank in Florida and was ranked 38th among national universities.

  3. Trina Parker is a married woman who has two children. She manages her professional and personal life quite well. She is highly family-oriented and ensures to spend some quality time with her husband and children. She also has a passion for travelling and has been to numerous places. Whenever she is free, she involves herself in reading some good books. Trina Parker Likes Reading Books And Traveling

  4. Trina Parker is linked to many associations including Phi Beta Kappa honor society which is an academic member society. It instates one of the most outstanding students of sciences and arts at leading universities and colleges of America. This society was established at The College of William And Mary. The mission of this society is to advocate and celebrate excellence in liberal sciences and arts. Trina Parker Is Associated With A Number Of Associations

  5. Trina Parker participates in numerous church activities. She specializes in Internal Medicine which is also called Hospital Medicine. Internal Medicine is a medical specialty which is related to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of numerous adult diseases. A physician who specializes in Internal Medicine or Hospital Medicine is highly skilled in managing patients with multi-system or undifferentiated disease process and is generally called internist. She is a well known physician who has been offering good quality and reliable health care to her patients. Trina Parker Is A Humanitarian